One Can’t Judge by Appearance #84

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Chapter 84

Yan Xi hugged Yuan Yi’s neck, lying on his heart. Through the thick coat, he heard his heartbeat.

“Hey,” Yuan Yi patted her butt, “Want me to hold you all the time?”

“At this critical juncture, shouldn’t you say, don’t be afraid, my dear, am I here?” Yan Xi fell to the ground, shivering from the cold wind outside. When she was pulled by two bodyguards, Her scarf seemed to have fallen to the floor.

“I told you earlier, don’t watch unreliable TV dramas.” Yuan Yi took off his coat and wrapped Yan Xi around her head, “It will make you look stupid.”

Yan Xi wanted to take off his coat and return it to Yuan Yi, but Yuan Yi held him down: “Wear it well. Your man is furious. This kind of weather can’t get me cold.”

Song Ci, lifted up from the ground by the bodyguard, held his waist and muttered in a low voice: “The anger is really heavy.”

Yuan Yi heard him complain and turned to stare at him. Frightened by Yuan Yi’s ferocious appearance, Song Ci reflexively took a step back, touching the injured area, gasping for breath in pain, “I, I didn’t say anything.”

Ignoring him, Yuan Yi lowered his head and asked Yan Xi: “What did he do to you?”

“I haven’t had time to do anything yet!” After being beaten up by Yuan Yi, Song Ci hurriedly said, “Miss Yan, you have to testify for me.”

Yan Xi was a little speechless. It was the first time she saw a kidnapper who asked the victim to come out to clear him of his suspicions. Could this Song Ci be a fool?

“Are you too late, or don’t you want to do it?” Yuan Yi pulled Yan Xi behind him, not letting Song Ci talk to her, “Song Ci, the two of us can be regarded as well-watered and not against the river. We have to follow the rules and the law in everything we do. Are you dissatisfied with me for letting the bodyguard forcibly take away my girlfriend?”

“Second Young Master Yuan, there is some misunderstanding here. I really didn’t want to do anything illegal to Miss. Yan.” Song Ci knew very well in his heart that although he was the eldest among the Song family’s younger generation, those cousins were not easy-going. Unlike the two brothers from the Yuan family, who are close, Yuan Bo will not step on his back for what Yuan Yi has done but instead will help Yuan Yi back up. He does not dare to really become enemies with the Yuan brothers.

He looked at Yan Xi, who was hiding behind Yuan Yi, with pleading eyes, hoping that the other party would stand up and speak for him at this time.

Faced with Song Ci’s pleading eyes, Yan Xi felt very unbearable. Hence, she lowered her head neatly, took out her mobile phone, and played a game developed by Yuan Yi Company.

Song Ci: She looks very gentle and kind, but why is her heart so hard?

“I know that Song Chao did the things that happened on the Internet, so I want to remind Miss Yan a few words. I’m worried that Miss Yan doesn’t know me and won’t talk to me, so I used a bad method. “Song Ci smiled wryly, “I didn’t expect it would cause such a big misunderstanding.”

He really didn’t expect such a coincidence to happen in the world. Not long after he took the girl away, he was chased up by Yuan Yi and beaten in vain.

“Young Master Song is so kind. Am I wrong to blame a good person?” Yuan Yi snorted coldly, “Outsiders are not interested in the affairs between your Song brothers and sisters, so don’t reach out to me.”

“No, those who don’t know are innocent.” Song Ci smiled dryly and stepped back step by step. Seeing that Yuan Yi didn’t mean to catch up, he pushed away the two bodyguards holding his hands and climbed into the car like a fly. Before he could close the door, the door was pulled by Yuan Yi’s companion.

He knew this person, Zhu Han, the only child of the Zhu family.

“Young Master Song.” Zhu Han got into the car and put one hand on Song Si’s shoulder. “You know Yuaner’s temper. He doesn’t care about some things, but something can’t be moved. If it moves, he can fight you desperately.”

Song Ci shuddered. Yuan Yi had a bad temper when he was young and was a well-known character of firecrackers. Although he has calmed down a lot in recent years, many of his peers still dare not provoke him.

“It’s really a misunderstanding this time, don’t worry, I will never trouble Miss Yan in the future, absolutely not.” Song Ci already regretted that he came to Yan Xi today. If he had known that Yuan Yi protected his girlfriend like his lifeblood, he would not have provoked this woman even if he had been killed.

“It’s just a misunderstanding.” Zhu Han scanned the inside of the car to ensure there were no traces of a fierce fight in the car and got out of the car, “Master Song, walk slowly.”

Song Ci’s heart: I don’t. I want to walk faster.

Looking at Song Ci’s car, wishing he could leave at flying speed, Yan Xi asked Yuan Yi: “Why are you here?”

“I was going to pick you up from the TV station downstairs. As soon as I got out of the car, I saw a woman running over in a panic and saying that you were kidnapped. She even took a photo of the car that took you away with her mobile phone.” Yuan Yi rejoiced on his face, “Fortunately, you just drove not far away, and there are not many cars on the road, so we can catch up.”

Yan Xi was a little surprised. Who found out that she was taken away and took photos? She turned her head to look at Zhu Han and Zhang Wang. Knowing they came with Yuan Yi, she said, “Sorry, I made everyone worry.”

“It’s good that you’re fine. When Yuaner heard you were forcibly taken away, his face turned pale with fright.” Zhang Wang teased, “You have to comfort his frightened little heart today.”

Yan Xi turned to look at Yuan Yi with a smile.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense.” Yuan Yi took Yan Xi’s hand, “The old man of the Song family is seriously ill, and the three brothers of the Song family are fighting fiercely for the family property. I am worried that the people of the Song family will go crazy. Recently, I will try my best to pick you up from work. Let the driver and bodyguards come over if I can’t arrange it. You must not be alone.”

“What does the Song family’s family property struggle have to do with me?” Yan Xi was stunned for a moment, “It can’t be because of Song Chao, right?”

“In the eyes of the Song family, everything is possible.”

Yan Xi: She needs help to understand a wealthy family’s brain-fighting circuit.

“I’m not joking with you. The Song family is not so free except for Song Ci, who has no brains. What I am worried about is Song Chao.” Yuan Yi’s expression was unprecedentedly serious, “The situation of the Song family is too complicated. I am worried that if Song Chao loses the battle, he will go crazy and do irrational things.”

Yan Xi was silent.

The behavior style of Song Chao is indeed somewhat unpredictable. Just as she didn’t understand, Song Chao obviously didn’t like her but insisted on liking her because of his unwillingness and stubbornness when he was young?

This is ridiculously absurd.

“Yuaner, Xiao Xi, we have a date, so we won’t go with you.” Zhang Wang looks at the two of them, “We go first.”

“Okay, thank you very much for today.” Yan Xi thanked again.

Zhang Wang waved his hand, half seriously and half-jokingly said: “You and Yuaner are doing well. We brothers can rest assured.”

Yan Xi pursed her lips, smiled, holding Yuan Yi’s index finger, and nodded.

The two got into the car. Yan Xi took off Yuan Yi’s coat and suddenly hugged Yuan Yi’s waist: “Yuan Xiaoer, I’m actually quite scared today, but luckily you’re here.”

“Hmph,” Yuan Yi snorted softly, “I knew you were quite frightened. You were pretending outside.”

Although he said disgusting words, he hugged Yan Xi lightly. He patiently patted Yan Xi’s back repeatedly to calm her emotions.

Yan Xi looked up in his arms, saw his sexy chin, and put her ears on his heart.

Heart, calm down a little bit.

In an apartment more than ten kilometers away, Song Chao removed his earphones, got up and took off his crumpled coat, opened the closet, and picked out a well-matched suit.

He took out the manual razor from the bottom drawer of the closet and replaced it with a sharp razor blade. He went to the bathroom and slowly shaved off the stubble on his chin.

Putting the glasses on the cabinet, Song Chao smiled slowly at himself in the mirror.

In just half a month of the mobile games developed by Hengtai, players’ consumption has reached a level that makes their eyes red with envy. According to an analysis by insiders in the industry, this mobile game can be so successful. In addition to its high playability, publicity, and feelings also take into account some factors, and it is also set off by too many shoddy works in the current mobile game market.

Some people even feel that the “cheating accident” that broke out between Hengtai’s boss and his girlfriend has also made many netizens have a good impression of this, so much so that they empathize with mobile games.

People in the world are always full of blessings for pure love and affectionate and dedicated men and women, and they are even extra tolerant of them. This game became popular, taking advantage of the right time, place, and people, so it was naturally very popular among players.

When the Spring Festival is approaching, the total consumption income of players of this mobile game has already made the peers envious to the point of losing their temper. All the major media have praised Yuan Yi as a young upstart in the field of online games, and he is worthy of being a descendant of a famous family.

This time the media no longer called him the second young master of the Yuan family. Still, they respectfully called him Mr. Yuan Yi or President Yuan.

There are also media reports that Yuan Yi’s great success represents the rise of the family’s younger generation, and the era of the older generation has gradually passed.

Some newspapers and weekly magazines will be ordered from the Imperial Capital TV Station. Although in the current information age, the news speed of newspapers is no longer comparable to that of mobile phones, this traditional way of disseminating information has yet to be completely replaced.

Newspapers are delivered to various departments on time every day, but only some people read them. Most of them end up being collected by cleaners as waste paper and then sold to waste collection stations.

“Teacher Yan, today the financial section of this newspaper is praising Mr. Yuan Yi again.” The assistant makeup artist put the newspaper in the hand of Yan Xi, who was putting on makeup. Yan Xi looked down. The newspaper started with four words of business upstart.

In the beginning, when news about Yuan Yi appeared in the newspapers, Yan Xi would still put away the newspapers. Still, now there is often news about Yuan Yi in newspapers, large and small, and she can no longer collect them.

“Mr. Yuan is really amazing. I read the news a few days ago and heard that this mobile game has been launched abroad.” The makeup artist gave Yan Xi a good makeup setting powder. “He is capable and infatuated. Teacher Yan is really blessed.”

Yan Xi smiled but didn’t speak.

Shen Xingyan, who was in the stands beside her, looked up and said, “Our Xiao Yan is beautiful, kind-hearted, and able to host. There is always such a good girlfriend. That is also his blessing.”

“Teacher Shen is right.” The makeup artist immediately changed her words, “Both of them are blessed.”

After the two put on their makeup, Shen Xingyan took Yan Xi to the lounge: “I originally wanted to recommend you as the location host of the New Year’s Eve party held in the station, but your qualifications are too low, and the station is worried that you will gossip, so you won’t be able to get in this year. But as long as you perform well, you will definitely have a chance next year.”

Yan Xi felt that Shen Xingyan looked a little uncomfortable tonight, so it was because of this matter. She was stunned for a moment and then smiled: “Sister Shen, I know the scruples in the station. Honestly, I didn’t think about leaving my dad alone at home during New Year’s Eve this year.”

“Your mentality is better than when I was young.” Seeing that Yan Xi was telling the truth, Shen Xingyan smiled and shook her head, “But it’s good to have this kind of mentality. You can only have better opportunities waiting for you by practicing your hosting skills down-to-earthly.”

“Teacher Shen, Teacher Yan, the recording of tonight’s show is suspended!” The director walked into the lounge with a strange expression, “Something happened to the guest.”

“An accident?” Shen Xingyan frowned, “Is there a scandal?”

The director shook his head and took a look at Yan Xi: “It’s more serious than this. The old man of the Song family is dead.”

“The old man of the Song family is seriously ill, so it’s not surprising that he passed away.” Shen Xingyan’s expression became a little serious, and his tone became a little serious, “The guest has something to do with the Song family?”

“I thought it was an illness, but the Song family called the police now and suspected it was a homicide.” The director paused for a moment, “It is said that the last person Mr. Song saw was his grandson Song Chao.”

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