One Can’t Judge by Appearance #81

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Chapter 81

Knock knock knock.

There was a knock on the door, and Yuan Yi and the young woman in front of him turned their heads together. When they saw that it was Yan Xi, Yuan Yi couldn’t hide the smile on his face, and even raised his voice a few decibels: “Xiao Xi .”

Yan Xi has almost never been to his company. He has been so busy these past few days that he wants to finish his work early so that he can spend more time with Yan Xi, but he didn’t expect her to come to see him.

The surprise in his eyes was real, and he even had a faint sense of showing off that his girlfriend came to see him. Apart from that, there was no panic or guilt. Yan Xi stood at the door and didn’t go in: “Did I disturb your work?”

Hearing Yan Xi’s question, Yuan Yi remembered that there was another person in the room, and it was a woman. Seeing Yan Xi’s half-smile, his heart skipped a beat. It is said that women are particularly prone to being suspicious. What if Yan Xiaoxi suspects that he has an affair with a female employee?

Although his ability to speak sweet words has improved recently, he has been single for many years after all, facing the current situation, he doesn’t know how to solve it for a while. Explanation may lead to a guilty conscience, and failure to explain may make the misunderstanding bigger and bigger. Thinking of those male and female protagonists in TV dramas who ended up abusing their hearts and lungs because of misunderstandings, Yuan Yi panicked a little.

My girlfriend is angry, how can I make her happy?

Now Yan Xi’s smile, in Yuan Yi’s eyes, is an angry smile; a gentle attitude, that is the last meal for a death row prisoner; even the bucket of food in her hand, Yuan Yi feels the final destination of the bucket may be on his own head.

But who is Yuan Yi, even though he hasn’t experienced anything and his heart is in turmoil, he doesn’t show any abnormality on his face. He handed the folder in his hand to the female staff member, walked to the door and took the rice insulator from Yan Xi’s hand, and then led her into the office together: “Sit down and rest for a while, I’ll be done soon.”

Smart men, at this time, you must not say “Why did you come?” “I didn’t expect you to come”, because these words are definitely the key words that ignite your girlfriend’s anger. Your girlfriend has worked so hard to come to see you with a love meal, but what you think about is why she came. Whether you ask casually or feel really surprised, this is a behavior that feels that the other party is asking a trouble.

 “It’s okay, you’re busy, I’ll play with my phone for a while.” Yan Xi listened to Yuan Yi talking about ports, data, and servers to the female staff, bowed her head and opened the chat apps, and chatted with the few well-known microblogs in the group Bloggers chat.

She really didn’t expect that there are several people in the group who are sincerely obsessed with this game developed by Yuan Yi Company, showing off what they dropped in the group when they have nothing to do. In the past few days, she has been busy working on the TV station, and she has the illusion of being abandoned.

After Yuan Yi said a few words, he turned his head to look at Yan Xi, and continue talking, he even pointed to the wrong place for the content of the document. The female staff couldn’t stand it anymore, she coughed twice, “Boss, this art design is still immature, why don’t you wait for our team to modifyit, and show it to you tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Yuan Yi nodded without hesitation, turned to Yan Xi and said, “Xiao Xi, come and see if these people’s plans are good or not.”

Yan Xi walked over and took a look. There are many beautiful female character setting pictures inside, which are very in line with the aesthetics of women, instead of deliberately showing arms, legs and breasts in order to please some male players. After reading a few pictures, she found that, the design of these people is different from Hengtai’s current game style, “Is this a newly developed game?”

“Do you like it?” Yuan Yi asked.

Yan Xi nodded: “The characters are very beautiful, but I’m a layman, and I don’t know much about making games  but is the difficulty of modeling a bit high?”

“It is indeed difficult, but we will try our best to develop it in terms of aesthetic design and playability,” Yuan Yi pointed to the female staff in front of him, “She is the planner of this game, Liu Yi.”

“Hello lady boss, you can just call me Xiao Liu.” Liu Yi has a gorgeous appearance, and her neat short hair makes her look very energetic, even a bit aggressive. This is a kind of beauty that is not easy to attract the favor of the same sex.

“Hello, you can just call me Xiao Yan, the lady boss sounds a little old.” Yan Xi shook hands with Liu Yi, the other party’s nails were very clean, perhaps because of frequent use of the computer, she did not do manicures.

The two looked at each other and smiled. After exchanging a few words of greeting, Liu Yi exited Yuan Yi’s office, stepping on high-heeled shoes a little fast, perhaps because she was a hot-tempered person.

Yuan Yi closed the office door, turned to look at Yan Xi: “What delicious food did you bring me?”

“I know that you have been too busy to eat on time in the past few days, so I asked the restaurant to make some stomach-friendly dishes.” Yan Xi opened the insulated lunch box, “I didn’t eat yet, so I will accompany you.”

While drinking the delicious yam soup, Yuan Yi hesitated to speak: “Is there anything you want to ask?”

Yan Xi knew what he wanted to say, and wiped her mouth with a tissue: “I didn’t want to ask, I just wanted to kick the door in. But thinking that you are the boss of the company anyway, I want to save you some face.”

Thank you Yan Xiaoxi for your understanding!

Seeing the lingering fear on Yuan Yi’s face, Yan Xi couldn’t help laughing: “Fortunately, I didn’t get angry, because your female employee is a very good woman, if I make random guesses, it would be an insult to her.”

“Can’t you just think that’s an insult to me?”

“I didn’t expect that,” Yan Xi tilted her head to look at Yuan Yi, “Could it be that I’m a bit patriarchal?”

“Gender discrimination is a roadblock to human development and an obstacle on the ladder of progress. You can try to overcome it.” Yuan Yi looked at Yan Xi aggrievedly, “Anyway, I won’t have an affair with other women.”

After thinking about it, he added: “You can’t either, especially someone with the surname Song or Chen.”

“What’s wrong with the surname Song, I was surnamed Song ten years ago.” Yan Xi poked Yuan Yi’s face with her hand, “Aren’t you a big man, who like a big breasts and long legs, is it absolutely impossible to fall in love with me?”

Sure enough, all women want to turn over old scores?

Yuan Yi was in despair: “Think about it, I thought I liked big breasts and long legs, but after meeting you, nothing else matters. What does this mean? It means that I really love you!”

“Yuan Xiaoer, Yuan Xiaoer,” Yan Xi smiled and squeezed his chin and shook it twice, “If you learn the glib way of looking around and coaxing women, I will learn how a girlfriends punish boyfriends.”

“What method?” Yuan Yi didn’t expect that he would abandon all the shameful sweet words, which did not impress Yan Xi, and secretly made up his mind that he would never believe Zhang Wang and Xu Qiaosheng’s bad ideas in the future, none of them were practical.

“It’s durian keyboard washboard or something.” Yan Xi waved her hand, “There are no innovative methods.”

Yuan Yi: I’m a dignified president, don’t you want me to lose face? I didn’t say sweet words, they were all from the bottom of my heart.”

“Huh?” Yan Xi raised her eyebrows and looked at her.

“Don’t worry, I won’t imitate Wang Wang’s playboy behavior.” At this moment, Yuan Yi seemed to be possessed by countless infatuated male protagonists, “I grew up so big, and the only girlfriend I’ve ever had is you and no one else.”

With no experience in love, he doesn’t know how to make his girlfriend happy, so he looked around for strategies for talking about love and getting along with his girlfriend. Yuan Yi finally summed up his experience these days, that is, it is better to treat each other sincerely than to be tricky, and to act more than sweet words. There are no exactly the same people in the world, and naturally there are no women with the same interests and hobbies. With the so-called strategy, it may not be suitable for the other party.

All in all, a thousand words can be summed up in one sentence, that is, don’t always sing against your girlfriend, unless you don’t want a girlfriend.

There was a knock on the door, Yan Xi packed up the lunch boxes on the table, and threw the used tissue into the trash can, Yuan Yi kissed her secretly on the cheek before opening the door.

After the door opened in front of him, Assistant Meng saw Yuan Yi standing by the door, and the future madam sitting at the desk covering her face. He secretly took a look at the boss’s expression. Did he come by a coincidence?

“Boss, this week’s game operation report has been prepared. It was handed in by the department below. Please take a look.” Assistant Meng handed a document to Yuan Yi.

Hearing Assistant Meng talking to Yuan Yi, Yan Xi suddenly understood why the vince on Shen Xingyan’s phone sounded familiar.She couldn’t help but glanced at Assistant Meng a few more times. The station had cooperated with Hengtai. With Sister Shen’s status as the first Host in the station, it was not surprising that she knew the assistant boss of Hengtai, but what was more strange was that Yuan Yi never mentioned it to her. .

To be precise, Yuan Yi never mentioned in front of her who he knew in the station, but after her relationship with Yuan Yi was made public, it is an indisputable fact that her treatment in the station has improved.

Yan Xi sat with Yuan Yi for a while, Yuan Yi read the form in his hand, locked the form in the locker, and held Yan Xi’s hand: “We’re off work, let’s go.”

“Are you done?” Yan Xi yawned, stood up with Yuan Yi’s strength, and picked up the coat and scarf on the sofa: “Let’s go.”

The two took the elevator downstairs, and there were many employees who had just left work in the lobby outside. The appearance of the two attracted everyone’s attention.

“Wait a minute.” Yuan Yi stopped, “It’s cold outside, put on your clothes before going out.” He took the clothes in Yan Xi’s hand, put them on her, and wrapped her with a scarf.

It’s really circle around, Yan Xi has the illusion that Yuan Yi is bandaging her.

“If you keep wrapping me up, I’m going to be breathless.” Yan Xi pulled the scarf, pointed at her neck, “Looking from a distance, people think there’s a watermelon hanging around my neck.”

“It’s only a few dozen meters away. If it’s ugly, let it ugly. You can take it off after you get in the car.” Yuan Yi looked outside the gate, “It seems to be snowing?”

“Snowing?” Yan Xi put her hand into Yuan Yi’s coat pocket, “Let’s go out and have a look.”

Seeing that she was afraid of the cold, Yuan Yi put his arms around her waist and led her out.

“It’s really snowing,” Yan Xi breathed out, “This winter, isn’t it cold enough?.”

“It’s snowing and the road is slippery, don’t drive back.” Yuan Yi stretched out his hand to cover the top of Yan Xi’s head, “Take my car.”

“Okay.” Yan Xi agreed with a smile, and then… hid her head under Yuan Yi’s coat, not letting herself get a bit of cold wind.

Yuan Yi: Afraid of the cold, how did she insist on showing up outside his door in the middle of the night on his birthday? He must be very important in Yan Xi’s heart!

Thinking of this, Yuan Yi’s blood boiled all over his body, even if he was asked to take off his coat now, he would not feel cold.

The two got into the car, and after the driver drove for a while, he turned to Yuan Yi and said, “Mr. Yuan, the snow is getting heavier and heavier, and the road conditions may not be good.”

“This is closer to my house, why don’t you stay at my house for one night?” Yuan Yi said that as if he was very serious about her consideration, absolutely not thinking any trick, “Aunt Li also said that she hadn’t seen you for a long time. .”

Yan Xi, of course… can only agree.

In Yuan Yi’s heart, he wanted to secretly take advantage of this opportunity to get along with Yan Xi for a while, but then the snow got bigger and bigger, and it didn’t take long for snow to accumulate on the ground. After the car drove into the villa, Yuan Yi asked the driver to stay too. Such a big snow, if there is any accident while driving, this is going to ruin the happiness of the family.

Opening the door, Aunt Li was sitting on the sofa and weeping softly. It seemed that something sad had happened. Yuan Yi and Yan Xi, who were holding hands and teasing each other, were so frightened that they didn’t have the mood to quarrel. They went inside and asked what happened. .

“Aunt Li, what’s wrong with you?” Yan Xi patted Aunt Li’s back lightly, so that she could relax.

Unexpectedly, Aunt Li cried even more when she saw her.

“Miss Yan, those children are so pitiful.”

Aunt Li was out of breath from crying, pointing at the TV for a long time before saying these words intermittently.

Yan Xi watched the TV screen, which was the logo of Channel 8 of the Imperial City, and there was a TV drama that had almost no chance of being on the satellite channel. Aunt Li cried like this because of this TV drama?

“Don’t be too sad, it’s all fake on TV.” Yan Xi had no choice but to continue to persuade, Aunt Li is already in her fifties, if she is too sad and hurts her heart, it won’t be good.

“It’s not a TV drama, it’s a show hosted by you.” Aunt Li seemed to have found a place to vent her emotions, “Why are those parents so cruel? Those children are so young.”

Only then did Yan Xi understand what Aunt Li was talking about, and she patted Aunt Li on the shoulder lightly, “But there are still many good parents in the world, don’t worry, our program team has already contacted some charities, and those children will be treated helpful.”

“But the country is so big, there will always be children who are neglected.” Aunt Li was tired from crying, and sobbed softly on the sofa, “Miss Yan, you are really amazing. It is not easy to sort out so much information, right?”

“It’s the hard work of all the colleagues in the program team and the help of some enthusiastic audiences that made this episode possible.” Yan Xi poured a glass of water for Aunt Li, “Relax your mood.”

“Thank you.” Aunt Li took the water glass, a little embarrassed, “Second Young Master, Ms. Yan, you haven’t eaten yet, I’ll make you a supper.”

“We’ve already eaten before we came back, so sit down and rest,” Yan Xi pushed Aunt Li back, jokingly said, “If I had known this episode would make you so sad, I wouldn’t have done it.”

“How can you not do it? If you don’t do it, how can more people know their current situation,” Aunt Li silent at first than  continue, “Miss Yan, I don’t know if your TV station has a donation channel, I want to donate some money and items to these child.”

“Because money is involved, we will not easily ask everyone to donate in Station. If we will carry out work in this area in the future, we will hand over the assistance channels to government departments or charitable organizations. Don’t worry, if there is a need for this in the future, I will definitely inform you.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Aunt Li seemed relieved, she stood up slowly, “You and Second Young Master have a good rest, I’ll go back to the room first.”

Aunt Li, who has regained her sense, will not stay to affect the emotional communication between the two.

After Aunt Li and the driver left, only Yan Xi and Yuan Yi were left in the spacious living room.

Under the orange light, Yan Xi’s appearance is gentle and charming, but also extraordinarily sexy.

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