Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #49

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Chapter 49

Amidst the chanting of netizens who eat melons, Shi Zhi’s fan club posted the original appearance of the entire biscuit, and one side of the biscuit can be seen with Shi Zhi’s image printed on it.

Very beautiful.

The biscuit fans originally wanted Shi Zhi to collect it. Still, they never dreamed that Shi Zhi would actually eat it… eat it.

Princess Shi Zhi, why are you so greedy!

Shi Zhi was very confused. She had actually seen her own appearance, and she was still thinking that everyone had good intentions.

Turns out biscuits are not for eating but for something else.

Basically, most of the biscuit had already entered Shi Zhi’s stomach, and now Shi Zhi gnawed it, leaving only the mutilated “body” and her “head.”

She really ate it.


Shi Zhi looked at the biscuit, wondering if it was a psychological effect, and suddenly felt slightly uncomfortable in her stomach.

She left a message to her fan support club, “It should be edible, right? Are there substances that humans cannot absorb?”

If there is, she has to find a doctor right now.

Shi Zhi from the Fan Support Club replied: There is no material that humans cannot absorb.

The ones with printed avatars are also edible.

If it is true, it can be eaten.

Shi Zhi breathed a sigh of relief: As long as it can be eaten.

Her stomach pain stopped instantly.

Netizens did not expect such a follow-up. After Shi Zhi ate the biscuit printed using her face, she seriously commented on the taste of the biscuit. Fan supporters told her it was not for her to eat, and she came out and asked.

Can it be eaten? Please give me an accurate word.

Across the screen, everyone seemed to be able to feel Shi Zhi’s brow frowning one second, that something was wrong, and the next second he sighed in relief.

“Hahaha, Uncle Shi is so interesting, the source of happiness today is get √.”

“Biscuits are meant to be eaten. If you can’t eat them, what are they called biscuits! (dog head).”

“So next time, everyone, can we arrange a salty treat for our Princess Shi Zhi? Princess Shi Zhi said it was too sweet. (dog head)”

Shi Zhi’s fan support club is also very good at playing, so she immediately said, arrange!

Next time it’s salty biscuits.

Shi Zhi didn’t know that her suggestion was adopted, and there were big salty biscuits waiting for her. She took a while, digested it, and felt that the biscuits should not be wasted.

After all, it was the fan’s wish, so she could eat it anyway, so she ate up the biscuit with her head on it and drank three glasses of water before suppressing the sweetness.

For the time being, she probably won’t want to eat dessert anymore.

Brother Quan discussed with Shi Zhi, “XX Films has a party, why don’t you go and see it, it’s also a way to expand your network, in case it’s useful.”

Shi Zhi: “It’s probably useless.”

Brother Quan: What nonsense are you talking about?

He didn’t expect too much, either. In fact, there were a lot of gatherings in the circle, and Shi Zhi had never been interested in them. Except for the crew’s dinner, he basically turned them down. Brother Quan just asked casually.

But Shi Zhi caught a point, and she stopped Brother Quan, “Where do you think they got together?”

A high-end KTV.

Shi Zhi: Appreciating male models in KTV… No, eating a fruit plate, can it be realized?

Shi Zhi has nothing else to do and is interested in that KTV. Although she only needs to mention it to the housekeeper, the butler will most likely sell the entire KTV for Shi Zhi to play, but that would be boring.

Spend other people’s money, eat and drink, and double your happiness.

Shi Zhi changed his words, “I’ll go, what time?”

Shi Zhi paused, then added, “I don’t intend to curse anyone.”

Brother Quan didn’t expect Shi Zhi to agree to go to the party because of a KTV, but it’s always good if she is willing to participate. If there is a suitable TV series Shi Zhi filmed, she can be regarded as acquainted.

Shi Zhi didn’t clean up either. She was there to appreciate the male model. If she wanted to clean up… wouldn’t the other party clean up too?

The assistant is about to laugh like crazy, and sister Shi’s logic is too strong. What she said is very correct!

Besides, Sister Shi looks good even in casual clothes, and fairies are beautiful even in sacks.

Because Shi Zhi, as the leader, was crooked, everyone didn’t take Brother Quan’s widening of contacts seriously. Their attention was attracted by the male model…No, the fruit plate was attracted, but they were all very relaxed one by one.

Let’s go, see the world!

KTV is worthy of being a high-end KTV, with magnificent decorations and various snacks inside.

A large box was specially chosen there. When Shi Zhi arrived, many people were already in it. She was quite excited.

But gathering together with the handsome men and beautiful women in Shi Zhi’s imagination and having a sister who sings well, at least it should be at Annie’s level.

A male model was at the scene, but he had a plastic face. Shi Zhi had no objection to plastic surgery but felt some aesthetics were needed.

The little assistant quietly beeped to Shi Zhi, “His chin is sharp enough for assassination.”

Shi Zhi nodded, expressing vividness and vividness.

She doesn’t really want to admire male models anymore. She’s dizzy.

As for the sister who sings well, there are no more. The microphones are all occupied by a few elderly middle-aged men. If they are occupied, they will be occupied. It doesn’t matter if they sing well.

Shi Zhi: “…”

Who is she, where is she, and why is she being tortured like this.

Shi Zhi heard someone calling the person the boss. It might be the senior executives of the film and television company in charge.

The elderly middle-aged man sang badly, and he was very confident. He kept asking others how he was doing and asked for applause.

After that person drank some wine, he became even greasy, and his eyes began to wander. He coaxed the actresses on the scene to perform their talents and toasted.

People from Shi Zhi’s team have been by Shi Zhi’s side all the time, and they couldn’t help frowning when they saw this situation. Although they haven’t heard of more extreme scenes in the circle, facing the greasy man is still disgusting.

Brother Quan cursed.

“These people don’t have real power in their company. They come out under the banner of over there, and let everyone play with them.”

What Shi Zhi said is correct. If you want to expand your network through this occasion, the chances are really slim, and you may also meet a greasy man who is out of tune, and there are so many people at the scene. Many people are on the scene and dare not play big acts. Still, just the sight and the conversation are already uncomfortable. Even Brother Quan, the eldest man, is already fidgeting.

Brother Quan said to Shi Zhi, “Let’s go.”

Seeing that the situation is not right, just run away.

As soon as she got up, she was captured by the middle-aged man over there shouting for everyone to perform. Others called him Mr. Liu.

With a big beer belly, President Liu yelled at Shi Zhi and the others.

“Shi Zhi, do you have to go now?”

Because of his shout, all the eyes of the audience were on Shi Zhi.

Mr. Liu continued to say, “Why are you leaving in such a hurry? Talk to everyone more. Meeting is fate. Let’s make friends. Do you want Shi Zhi to come and perform a show?”

“Are you not treating me as a friend, or are you not giving me face?”

The team members protected Shi Zhi, and several young and strong men were ready for Mr. Liu to rush over and stop him. Brother Quan came out to smooth things over.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Liu.”

“Our family, Shi Zhi, is in a hurry. We have to shoot. You guys play first. Next time, definitely, next time.” There is no next time.

Shi Zhi and the others wanted to leave. Although Mr. Liu was reluctant, he couldn’t stop them.

Brother Quan felt that it was all right. He let out a sigh of relief and gave Shi Zhi his eyes.

Let’s go, understand?

Shi Zhi: Understood.

Then she got up, but instead of walking towards the door, she smiled, “Boss Liu also said that meeting is fate, so it’s really inappropriate for me to walk away like this.”

Several middle-aged men were taken aback for a moment and then all laughed.

Mr. Liu also said to Brother Quan, “Look, your artists know more than you do.”

Brother Quan and the team members are very anxious.

What is Shi Zhi doing now? What kind of etiquette is she talking about with this group of people? She is not a delicate person at all.

President Liu asked Shi Zhi, “What is Zhi Zhi going to do?”

He has changed Shi Zhi’s address to the intimate Zhi Zhi.

Shi Zhi’s complexion did not change, “Sing a song, sing a song before leaving.”

The rest of the people struggled to find a microphone for Shi Zhi, and some wanted to order a song for Shi Zhi, “What are you singing?”

Shi Zhi opened her mouth and dropped three words, “The Great Compassion Mantra.”

“A Great Compassion Mantra” is given to friends from different places. I wish you good health and all the best.”

Mr. Liu: ???

What are you singing?

“The Great Compassion Mantra”?

Shi Zhi asked Mr. Liu, “Do you have this song?”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t, I have it in my phone.”

So Shi Zhi turned on the music, took the microphone, began singing along, and prepared her own BGM.

The box, which originally had a bit of an unhealthy atmosphere, was quickly filled with the “Great Compassion Mantra,” and everyone seemed to have experienced spiritual cleansing.

The most beautiful female star, the opening song is “The Great Compassion Mantra,” which makes people want to say to her——

Master, stop singing, stop singing! I realized it!

A few middle-aged greasy men looked disheveled, somewhat embarrassed.

The suspended hearts of the members of Shi Zhi’s team finally fell.

Sister Shi, as expected of Sister Shi!

They asked why Sister Shi would suddenly give a face to these greasy men. It turned out that she wanted to punish them. After ensuring their eyes were on her face, it was Sister Shi’s style.

It’s so devilish!

Shi Zhi sang very deeply and emotionally. Mr. Liu tried to applaud her for interrupting her, but Shi Zhi made a pause gesture towards him.

Let her sing, don’t interrupt her.

She really sang a lot. The team members looked at Shi Zhi, who was performing to his heart’s content and then looked at the middle-aged man in the mask of pain.

Sister Shi’s talent is really extraordinary.

Shi Zhi’s singing was over. Most of the people in the private room felt peaceful after listening to this song, and they were almost a monk in place. However, the middle-aged greasy man really resisted.

After listening to the song “The Great Compassion Mantra,” Mr. Liu was still pestering to have a drink with Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi: Do you drink alcohol?


Mr. Liu was pouring wine for Shi Zhi and asked, “What hobbies does Shi Zhi usually have?” Typically looking for something to say when there is nothing to say.

Trying to get closer to Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi, “I just like to listen to “The Great Compassion Mantra,” and then sing and so on.”

Mr. Liu trembled and almost spilled the wine, “…” Why is there the Great Compassion Mantra? He really doesn’t want to hear those three words.

“Very good, very good.” He nodded perfunctorily.

“Then besides this?”

Shi Zhi didn’t hesitate either, “Study on men’s self-confidence.”

The team members exchanged words in low voices, “Is there still this knowledge?”

Of course, there are.

Shi Zhi said to Mr. Liu in front of him, “You must be at the master level in this knowledge.”

Bursting with self-confidence, she is obviously a big potato but doesn’t think she is a flower.

What are they singing about? Who gave him the confidence?

Oh, it’s him.

Shi Zhi’s words and expressions were sincere, and she gave a thumbs-up as if she was sincerely praising Mr. Liu.

If you don’t listen to the specific content.

Shi Zhi: “Mr. Liu, don’t hide it. You can share your experiences.”

Mr. Liu could also tell that Shi Zhi was picking on him. His expression became uglier for a while, and even the colleagues on the board beside him laughed at him.

Mr. Liu still has other thoughts about Shi Zhi, suppressing his anger.

“Shi Zhi, you really know how to joke. How can I know that stuff? I haven’t studied it before.”

Shi Zhi showed a surprised expression and applauded, “Then Mr. Liu, you are self-taught, and your talent is too high!”

Mr. Liu: “…”

Half the people in the room couldn’t help laughing.

God damn, self-taught talent is high.

The people next to Mr. Liu were always laughing, and Shi Zhi didn’t forget (let go of) them, “Mr. Zhou, Mr. He, you can also share with us.”

Indiscriminate sniping.


Mr. Liu said to Shi Zhi, “Come drink…”

Holding the wine glass, he said affectionately, “Seeing Shi Zhi today reminds me of a poem.”

A common problem of middle-aged greasy men is that they must compose a poem to flirt with a girl.

Shi Zhi: Please start your performance.

Mr. Liu put on a good posture, “I looked for her thousands of times in the crowd, and suddenly I looked back, that person…”

“That person is deep in the Mediterranean Sea.”

These words were followed by Shi Zhi.

She stared at the large piece of bald hair on Mr. Liu’s head and said with emotion, “How do you usually keep your head warm?”

This scalp is also unlucky with him. There is no vegetation at all. It’s so cold.

Shi Zhi also advised, “Meeting is fate. I want to say a few more words, Mr. Liu. You also said that if you treat me as a friend, then the friend must tell the truth… 

When you drink and have fun, think about your own fat liver, cholesterol, and blood pressure.”

They are all people who are about to enter the ICU, so why are they making a fuss?

Mr. Liu opened and shut his mouth before Shi Zhi didn’t consider him a friend. Now Shi Zhi regards him as a friend, but Mr. Liu is unhappy.

“Don’t you still have to shoot, don’t delay?”

Shi Zhi: “It’s not that urgent. We can chat for a while.”

Brother Quan is not in a hurry now. He is watching the excitement, echoing Shi Zhi’s words.

President Liu sent Shi Zhi directly out of the room.

Shi Zhi is not in a hurry. He is.

Obviously, not long ago, Mr. Liu wanted to stick to Shi Zhi’s body, but now he wants to stay away from Shi Zhi as far as he can.

He hates “The Great Compassion Mantra” and also hates Shi Zhi.

“Sister Shi, the Great Compassion Mantra, it’s over!”

After everyone left the private room, Rainbow Fart was immediately arranged.

In fact, it’s not a rainbow fart. It’s absolutely, really amazing.

Staring at the person in a daze, Sister Shi specifically poked at the person’s lung.

Shi Zhi expressed the small scene, “It sounds good, doesn’t it?”

PR staff: “I heard someone crying..”

The only person who is a little worried is the manager. Brother Quan knows that Shi Zhi has again offended people to death.

But soon, he came to his senses. Did Shi Zhi offend too many people? There was also a beverage brand and a TV station. Those bosses of film and television companies who had no real power were useless.

Thinking about it this way, Brother Quan was actually comforted.

It’s not a big problem.

They were still in the corridor and were about to leave. Shi Zhi was completely disappointed with the male model. The quality here is too poor. She should go back to shower and sleep.

Then Shi Zhi saw a man in a suit and leather shoes staggering towards them not far away.

Shi Zhi stared at the other party and sighed, “What kind of new dance is this?”

See you for the first time.

But soon, Shi Zhi realized that something was wrong. The man’s gaze was fixed on her, and he really walked towards her. He even opened his arms towards Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi: Strategically dodge and retreat.

“Touch the porcelain?”

Make it clear, only when she touches others, not when others touch her.

The man in the suit was supported by the brawny driver of the team. He originally wanted to hold the man up but suddenly let out a wailing and complained to Shi Zhi.

“Sister Shi, he touched me!”

The burly driver was touched on the arm by the man, feeling aggrieved for a moment.

The man in the suit and leather shoes was also taken aback. He threw the strong man’s arm away and complained, “What the hell, it hurts!”

The strong man hurt his hand.

Shi Zhi showed a disapproving expression, “It’s too much!”

She wanted to help the driver, so Shi Zhi told the man in the suit.

“It’s not good for you to do this. You have to pay.”

Driver: ?

Brother Quan: ?

Man in suit and leather shoes: ?

Shi Zhi continued: “Did you hear that one touch of 20,000… will it work?”

Shi Zhi asked the burly driver.

Is the price satisfactory? She still needs to ask the person concerned for her opinion. If he is not satisfied, she can raise it a little higher. Of course, if the driver is really unwilling to settle, then forget it.

The driver was taken aback for a moment, then nodded frantically.

Yes, this is very willing! It doesn’t need 20,000. 200 is enough. Isn’t it just a touch of the arm? He can do it!

The driver even wanted to share a 50/50 split with Shi Zhi.

Can he get a few more 20,000 yuan if he touches the other party now?

The man in a suit and leather shoes no longer dared to be supported by Shi Zhi’s driver. He learned to be self-reliant, supported the wall, raised a handsome face that looked like a knife cut, then struggled to look in Shi Zhi’s direction and choked out a word, “hot……”

Shi Zhi: ???

Of course, she wouldn’t look down on this ‘killer’ face, mainly because the plot suddenly began to fill her mind, and there was not much useful information. Now suddenly, there was this ‘killer’ face person, like sculptures, the darlings created by God.

(Killer means killing point. This man’s face is just so good. It can’t be described as simply as handsome)

Shi Zhi saw that the other party’s condition was not very good, and his skin was flushed, so she asked, “Do you need me to get you a basin of cold water?”

Cool down or something.

Facing the suspected patient, Shi Zhi was still very patient, did not avoid him anymore, and persuaded him gently, “It’s a good thing you met us. Otherwise, you’ll be fine.”

The assistant next to him added, “Sister Shi, did you say something wrong?”

Shi Zhi: She said it smoothly and brought in the villain.

Just change your words, “It’s a good thing you met us. Otherwise, you’d be in trouble.”

The man in the suit and leather shoes has now become a man with a ‘killer’ face. He was stunned for a while. He was already thinking about whether to stay away from this group of strange people.

But he couldn’t use his strength, but he spoke a lot more quickly and was frightened.

He spoke to Shi Zhi.

“Help me, I’ve been tricked. There’s something strange in the wine…”

Weird stuff.

There are also strange things in Shi Zhi’s mind——

[Chu Batian suddenly grabbed the woman’s wrist and brought her into his mouth. He lowered his head and said to the woman with his hoarse voice, “I’m sorry, I want to speak.”]

[The night is like a beast. The two people in the mouth speak together, forgetting time.]

Mouth to mouth.

There are more things to come, and Shi Zhi’s mind is full of them.

Please don’t buckle around…

She can sing.

There is another advertisement, I want 0 bubbles, I want O bubbles…

She has basically accepted the complete information now. The person in front of her is Chu Batian, the original male protagonist of this cool novel in the entertainment industry and a boss with very superior conditions.

As a wireless Shuangwen, he has everything the male protagonist has. However, she doesn’t know why he is still being tricked by the vicious female supporting role when he is so smart.

(shuangwen – a specific genre of novels, usually has a lot of face-slapping, so reading it makes the reader feel “Shuang” (refreshing))

After realizing something was wrong, classmate Chu Batian pushed open the door, rushed out, met the heroine Shuangwen, and then started a thunderstorm, omitting all the processes and quickly proceeding to the final link.

Leaning against the wall was Chu Batian. He had drunk something strange now, and the heroine Shuangwen was standing in the corridor.

Shi Zhi: “…”

Oh, she just remembered now that she still has a role in this. She seems to be the heroine of Shuangwen.

Shi Zhi felt that this plot was outrageous.

Why doesn’t Mr. Chu even have anyone around him, bodyguards? Where did the bodyguards go?

She is staying with the team staff now, and there are bodyguards following her not far away.

Also, why didn’t the vicious female supporting role rush out? She’s already done this. Is it just to be a tool between the hero and heroine?

But that female really did something wrong and broke the law.

Shi Zhi comforted Chu Batian, “I already understand the situation, and we will help you.”

Turning to Brother Quan beside her, she said, “120, 110, call them all.”

120 sent the dominant boss to receive treatment. The angels in white clothes are absolutely reliable; 110 helped him call the police, but it was still wrong for the female supporting to do so, and she had to accept legal sanctions.

Through Chu Batian’s few words and performance, Brother Quan could also guess that something was hidden in it. After listening to Shi Zhi’s words, he immediately made two phone calls.

They came very quickly, and Chu Batian was carried on a stretcher.

Shi Zhi felt that the invisible red thread was brighter, and she also carried out ideological education with the boys and men on the team.

(An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of the time, the place, or the circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break. Despite Shi Zhi changing the original heroine and adapting the plot script to her demand. She still met the hero as in the original script)

“Have you seen everything?”

“Don’t think you are not in danger because you are a man. There are people and things in this world. Don’t drink any wine outside…”

Everyone is also terrified.

I saw it, heard it, and learned it.

Today, Shi Zhi’s small team did not expand their network or anything. Still, it went through examples on the spot to enhance their safety knowledge.

Chu Batian was still slightly confused when he woke up in the hospital. Still, as the president of the company, he has inflexible self-control. He asked his assistant a series of things.

The one who helped that person was the newly recruited secretary next to him. The secretary had a good resume and seemed smart, but he did stupid things and was too ambitious, ruining him too.

Now he has been sent in, and everything follows the law.

Chu Batian was in a complicated mood, so he asked his assistant to find the medical staff who sent him to the hospital that day.

The young nurse asked Chu Batian: “Mr. Chu, are you looking for me?”

Chu Batian: “Did the person who called 120 for me say anything?”

Young nurse: “Yes.”

There really are.

Chu Batian waited with bated breath.

The little nurse imitated Shi Zhi’s tone: “Boy, you should also pay attention to safety when you go out.”

Chu Batian: “…”

The little nurse said it was not over yet, so she continued to imitate: “Don’t ask my name. If you ask, I will be the successor of socialism!”

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