One Can’t Judge by Appearance #75

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Chapter 75

The title of this article is extremely bloody, and the content is even more entrained with private goods. It praised her from beginning to end and focused on Yuan Yi’s grandfather, who liked her very much, so he gave Yuan Yi a Hotel with a century of history. Is this reporter her fan? She praised her so well. After reading this article, she suddenly felt that Yuan Yi and she were a natural pair on the ground.

She didn’t know about Yuan Yi’s inheritance of the hotel. She even went to see Grandpa Xu at noon today. In less than ten hours, some online media pushed this article and described the story with ups and downs, as if she had seen it with her own eyes. There must be something tricky in the middle.

When it came to the property division, Yan Xi would not talk too much about it to Yuan Yi, so she returned the phone to Song Hai: “Dad, how did you find this article?”

“It has been pushed to my mobile phone from the whole network. If I can’t see it, then I am blind.” Song Hai put the mobile phone on the tea table and watched his daughter silent for a moment, “Yuan Yi’s parents are really like the report said? 

Because they don’t like you, they fired Yuan Yi from Changfeng’s senior management?”

“Yeah.” Yan Xi saw that her father didn’t seem very happy, “The relationship between Yuan Yi and his parents is a bit indifferent. Although he has had an affiliated position in Changfeng these years, he has been running his own company, so even there is a change from Changfeng’s management right doesn’t have much influence on him.”

“Silly daughter, I don’t care how much property he has under his name. I’m worried that you will be wronged.” Song Hai sighed, “If the Yuan family makes such a mess, it’s like slapping you in the face. Everyone knows Yuan Yi’s parents don’t like you. Do you think you can look good?”

“I know that Yuan Yi is innocent in this matter, and his attitude in handling this matter is correct. He can be regarded as a man.” Song Hai was worried, “But not all men in the world are like your father, treat feelings seriously and loyally, I am afraid that Yuan Yi will blame you in the future, and it will be you who will be wronged.”

“Who knows what will happen in the future.” Yan Xi thought very openly, “At least his heart to protect me is true now, and his heart to like me is also true. If there is really that day, it’s a big deal to break up. Now that the two of us are fine, I can’t speculate on him with things that haven’t happened yet. It’s not fair to him.”

“Your mother takes care of you.” Song Hai didn’t know what to think, and he lost his mind for a moment, then smiled after recovering, “As long as you understand what you want, don’t let yourself be wronged. Dad will support you.”

“Thank you, Dad.” Yan Xi laughed softly, “I thought you would teach Yuan Yi a lesson.”

“Children have no chance to choose their parents, so why should I vent my anger on him?” Song Hai thought Yuan Yi was not in front of him but in front of his daughter. How nice he could say for no money. How could he make her happy?

“Although I shouldn’t discuss the gossip about Yuan Yi’s parents, his parents are indeed a little too much.” “Yan Xi told Song Hai something she had heard about Yuan Yi’s past. When she said it later, her tone was already angry, “If you think that a child disturbs your own life, then don’t give birth, delay the opportunity for others to reincarnate, and think that others affect their lives. It’s simply a wonderful thing.”

“There are all kinds of people in this world, and I can’t finish talking about it for three days and three nights.” Song Hai gave Yan Xi a peeled grapefruit, “Eat some grapefruit, and reduce the fire.”

“Dad.” Yan Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s not right to eat a big grapefruit or not to eat it.

“When I was young, I saw parents who gave birth to their children and sold them for money.” Song Hai shook his head. “When the police took them away, they said that the police were meddling. Because they thought the child was born by themselves. They can deal with it as they want, and others should not meddle about it.”

Yan Xi frowned in disgust.

“As good as a human heart is, it can be as evil. The world is so big, and there are so many people. Anything can happen. Don’t make yourself angry because of other people’s affairs. The one who suffers is yourself.” Song Hai glanced at the wall. 

“You should rest early, don’t think too much about life philosophy when you are young. You will grow old quickly.”

Hearing this, Yan Xi immediately touched her face, “I’ll go upstairs to remove my makeup.”

Song Hai looked at his daughter’s back, sighed, and smiled in relief.

When the child grows up, she should be allowed to spread her wings and fly by herself. If she is kept in the nest for a lifetime, it is not love but harm.

The change of ownership of the Royal Garden Hotel caused many shocks in the business district, and even the bored gossip crowd were talking about it. Some people doubt the authenticity of this incident because the report is too exaggerated. How could a family as big as the Xu family like a female host so much? Moreover, Yuan Yi’s parents obviously don’t like Yan Xi. Still, the old man of the Xu family turned around. He sent Yuan Yi to the luxury hotel with a century of history. Isn’t this a slap in the face of his daughter and son-in-law?

Some netizens also stood up and said that the host, Yan Xi, has an amazing physique. Although she does not have many young fans, she is especially popular with the elderly. Many elderly people around her love to watch the shows hosted by her.

Some netizens said that no matter how much Mr. Xu likes her, he won’t slap his daughter and son-in-law in the face for her, right?

Netizens who said such things were quickly slapped in the face. Because the famous male artist Xu Qiaosheng posted two group photos on Weibo, one is a photo of him playing mahjong with three other people, and the other is a group photo of everyone in the Xu family. There is Yan Xi’s figure, especially the photo of everyone in the Xu family. Yan Xi is sitting next to Mr Xu.

Netizen 1: In the first group photo, the serious man sitting next to Yan Xi seems to be Yuan’s second young master elder brother. Netizens who used to say that Yan Xi was not popular in Yuan’s family should feel sore. They all got together to play mahjong. Is this still called unpopular?

Netizen 2: So the truth of the matter may be that, except Yuan Yi’s parents don’t like Yan Xi, everyone else likes her?

Netizen 3: Somehow, this host is also a legend.

Netizen 4: My God, why do so many people think that Yan Xi is a Cinderella who desperately wants to marry into a wealthy family? Can you take a look at her personal life? Her father is the boss of a big company, and she is the only daughter in the family. What does this mean? Everything that represents her father belongs to her. And who is Yan Xi’s mother, do you know? Netizens who study painting should all know that Goddess Yan, who was highly sought after in the past few years, passed away three years ago. How many painters sighed at that time? Now her paintings have sold for seven figures, but people still can’t buy them with money. This mighty goddess Yan is Yan Xi’s mother!

Netizen 5: A father who is a boss and a mother who is an artist. If this is also called Cinderella, I am willing to be such a Cinderella for the rest of my life.

Netizen 6: I like to watch the programs hosted by Yan Xi because her programs are genuine, and she doesn’t deliberately create contradictions for the sake of the topic. She can maintain an ordinary mind to do the show because she does not have the pressure of life. Who doesn’t want to be such a Bai Fumei? So those who are sour on Yan Xi say she is a scheming woman and pheasant woman, save it. No matter how sour you are, the wealthy sons of others will not look up to you.

Because of these remarks, netizens pinched again.

Because of the rumors on the Internet, Yan Xi received many curious looks from her colleagues when she was at work. Knowing that such a situation would happen at work today, Yan Xi adapted well and went to Chen Pei’s office to discuss the content of “Those Things Around Us” with her.

The audience evaluations of the recent episodes of the program are not bad, and the ratings have also remained firmly at the top of the same period program, so Chen Pei’s mentality is getting better and better. Seeing that Yan Xi took the initiative to come to her, she knew she must have something interesting to plan. She immediately smiled and said: “Tell me, what good suggestions do you have?”

“I haven’t said anything yet.” Yan Xi sat down on the chair and handed Chen Pei the plan she had prepared overnight, “Sister Chen, I want to do a program about parents and children.”

Chen Pei did not read the plan book but said: “Xiao Yan, you know that in this society, whenever family relations are involved, it will attract a lot of discussions. As a program director, of course, I want the higher the discussion of the program, the better. Still, those negative remarks must impact you, so you insist on doing it too?”

“Curse as much as they want, I can’t lose a piece of meat anyway.” Yan Xi says it openly, “If the program can change some people’s minds, it will be meaningful.”

“If you think so, I won’t persuade you, but be a little gentler in words. At least don’t let the audience lead the flames of war to you.” Chen Pei remembered that Yan Xi had to face the complicated family relationship with Yuan’s family and couldn’t bear her facing more trouble, “It’s not good for you.”

“Don’t worry, Sister Chen, I have a measure.” Seeing that Chen Pei did not object to her plan, Yan Xi said in a good mood, “After hosting noon news, I have to leave work early.”

“Why, you went to see Yuan Yi’s family yesterday and got a big hotel. Are you still going today?” Chen Pei teased, “Are you provoking everyone?”

“Sister Chen, don’t laugh at me. Today is my dad’s birthday.” Yan Xi said, “If I hadn’t been the only host of “Noon News”, I wouldn’t have come to Station at all today.”

She lived with her mother these years, and although she sent gifts to her father every year, she never accompanied him by his side. Today is the first time in nine years between their father and daughter. She celebrates her father’s birthday for the first time. She doesn’t want to be absent again.

“Go, go. If there is anything on the Station, I’ll call you.” Chen Pei said with a smile, “Among the well-known hosts in our station, you are the one who spends the most time in the office.”

Yan Xi couldn’t answer these words, so she just smiled and pretended to be stupid.

She doesn’t know what other hosts are like, and it’s easy to get backlash if you use others to flaunt yourself.

“Boss, we have already contacted the publicity plan and various media outlets, as well as those who were hesitating before. They all called today and said that they are willing to fully cooperate with our publicity work,” Assistant Meng put the publicity plan in front of Yuan Yi, “There is also Changfeng’s Marketing Department, who also called and said that they can help us provide free publicity.”

“Changfeng?” Yuan Yi leaned back in his chair and said lazily, “Forget it. Our old man worries that he won’t have a chance to bury me. If I really use Changfeng’s resources, he won’t catch me preaching?”

“Boss, there is something I shouldn’t have said, but we are both so familiar with each other. Even if I say it, you won’t bother me, right?” Assistant Meng sat down in the chair with a flattering smile.

Yuan Yi raised his eyebrows: “I’m like the kind of person who has nothing to ask but trouble?”

Assistant Meng: That’s really hard to say.

“Although you have started your own business, you usually keep a low profile. In the eyes of people who don’t know, what you have now is not your own ability, but what your family background brought you.” Assistant Meng saw Yuan Yi was not dissatisfied, so he continued, “As long as the project in your hand is successful and a little more high-profile, then in the eyes of others in the future, you are you, and the Yuan Family is the Yuan Family, even Miss Yan…”

Yuan Yi looked a little serious: “Continue talking.”

“Even Miss Yan, she won’t be called a beauty disaster by others,” Assistant Meng said with a dry smile when he saw Yuan Yi’s expression a little scary, “People’s hearts are all realistic.”

After a moment of silence, Yuan Yi looked at the promotional plan for the mobile game in front of him: “You’re right. In the final analysis, I was not successful enough, which caused her to be gossiped about.”

Assistant Meng: “No, boss, I’m not…”

“After this mobile game is released, I plan to develop a female-oriented game. In the game market, women can dominate half of the world. As long as the game is well-made, the profit and word-of-mouth will not be worse than male-oriented games.”

“But we haven’t tried this aspect of the game, in case we lose money…” Assistant Meng regretted that he had talked too much.

“It doesn’t matter,” Yuan Yi tapped the table lightly, “I just want everyone to know that this game is my gift to Xiaoxi. You are right. I used to be too low-key, let these people mistakenly think that I would give up Xiaoxi for the sake of Changfeng’s equity.”

Assistant Meng: No, boss, that’s not what I meant when I said you were too low-key. If you are so high key, you will be scolded by single dogs.

“Assistant Meng, thank you,” Yuan Yi raised his head to thank Assistant Meng, “It’s fortunate that you reminded me of this. Otherwise, I would continue to make Xiaoxi feel wronged. I used to worry that being too high-profile would bring trouble to Xiaoxi. Thinking about it now, being too low-key is not a good thing. It will make some people think I don’t care about her.”

Assistant Meng: Boss, wake up! The previous video of you being jealous of Song Chao has become popular on the Internet. If this is still called low-key, there will be no high-profile love in this world.

“Developing a game alone may not be enough,” Yuan Yi looked at Assistant Meng seriously, “Should we invest in another movie based on Xiaoxi?”

Assistant Meng: “I think… Ms. Yan may not like your way of showing love too much?”

Sure enough, people who fall in love, regardless of gender, have IQs below the average.

“That’s right, if someone else plays Xiaoxi, I’m afraid they won’t be able to show her cute side.” Yuan Yi began to recall the little things since he and Yan Xi met, and his conscience told him that Yan Xiaoxi, a woman, was still a bit far from “cute”. But for the woman he likes, what is the use of conscience?

“Then develop a game for the time being.” Yuan Yi finalized the plan, “Assistant Meng, ask someone to contact the planner who is good at female-oriented games and put this plan on the agenda.”

Assistant Meng: So why was he talking too much?

Yuan Yi, who decided to make a high profile, urgently arranged a luxurious birthday banquet for Song Hai in the Century Hotel he had just acquired. He sent a luxury motorcade to pick Song Hai up for the banquet.

He tried his best to please his future father-in-law.

Song Hai, who is still handling official business at the company, has no idea that he is about to embark on the road of being a hot news figure on the Internet.

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