One Can’t Judge by Appearance #78

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Chapter 78

Yuan Yi lingered at Yan Xi’s house but refused to leave, finally leaving reluctantly after dinner. When he was leaving, he couldn’t help thinking it would be great if he and Yan Xiaoxi were now husband and wife. Then, he wouldn’t have to live separately from her.

Seeing that Yuan Yi seemed to be in a good mood, the driver turned on the stereo in the car and played him a brisk and joyful tune.

In the dark night, the lights are brilliant, and a man and woman cheerfully sing love songs on the stereo. Yuan Yi suddenly feels that marriage is not so terrible. It seems to be quite good if he can live with Yan Xiaoxi for the rest of his life.

Yan Xi drew with the door open, waited until there was a noise in the corridor, got up, and walked to the door. Song Hai had already reached the corner of the stairs.

“Dad.” Calling Song Hai to stop, Yan Xi chased after Song Hai, “Go and sit on the sofa for a while, and I’ll bring you dinner.”

“I’ve slept for so long,” Song Hai yawned, “Don’t bother preparing dinner. I don’t want to eat now.”

“How can you do without eating? You drank so much wine today and didn’t eat anything at night. Can your stomach take it?” Yan Xi brought out the porridge from the kitchen and put it in front of Song Hai, “Dad, what are you doing? Your drinking problem should also be changed.”

“Change, change, definitely change.” Song Hai picked up the porridge and took a sip. The porridge was sweet and refreshing, “Fruit porridge?”

“I know you won’t have a good appetite, so I cooked it for you specially.” Yan Xi smiled, “I think you’re quite happy today.”

“Of course I’m happy. Yuan Yi can put so much thought into congratulating me on my birthday, which shows how important you are to him.” Song Hai ate quickly, eating half a bowl of porridge in a few mouthfuls, “What I’m most worried about is that a person from a wealthy family doesn’t care about feelings, and now I can finally feel at ease.”

“Isn’t it because he gave you a diamond watch, just like what you want?” Yan Xi pointed to the eye-catching watch on his wrist.

“Your father, am I such a vulgar person?” Song Hai straightened his expression, “If you think about it this way, then I should be most satisfied with how he arranged a luxury motorcade to pick me up, which can call the attention of the public, causing passers-by to turn their heads countless times.”

“Luxury motorcade?” Yan Xi was confused, “What luxury motorcade?”

“You don’t know about this?” Seeing Yan Xi’s blank face, Song Hai realized she knew nothing about it. “He just arranged for a bunch of limited-edition cars to be tied with flowers, and they drove downstairs to my company to pick me up for the banquet.”

Yan Xi:

Just thinking about this scene, Yan Xi felt she couldn’t bear it. How did Yuan Xiaoer, a good and wealthy president, come up with these ideas, but her father really liked them.

“Forget it, as long as you are happy.” Yan Xi resigned. One is her own father, and the other is her boyfriend. What can she say? Of course, she can only keep smiling and continue to let them have fun.

In today’s world, it’s not easy to be a daughter or a girlfriend.

Back in the room, Yan Xi posted the short sketches he had drawn on Weibo and clicked on the hot news, feeling that her mental preparation just now was for nothing.

What is the crane tied with flowers?

Flowers and diamonds to spell longevity?

It can be used as a wedding caravan with the spelling word happiness.

Yan Xi no longer has the courage to read the comments under the news. Turn off the news page, silently read the comments she posted just now, and look at the little angels in the comment area so that she can calm down.

Early the next morning, Yan Xi did not go directly to the TV station but went to the street with Zhao Peng to randomly interview some children who were going to school and ask whether their parents loved them.

These innocent children are very lively in front of the camera, some are shy, but most of them answer love in the affirmative.

Of course, there are also children who answer that they don’t love it. The reason is that his mother has collected all his New Year’s money from the New Year.

Yan Xi was amused by these childish words, but from the words of these children, it can be seen that they were carefully protected by their parents when they grew up.

After finishing the interview, Zhao Peng turned off the camera, looked at the time, and exhaled: “It looks like it’s going to snow.”

This year’s weather is rather weird. In the past, it had already been snowing heavily at this time, but this year, except for a light snowfall, they had never seen even sleet.

“Hmm.” Yan Xi pulled the hat on her head, stomped her feet, and said, “Brother Zhao, let’s go back to the station.”

Two people were frozen getting into the car before they dared to take off their hats, scarves, and gloves. Zhao Peng said, “The material shot early in the morning is completely opposite to the subject matter we are going to do in this issue. Can it be used?”

“Why can’t it be used? I think these materials are perfect.” Yan Xi thinks these children’s bright smiling faces and cute troubles are precious materials. 

“Parent-child relationships are not only contradictory. On the one hand, being warm and harmonious is nice.”

Yan Xi has her own persistence in making shows. She always feels that blindly criticizing or praising is not a good thing. People who are more emotionally sensitive can easily empathize when watching TV. For example, some children see parents abuse their children in the news and keep this content in their hearts. If one day he makes a mistake and his parents scold him a little, he will imagine himself as the abused child. Then his Personality and heart will change, which is not good for children.

And when some adults watch the program, if some parents realize their mistakes and change their education attitudes toward their children, this will be the biggest gain.

After hosting the noon news and eating, Yan Xi dragged Zhao Peng out of the field again. Yan Xi couldn’t help but tuck her head into her scarf as soon as she went out. It was too cold.

“Xiao Yan, it’s not Brother Zhao nagging you. Before you entered the station, I spent half a week blowing on the air conditioner. After you came, I would run outside every day. My skin has turned dark.” Zhao Peng sat in the car with the camera on his shoulders, turned to Yan Xi, and said, “How can you stand this kind of weather?”

“I can’t stand it either.” Yan Xi’s teeth chattered from the cold, “everything is for work.”

“Didn’t the station specially arrange field reporters to collect material for our program?” Regarding the above strategy, Zhao Peng’s tone was a little cold, “Why don’t you think about it and you have to suffer this crime by yourself.”

“A program is more interesting for me to run the material by myself, but I just need to trouble Brother Zhao.” Yan Xi smiled brightly at Zhao Peng, “I’m used to working with you and like your shooting angle.”

“For the sake of your flattering me, I can only suffer with you,” Zhao Peng snorted softly, “Anyway, apart from you, other respectable hosts don’t like to cooperate with me.”

Back then, he accidentally offended a certain big name, and these years he was sent to a local station to dawdle. Those people who called him “Brother Zhao” and “Mr. Zhao” all ran very fast. For a young host like Yan Xi, who has already mixed into big shows, there must be a lot of people on the station who want to cooperate with her. However, she still takes him with her when she goes to work and behaves like a junior. This behavior is nothing more than loyalty and affection. Such a person is rare.

“It’s not that. Brother Zhao’s photography skills are amazing.” Yan Xi boasted with a smile, “This can only prove one thing.”

“What?” Zhao Peng turned to look at her.

“It shows that I have an excellent eye.”

Zhao Peng: “Xiao Yan, your skin is getting thicker.”

“It’s a testament to my growth.”

Zhao Peng:

Thinking back to when Yan Xi first entered the station, he had a 50-50 fight with her, but now he has fought and lost repeatedly, which shows how shameless she is now.

Yan Xi did not directly shoot left-behind children and children who have suffered domestic violence but interviewed the neighbors of these children and let the audience understand their current situation from their words.

Most of the evaluations of left-behind children are: sensible, able to endure hardships, introverted, studying hard, staying out at night, and fighting.

Children who have suffered severe domestic violence are not only sympathetic or praised for their understanding but also have some symptoms, such as timidity, poor grades, bad temper, and withdrawn Personality.

Yan Xi contacted a young man who stayed at home and was abused by his relatives. He is only eighteen years old this year, but he gave up his studies a few years ago. When Yan Xi found him, he played games in an Internet cafe.

This young man with greasy hair and stains on his coat was very uncomfortable facing the camera. He felt more at ease when Yan Xi repeatedly promised that his face would be mosaiced and his voice would be changed.

Walking out of the Internet cafe, seeing him shivering with cold, Yan Xi found a hot drink shop nearby, sat down, and chatted with him slowly.

When Yan Xi asked him if he hated his abuser’s relatives, the young man nodded: “Of course I hate, I even want to go back and beat them up, but now I don’t want to.”

“Why?” Yan Xi looked at the young boy in front of her and pushed the snack in front of her toward him, but the boy was a little shy, so he was embarrassed to pick it up and eat it.

“I don’t want to go back to that place. Now I’m working outside. I have money to spend, the Internet, food and drink. I don’t want to go to that poor place for the rest of my life.” collecting his courage before saying, “Besides, it is illegal to beat someone. If I am caught, my mother will cry again.”

“Then do you hate your parents?”

The young man was silent for a moment, staring at Yan Xi with his black and white eyes: “Is it important to hate?”

Yan Xi couldn’t say what she wanted to ask, so she smiled slightly at him: “Then you can talk to me about something casually. I saw you playing a game now. I have played this before, but unfortunately, the road map in the game is too complicated. I always get lost and don’t play it again after that.”

The young man suddenly regained his energy when talking about the game he liked. It seemed that in front of Yan Xi, a young and beautiful woman, he finally had something to talk about regaining his confidence. After talking about it, he regretted that Yan Xi didn’t continue playing. Otherwise, he could still be Yan Xi’s game friend.

Yan Xi glanced at the plate of snacks, the relaxed young man ate a small half of the snacks, but the remaining half did not move.

The two talked face to face-for two or three hours until it was getting late, and Yan Xi stopped the interview.

“Actually, there’s nothing to hate or hate. For me, it doesn’t matter anymore,” the young man said suddenly, “I don’t have much of a relationship with my parents. They don’t want to care about me, and I don’t want to trouble them. Usually, no one bothers me. I’m pretty comfortable, too.”

Hearing these nonchalant words, Yan Xi felt a little uncomfortable. She looked at the rough hands of the young man: “Have you ever thought about going back to school?”

“I never thought that those who study are all nerds,” the young man grinned. “Maybe I will become a millionaire in the future, and I can get those nerds and talented students to work for me.”

Zhao Peng, who was filming on the sidelines, thought to himself that for a million dollars, he wanted top students to work for him. This kid thought too well.

However, for this young man, maybe one million is a huge sum of money, and he can only see so far, which is not his fault.

When leaving the hot drink shop, Yan Xi bought another snack for the young man.

“Thank you.” The young man told Yan Xi, holding the snack box, “You are different from the host I imagined.”

“What kind of host do you imagine?” Yan Xi covered most of her face with a scarf because it was too cold.

“Be serious, keep your words and smiles.” The young man scratched his hair, “When the show is on, can you tell me in advance how I can say I’m on TV.”

“Okay.” Yan Xi nodded, “I’ll ask the staff to text you when the time comes.”

The young man thanked her again, then tightened the zipper of his coat and walked away slowly in the cold wind.

Yan Xi stared at his back for a while until his figure disappeared around the corner of the street, then turned and got into the car.

“I thought you would give money to that young man.” Zhao Peng said.

“Inappropriate.” Yan Xi shook her head, “If I give him money, it may humiliate him.”

“Tsk.” Zhao Peng shook his head, “After seeing more interviewees in the future, my heart will gradually harden.”

Yan Xi smiled but didn’t answer. Who can guarantee what will happen in the future?

It took several days for Yan Xi to collect all the materials. This episode is expected to be broadcast on Wednesday night next week. Yan Xi asked the staff to send text messages to several main interviewees, telling them the broadcast time.

After finally finishing her work, she played with Yuan Yi for two days on the weekend, and then she ushered in the press conference of the mobile game developed by Yuan Yi.

Yuan Yi’s girlfriend, Yan Xi, still dressed up and sat in the VIP seat with Yuan Yi.

“The on-site host you invited has a pretty good response-ability,” Yan Xi whispered to Yuan Yi, “it’s very good at enlivening the atmosphere.”

Yuan Yi was dressed in a well-tailored suit and looked like he was sitting upright. He looked like a shopping mall elite, but he was not elite at all. If someone hears what he says: “That’s why his appearance fee is very high.”

This game is adapted from traditional stories, myths, and legends that have been passed down for thousands of years. There are many praiseworthy places in terms of character modeling and playability. The most important thing is that Yan Xi found that when the game was promoted, it was still under the banner of local traditional culture, so it had feelings.

Yan Xi doesn’t know how to make games as a layman, but the media promotion meeting is ongoing. She, who likes to play games when she has nothing to do, is already full of curiosity about this game, which is enough to prove the success of this promotion conference.

But for the media, the game is entertaining, and the gossip of the wealthy family is also fascinating.

For example, at such an important publicity conference, Yuan Yi blatantly brought his girlfriend to sit in the main seat. Does this mean the two of them are getting married soon, and Yan Xi is Hengtai’s sure madam?

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