One Can’t Judge by Appearance #15

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Chapter 15 – What’s the name?

That night, Yuan Yi had a dream. The sun in the sky suddenly fell and turned into a giant orange and smashed his head and face.

“Second brother,” Yuan Bo put down his knife and fork at the dining table, “Didn’t you sleep well last night?” His face is so bad, as if someone else owes him 18 million.

“It’s okay,” Yuan Yi held the milk cup and looked down at the poached eggs on the plate. Thinking of the dream he had at night, his whole face collapsed. He suddenly had a psychological shadow on the food of poached eggs.

That woman named Yan Xi is poisonous.

Yuan Bo wiped his mouth and said, “I heard that the child of the Song family has returned from abroad. Recently, he seems to want to re-enter the circle?”

“I’m not familiar with him, so it’s useless for you to ask me,” Yuan Yi put down his chopsticks and said blankly, “When did you start to worry about other people’s business?”

“He was in the same class as you in high school. I don’t ask you, then who did I ask?” Yuan Bo saw that Yuan Yi still looked like he didn’t want to say more. He stood up from the dining chair, “If you don’t change your stinky attitude, look. Which woman is willing to marry you?”

“Who cares,” Yuan Yi drank the milk, “Whoever loves me, just ties her.”

“Okay, I won’t talk to you about these things,” Yuan Bo’s tone became serious. “The Song family kid came back from studying abroad. The Song family intends to train him. This person has some means of doing things. You should pay more attention.”

Yuan Yi raised his eyebrows and smiled a bit carelessly: “He has been abroad for so many years. Can he play the domestic game?”

It’s different from decades ago when you came back from abroad. It was like being plated with gold. Now, you need to rely on your ability to do everything. If you stay abroad too long, you will not understand the domestic market and will be left all confused.

Seeing that he knew what to do, Yuan Bo picked up his coat, “You eat slowly. I’ll go first.”

The dining room became quiet, and Yuan Yi looked at the poached eggs that were poked in a mess on the plate and cursed in a low voice. When he walked out of the house after breakfast, he looked up at the rising sun in the sky. It looked like a poached egg, but it was a sweet-hearted egg.

“I’m mentally ill!”

“Xiao Yan, what happened to your feet?” Chen Pei saw Yan Xi walking a little weirdly, and even the high heels he usually wears were replaced with flat-bottomed shoes, 

“Twisted?” Could she have been injured while helping the police chase the guardian yesterday?

“I suffered a little injury,” Yan Xi walked to the studio and sat down. The table covered her lower body. Even if she didn’t wear shoes, the audience couldn’t see it. 

“Sister Chen, let’s start recording.”

Chen Pei nodded.

After watching the footage shot by Zhao Peng yesterday, Chen Pei immediately decided to broadcast this episode first, and the previously prepared episodes were arranged in the back row. Although the recording time is tight now, she will work overtime tonight to catch up with tomorrow night’s broadcast.

In the end, the program team worked overtime until more than eleven at night for this program. Yan Xi held an iced coffee and watched the edited finished film with great energy. Originally, she didn’t need to do these things as a host, but there were so many people in the group, and she is worried that the editing effect in the later stage is not perfect, so she will watch it once the film is finished.

“This effect is quite good,” she said, looking at the timid appearance of the child in the camera, feeling a little uncomfortable, and she reluctantly joked about lifting up other people’s spirits: “Brother Zhao’s camera captures it very well.”

Zhao Peng’s shooting ability is powerful, and his skill is not like the cameramen for a small TV station.

“Everyone has worked hard tonight,” Chen Pei said, seeing everyone’s faces were tired, “I will invite everyone to dinner next time.”

“Sister Chen is polite,” Xiao Yang, the late-stage intern, is passionate about the social problem in her bones. “If this program is broadcast and can improve this child’s living environment, I can stay up for two or three more nights.”

Chen Pei smiled bitterly. Exposure to the TV station can only improve a child’s life for a while. No one can guarantee what will happen in the future.

“It’s getting late. Everyone goes back to rest.” She waved her hand, “Be careful on the road.”

Yan Xi found that Chen Pei’s eyes were a bit tired, not because of the tiredness from staying up late for too long, but because she felt tired that some realities could not be changed. Yan Xi stepped forward and patted Chen Pei on the shoulder, “Sister Chen, at least we can help for a while.”

Sometimes even if you can’t help him for a lifetime, it’s good to be able to help for a while.

Yan Xi didn’t drive out today. Dad Song arranged for a driver to pick her up. When she left the TV station gate, the driver had been waiting for nearly half an hour.

“I’m sorry, it’s too late. You work overtime,” Yan Xi smiled apologetically to the driver, “I delayed your rest.”

“Miss is too polite.” The driver didn’t expect the daughter, who was held in the palm of the boss, to be so polite. Instead, that made him a little embarrassed.

The car stopped at an intersection, and Yan Xi saw that the red light was still more than a hundred seconds away, so she opened the window to breathe. However, the air quality of the Imperial Capital is not much fresher outside the car than in the car. She just wants to wake up by blowing the night breeze.

Parked in the next driveway was a black Bentley. Yan Xi yawned. There are so many rich people in the Imperial Capital, and luxury cars can be seen everywhere as if the car doesn’t need that much money.

Looking at the gloomy outside, Yan Xi closed the car window and lowered her head to play with her mobile phone.

The window of the rear seat of the Bentley on the right slowly opened, and a handsome man in a white shirt with gold-rimmed eyes glanced out casually.

“Mr. Song, do you need to buy a bottle of hangover medicine?” The car driver is worried about the man in the back seat.

“No need, “Song Chao pulled on his tie. The drunkenness on his face had not yet dissipated, “Just go back.”

This big discus in the domestic market is more difficult to chew than he thought. The old foxes of Vanity Fair are getting better and better. He has only returned to China less than half a month, and he has already seen a lot.

When he went abroad seven years ago, the domestic market was not prosperous, and the Internet was underdeveloped. The domestic economy has been like boiling water on fire in the past few years, and it almost fell out.

He has been an excellent character since he was a child, and it makes no sense that he can’t play in the domestic market now. After living for twenty-seven years, he has never failed in what he wants to do.

Thinking that after returning to China this time, someone would compare him with the second child of the Yuan family, he felt disgusted in his heart. Besides his more prominent family background, what else should Yuan Yi compare to him?

The traffic lights alternated, and the car set off. Song Chao looked at the unchanging street lights on both sides of the road and slowly closed his eyes.

After the show about children being abused by their parents was broadcast on Channel 8 of the Imperial Capital, it quickly attracted the attention of some viewers. Many enthusiastic viewers called the channel to ask about the child’s current situation.

Initially, this incident would only make a small splash in the local audience. Still, the video of this episode of the Imperial Capital Channel 8 was posted on the Internet by someone, which immediately attracted the attention of many netizens.

The female host heard the child crying, then knocked on the door repeatedly, and no one answered. And finally, the door was violently broken by the police.

The child’s body was covered in bruises, his urgency when drinking water and eating, and his dirty face and the medical examination report from the hospital all proved how bad the child’s living environment was. For fathers who are addicted to gambling and alcohol, and mothers who always go out every three days, children are just an optional venting tool for them.

There is no secret in the eyes of netizens with incredible supernatural powers. 

It turned out that his father was not only addicted to alcohol and gambling but also a burglar who broke into the house and stole. Now he has been detained by the police. His mother has long been out of sight. It is said that she is not engaged in serious work.

Netizen A: The child is so pitiful. Fortunately, the female host insisted on calling the police. Otherwise, the child might starve to death at home. Which station is this show from? The host looks pretty good, like the heroine in “Lily of the Mountain.”

Netizen B: Are you talking about the bitter drama that the heroine cried from the first episode to the last episode? What does this female host look like? The heroine, who only knows how to cry, can she take off her shoes and help the police catch the bad guys? Stop teasing! This female host has a very good heart; her face and heart are beautiful.

Some netizens noticed the female host through the video, but everyone’s main attention was on the injured child.

Because the voice of public opinion on the Internet is too loud, the local police are more cautious in dealing with children’s affairs. In the end, the child’s father was sentenced to three years in prison for burglary, illegal gambling, and child abuse. The child’s mother was also sentenced to one year in prison for child abuse and sex trafficking.

The children were sent to a welfare home with excellent conditions. Many enthusiastic netizens donated money, clothes, and toys to the welfare home, benefiting many orphans.

Because of this incident, Imperial Capital Station 8 was again rewarded by its superiors. When Yan Xi went to the orphanage for a follow-up interview and report, she was relieved to see that the child had grown a lot of flesh and the wounds on his body had healed.

“Sister.” When the shooting was about to end, the child ran over and grabbed Yan Xi’s thigh with a bit of closeness on his face.

Yan Xi squatted down, looked at the child, and smiled at him.

The child didn’t speak very well, and he stammered and said that he had eaten a bowl of rice at noon, ate it by himself, and washed his hands.

“Awesome,” Yan Xi said with a look of amazement and admiration, “Song Song can do so many things by himself.”

Seeing the proud and happy expression on the child’s face, Yan Xi’s heart softened, and she stretched out her hand to hug him.

I hope this child will have a smooth life in the future, that someone cares and loves him, and that he will never starve or be abused again.

After the teacher took Song Song to his room for a nap, Yan Xi said goodbye to the dean. The dean sent Yan Xi all the way to the door of the welfare home: “Ms. Yan, please rest assured that our welfare home will treat every child well, and they will be loved as their own children.”

“It bothered the dean.” Yan Xi solemnly thanked the dean.

“This is what we should do,” the dean had gray hair and smiled like the most kind and gentle grandmother. “We welcome your media workers to visit every child here at any time.”

Yan Xi smiled and turned her head to leave. At this moment, a line of vans drove towards the gate of the welfare home, and she gave way when she saw it.

“This is a gift from a kind-hearted person named Yuan Yi. He has sent everything to eat, wear, and use. There is also a check for one million,” the dean’s voice was full of gratitude. “Reporter Yan, if you know this gentleman named Yuan Yi, please be sure to help us say thank you to him.”

Yuan Yi: …

Yan Xi suddenly remembered something. What was the name of the Yuan family’s second child again?

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