One Can’t Judge by Appearance #17

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Chapter 17. Make a point

After the follow-up episode, when the child was sent to the welfare home was broadcast, Imperial Capital Station 8 received many praise calls from the audience, and some elderly people wrote letters of praise to them. At this moment when people have long been accustomed to telephone and e-mail, these letters of praise are like a phoenix falling into a flock of chickens. The program team is very careful when opening the letters as if holding an extremely precious egg.

“Ten years ago, the station often received letters from the audience,” Director Jin looked at these letters with nostalgia. “Not many people have written letters in these years.”

Yan Xi opened the letter. The letter paper was the most traditional horizontal printing. There was no ornament or fragrance, but the person who wrote the letter was very serious. There were no stains on it, let alone typos. The pen characters are vigorous and powerful, and the writing is sophisticated and serious. It can be seen from the lines that this audience has watched several episodes of their programs.

At the end of the letter, the 70-year-old viewer wrote a blessing to them. Although Yan Xi didn’t know the old man’s appearance, he could feel the old man’s high hopes for the show.

After reading the letter, she carefully folded the letter paper and put it in the envelope. She took out her mobile phone and took a picture of the envelope. She accepted the good wishes of the old man and remembered them.

Taking advantage of the lunch break, Yan Xi took a pen and paper and wrote a letter to the old man. A colleague came over and said with a smile: “Handwriting is so laborious. It’s better to type it out with a computer.”

“It’s okay. I’m bored anyway.” Yan Xi smiled at her colleague and continued to bury her head to write.

Although her handwriting is not as good-looking as the old man’s, she thinks that perhaps the old man prefers handwritten letters.

“Do you have any arrangements for your vacation tomorrow?” When Chen Pei walked over, Yan Xi had just finished writing the letter. She raised her head and said, “I may have to invite someone to dinner tomorrow.”

“Then there is no other way,” Chen Pei bent over and whispered in her ear, “A sponsor is holding an event in a shopping mall and invites us to join in the fun. All the things you fancy will be sold to us at the cost price. If you don’t go, I will give the quota to someone else.”

“That’s unfortunate,” Yan Xi said with a regretful expression. “Didn’t Xiao Yang say a few days ago that she wanted to buy some household goods? Why don’t you take her there?”

“Done.” Chen Pei smiled. She didn’t ask Yan Xi who she had an appointment with for dinner during her vacation. She turned to Xiao Yang and told her about the event, then specifically mentioned Yan Xi, who gave her the quota, which caused Xiao Yang to thank her several times.

Yan Xi knew that Chen Pei was deliberately wooing her, so she raised her head with a smile and said, “It’s all because of Sister Chen’s face that people come to invite us. Otherwise, how would the mall owner know who I am?”

Everyone touted each other. Then this matter was over. Yan Xi opened WeChat, opened the chatbox, and sent a message to the other party.

In the conference room, Yuan Yi listened expressionlessly to the two department managers competing against each other, pretending not to see any conflict between the two, “The two of you can discuss this matter. I hope that a conclusion will be reached in a week.”

Everyone knew Yuan Yi’s character, and when they saw that he had opened his mouth, they swallowed all their original words.

Yuan Yi raised his eyebrows and looked at everyone: “If there is nothing else, the meeting will be dismissed.”

Everyone: look at me, I look at you, and the last person said, “Boss, about the development project of the new city…”

“I am not optimistic about this project.” Yuan Yi tapped the desktop with his index finger, his attitude seemed a little rebellious, but no one here dared to speak more. 

They just listened quietly. Their boss doesn’t look like a serious businessman. However, his investment vision is still very accurate, and the staff has long been accustomed to it.

After the meeting adjourned, Yuan Yi did not get up from his chair but turned on his mobile phone. During the meeting, he couldn’t easily use his mobile phone, so even though he heard the WeChat tone half an hour ago, he still endured it until now.

The woman finally decided on the time and place to eat, and he thought the other party had forgotten.

Yuan Yi had already agreed to the other party’s matter, and he would not refuse. Still, he didn’t want to make himself appear too enthusiastic. He replied with a few words and deleted them all, ending it with just typing a “hmm.”

This word must be able to reflect that he reluctantly agreed, just a politely agreeing attitude, right?

However, Yan Xi has always been more open-minded. When she saw that the other party had agreed to her arrangement, she threw her mobile phone aside. Why would she think about the meaning and emotions behind a word? It’s nothing to do with the reading comprehension on the Chinese test paper.

After finally taking a vacation, as soon as Yan Xi got home, she took off her dignified slim skirt, put on a wide and comfortable cotton nightdress, put on soft-soled slippers, and entered the game world to fight.

Halfway through the game, the phone rang. After she pressed the hands-free button, she continued to operate the game characters to kill monsters in the dungeon.

“Da He,” Tao Ru’s voice came from the phone, “Ah, ah, I saw you on TV!”

Yan Xi checked the time, and now it was the broadcast time of “Those Things Around Us,” “How about it, am I very photogenic?”

“Dahe, you idiot, you didn’t tell us when you went to work at the TV station,” Tao Ru said, “But your face is really photogenic, and you look like a little white flower, which makes people want to protect.”

“What about this little white flower? Are you praising me or scolding me,” Yan Xi smiled. “Didn’t I tell you last time, did I go to work at a TV station? Is there anything strange about seeing me on TV?”

The two of them roasted each other for a while, and Tao Ru suddenly said, “Chatting with you always talks nonsense. I’m here to tell you something.”

“What? “Yan Xi withdrew, picked up the juice on the table, and sipped.

“Wei Xiaoman and Chen Ming have separated,” Tao Ru’s tone was a little disdainful, “I knew that these two little bastards would not end well.”

At that time, the four of them lived in the same dormitory and had a very good relationship. No one expected Wei Xiaoman to have a relationship with Chen Ming during the period when Yan Xi’s mother was sick.

“A slap isn’t enough. If Chen Mingdong didn’t have that thought, Wei Xiaoman couldn’t dig this wall.” After two or three years, Yan Xi had already forgotten about these two people, “You called me today just to tell me this?”

“I learned from my former classmates that Wei Xiaoman has come to the Imperial capital.” Tao Ru coughed, and her voice gradually became smaller. When her mother passed away, Dahe was so sad that she lost a lot of weight. After taking care of Mother Yan, this thing happened when she returned to school. How sad should Dahe be at that time?

“She came here. What does it have to do with me,” Yan Xi said in a light tone, “Don’t worry, even if I am unlucky enough to meet her, I will only roll my eyes at her and won’t fight.”

“Who wants you to fight with her?” Tao Ru was speechless. How could this have anything to do with fighting?”

After finishing the call with Tao Ru, Yan Xi lay down on the bed, opened Weibo, and started swiping.

As for the trivial things in the past, she hadn’t cared about them for a long time. In life, when you are unlucky, you will inevitably encounter one or two scumbags. If bad luck is used up, good luck should come.

She doesn’t know which corner her future boyfriend is squatting in, and he hasn’t come to her now.

Is it too serious to meet a girl with a white shirt and a black suit?

Yuan Yi stood in front of the wardrobe, and his gaze swept over the rows of high-end costumes like a king patrolling his territory.

“Second brother,” Yuan Bo knocked on the door and walked in, “Come with me today. An old uncle invited us to be a guest.”

“No,” Yuan Yi took off his white shirt, “I have an appointment.”

That woman is not his. So why does he have to consider her mood in what he wears? The white shirt and black suit are very good, and you can match them all.

“Who do you have an appointment with?” Yuan Bo sat down on the single sofa, “This Uncle Shi wants to introduce a girl to meet you. I heard that she and you are still high school alumni.”

Yuan Yi lowered his head to change clothes without speaking.

“If today is a less important date, just push it,” Yuan Bo said flatly, “you are not young anymore.”

“I’m not in a hurry. A man should start a career first and then start a family,” Yuan Yi lowered his head and tied his tie, “Besides, you’re not in a hurry. What am I in a hurry?”

“I have a girlfriend, but you don’t have one,” Yuan Bo didn’t take the agitation method. “Since you don’t want to see her, forget it. But when our parents come back, I’m afraid Mother will rush you again.”

“Both of them are husband and wife that are so loving to each other. How can they have time to take care of me?” Fasten the tie tightly and straighten the collar, Yuan Yi’s tone was a little cold, “I’m past the age to make them worried.”

Seeing his brother like this, Yuan Bo fell silent.

At 11:40, Yan Xi rushed to the appointed place and found that Yuan Yi had already arrived.

“Sorry to keep you waiting,” Yan Xi didn’t expect Yuan Yi to arrive early. Yan Xi sat down opposite him and handed Yuan Yi the menu. Yuan Yi looked at the menu and didn’t answer, “Ladies first.”

Yan Xi was taken aback again, smiled, returned the menu, and ordered two dishes.

After ordering the food, the two sat face to face. No one spoke. Seeing that Yuan Yi didn’t take the initiative to speak, Yan Xi felt that if she went on so quietly, she would have a stomach ache from this meal. “Mr. Yuan, the welfare home sent me a donation expenditure form a few days ago, and I want to thank you on behalf of all the children in the welfare home. Thank you. Would you like to take a look at this expenditure sheet?”

“No need,” Yuan Yi shook his head, “Are we here today to tell me this?”

It turned out that he was invited to dinner for the welfare home. It seemed that this woman had forgotten what she said on the day she exchanged WeChat accounts.

“Huh?” Yan Xi inexplicably felt that the words” I’m not happy” were written on Yuan Yi’s face. It was obvious that there was not much emotional change on this face from beginning to end. Where did this illusion come from?

She rolled her eyes, “Last time you took me home, but I haven’t thanked you properly. I want to invite you to dinner, but I’m afraid you are busy with work, and it is not easy to disturb…”

In fact, she didn’t want the other party to think that she was holding his big thighs, with a thick face, after all… she was a little white flower that survived and was independent.

“Oh,” Yuan Yi lowered his eyelids, “I’m not busy on holiday.”

“Haha, really, that’s great.” Yan Xi smiled politely.

Yuan Yi looked up at her: “From now on, you can invite me to dinner, and you can do it on holidays.”

Yan Xi smiled and nodded and realized that something was wrong after nodding.

To make sense, why would she invite him to dinner in the future?

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