One Can’t Judge by Appearance #92

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Chapter 92

“Yaya.” Yuan Yasen answered the phone and looked at Xu Ya with guilt, “Something happened to my business partner’s family…”

“It’s okay, you can go.” Before Yuan Yasen finished speaking, Xu Ya said, “We can travel anytime.”

“I’m sorry.” Yuan Yasen sighed, kissed Xu Ya’s cheek, turned around and carried the suitcase next to him back to the room, moved the objects that might hit Xu Ya to the side, and then hurriedly stride out the door.

Xu Ya sat on the sofa for a while and didn’t come back to her senses until the aunt working in the family came out.

“Madam.” The auntie took a half-worn suitcase and changed the work suit she usually wore to her original home wear. “Didn’t Madam travel abroad with the Master?”

“He has something to do, so he won’t go.” Xu Ya turned around and saw several aunts showing embarrassment and said with a smile, “Be careful on the road.”

“Then madam…” The people in charge of housework have left. What should the Madam and Master do at home?

“It’s okay, just go.” Seeing one of the aunts carrying a big bag, Xu Ya couldn’t help asking, “Will it be inconvenient to take a plane with so many things?”

“We need to pay for our things first, and the tickets are expensive. I will just go back by train.” The aunt was full of joy. She came to work after Aunt Li left. Although there are many requirements for working in the Yuan family home, the work is easy. The payment is a lot, and there are red envelopes for important holidays.

“I read in the news that the trains are extremely crowded during the Spring Festival. Isn’t it more inconvenient for you to bring so many things?”

“Fortunately, thanks to the driver, I bought a ticket. There are two children in my family. The older one is in junior high school and the younger one is in fifth grade. I have been in the capital for so long, but I haven’t been able to see them. I don’t have to bring more things when I go back this time.”

Xu Ya’s expression was a little dazed. She was stunned for a while before she said, “What did you buy for the child?”

“It’s just some clothes and learning tools. The conditions in our place are not good, and the quality of learning tools is not good and expensive. If I buy this back, they will be very happy.” Auntie didn’t expect Xu Ya to care about this. The joy of going home made her usually taciturn and talkative.

Xu Ya’an listened quietly and asked a few questions occasionally. This curious attitude surprised the other aunts. What’s wrong with Madam today?

“It’s getting late, I’ll ask the driver to drive you to the station.” Xu Ya called the driver and said to a few aunts, “Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year. I wish Mr., Mrs., and the two young masters a safe and prosperous year ahead.”

“Thank you.” Xu Ya got up and went upstairs to change into clothes that she could go out with. She went out and stood in the corridor. When she heard the aunts chattering about their children, her face showed a bit of bewilderment.

From the birth of her child to the present, she has never considered these issues. Because the family has money, she can ask others to do everything without worrying about anything. Especially after giving birth to Xiaoer, her body suffered a lot, and she couldn’t hear the child’s crying at all, so Xiaoer was kept in the baby room and raised by the nanny. Later, Xiaoer was abused by the nanny, and she was in regret and fear, but somehow, she was not too close to this child.

Maybe it’s because she’s too guilty, which leads to fear, or maybe she’s not a good mother by nature, so she doesn’t care enough for her child.

After the aunts left, Xu Ya went downstairs and got in the car.

“Madam, where are you going?” the driver asked.

Xu Ya looked out of the car. Her heart was full of bewilderment. She didn’t have many friends after marriage, and now it’s the end of the year, and there are even fewer who she can disturb. For a while, she didn’t know where to go.

“Go to my natal family home.” Xu Ya deeply breathed, “Go to my natal family home.”

(Natal family: birth parents)

Sensing that Xu Ya’s tone was a little strange, the driver looked back at her and started the car after seeing nothing wrong.

As soon as Yan Xi and Yuan Yi arrived at Xu’s house, they received a warm reception. When a large family surrounded her and sat down on the sofa, she hadn’t quite figured out who was around her.

Yuan Yi introduced her one by one, and he called his uncles, aunts, and cousin over one by one and received a bunch of red envelopes in a blink of an eye. She doesn’t know if it’s because the elder in Xu’s family is too sincere. This large bunch of red envelopes is quite thick, Yan Xi is very embarrassed to hold the red envelopes, and for a while, she doesn’t know how to stuff these red envelopes into her handbag.

“I’ll keep it for you. They are fine with everything else, but they are too enthusiastic.” Yuan Yi took Yan Xi’s hand and whispered in her ear, “I’ll take you upstairs to find Grandpa.”

When the Xu family saw the intimate appearance of the young couple, they all smiled knowingly. Xu Xiang waved her hands and said with a smile: “You two go and play by yourself, children, don’t disturb the elders’ chat.”

So there is no need for Yuan Yi and Yan Xi to make excuses. The elders have already dismissed them.

Yan Xi went upstairs with Yuan Yi holding a bunch of red envelopes and said in a low voice, “Yuaner, do people in your family have the habit of giving red envelopes?”

“I have lived for twenty-seven years, and it is rare for me to bring my girlfriend to meet the elders. They are afraid that you will run away and make me single, so they bribe you with red envelopes.” Yuan Yi sighed pretending, “So you just keep these red envelopes.”

Yan Xi raised the red envelopes: “This means, if I accept these red envelopes, you will be mine from now on?”

“Yes, yes, I will accompany you with the red envelope and the dowry, just waiting for you to bring me home.” Yuan Yi put his head on Yan Xi’s shoulder, pretending to be a big bird.

When Xu Qiaosheng came out of the room, he saw his tall cousin hunched over and resting his head on Yan Xi’s shoulder. He rubbed his eyes, thinking he was sleeping late in the wrong way.

That’s right, the one who is spineless, not handsome at all, and who is brazenly leaning on his girlfriend’s shoulders is his cool and domineering cousin.

Oh my god, he is going blind.

Xu Qiaosheng secretly prepared to retreat to the room but met Yuan Yi’s eyes in the blink of an eye.

Silence and embarrassment.

With a calm face, Yuan Yi patted Yan Xi’s shoulder casually: “Okay, the ashes are gone.”

Xu Qiaosheng: “…”

Cousin, a manly man, if you dare to do something, you must be brave!

He was roaring in his heart, but he wanted to pretend he didn’t see anything: “Brother Yi, are you here to find Grandpa?”

Yuan Yi glanced over Xu Qiaosheng’s body, ensuring he didn’t see anything, so he nodded: “I heard from an uncle that Grandpa stayed up late last night again?”

“Because he heard that Dahe was coming, he tossed until midnight last night, talking about what local ingredients should be used for this dish to make it taste authentic, and for a while, he thought that the windows were not clean enough. Said to let the aunt have a good rest at night, just let him wipe it again.

Xu Qiaosheng yawned, rubbing his messy hair, “Since Dahe is here, I have been neglected.”

Cousin, don’t think I didn’t notice how you looked at me just now. I’m an actor, an idol powerhouse!

“That’s right, my Dahe is much more likable than you.” Yuan Yi raised his eyebrows, “I’ll take Xiao Xi to the study room first, and remember to call me when Grandpa gets up.”

“Stop calling.” Grandpa Xu came out of the room and glared at Xu Qiaosheng, “Boy, what are you talking about with Xiao Xi?”

“Grandpa Xu.” Yan Xi handed the bag to Mr. Xu, “This is the handicraft I mentioned to you last time. See if you like it.”

Grandpa Xu opened it and saw that the handicrafts inside were of exquisite craftsmanship, and the most important thing was that they had auspicious meanings: “Good, good, good.” He said something casually, and the child remembered it. This kind of intention is better than anything else.

Then he looked at the two grandsons with disgust. The granddaughter is better.

It’s just that his grandson didn’t live up to expectations, and he still hasn’t been able to marry her back home. He can’t wait to introduce Xiao Xi to those old friends and in the name of his granddaughter.

What, isn’t it a granddaughter but a granddaughter-in-law?

Aren’t they all the same? The granddaughter-in-law is also a granddaughter, that’s right.

Being stared at for no reason, Xu Qiaosheng was also very aggrieved. He decided to find a girlfriend and come to enjoy this kind of treatment.

“Grandpa, cousin.” Yuan Bo went upstairs and saw Yan Xi, with a smile on his serious face, “Xiao Xi.”

“Brother.” Yan Xi smiled at Yuan Bo, “You’re here too?”

“Yes.” Yuan Bo nodded, “Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year.” Yan Xi replied with a smile.

“Your parents are traveling abroad again?!” Master Xu asked.

The older he gets, the more he enjoys a lively reunion. In this situation where the whole family is here, but his eldest daughter is not here, Grandpa Xu feels a little regretful after all. But these years, he has long been used to it, and with the future granddaughter-in-law appearing here this year, he no longer has the mind to take care of his eldest daughter and son-in-law.

“When I went out in the morning, they were still having breakfast.” Yuan Bo replied respectfully, “I don’t know if they will go out or not.”

However, there should be no chance to leave.

He turned his head and glanced at Yuan Yi and Yan Xi. Today is an important day. When it’s time for a parent to appear on the scene, they should make an appearance.

“Xiao Xi, we don’t care about them.” Old Master Xu cheerfully waved to Yan Xi, “Come on, let me show you something.”

Yan Xi stuffed all the handbags and red envelopes into Yuan Yi and followed behind Grandpa Xu.

Xu Qiaosheng glanced at Yan Xi, then at the lady’s bag in Yuan Yi’s hand, tilted his head, and pointed to the empty room next to him.

He used to say that a man has no self-respect for carrying a woman’s bag, but now he is so proficient at picking up the bag that he doesn’t know how often he has done it.

Men, you want a face. Are you spineless to carry a bag for a woman?

Yuan Yi… Yuan Yi silently pushed away the door of the room where he used to live in Xu’s family house, put the bag in the cupboard, and turned to find Grandpa and Yan Xi. He was worried that his grandfather’s childish temper would come out, and Yan Xiao Xi’s brain circuit was sometimes different from ordinary people’s. It was also possible for the two of them to get together and set fire to the study.

Seeing Yuan Yi hurriedly looking for Grandpa and Yan Xi, Xu Qiaosheng joined in the fun and followed.

The remaining calm Yuan Bo shook his head helplessly. These four people are unreliable personalities, so he should follow up and have a look.

In the study room, Grandpa Xu took out a thick photo album, gently wiped off the dust on it, turned his head, and said to Yan Xi with a mysterious expression, “Come on, let me show you the dark history of Da Yuan Zi (Big Yuan child/Son means Yuan Bo) and Xiao Yuan Zi (Little Yuan Child/Son).”

Yan Xi: “…”

Grandpa Xu, you are very fashionable. You even know the word dark history.

(Dark/black history: something from the past that one desires to cover up)

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