One Can’t Judge by Appearance #72

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Chapter 72

Director Jin, the Director of Channel 8, probably last thing he wanted to delay the broadcast of “Those Things Around Us” on the channel, so when the leader above meant this, he politely declined twice. In the end, he could only delay the decision under the pretext of respecting the choice of the program group staff.

But he knows in his heart that a good broadcast platform is very important for the program group. With Chen Pei’s ambition, she will definitely agree with the opinions of the leader above.

“Director Jin, I discussed it with my colleagues in the program group.” Chen Pei walked into Director Jin’s office and couldn’t help laughing when she saw that Director Jin looked a little solemn. “We decided not to change the broadcast time of this program on Channel 8.”

Director Jin was a little surprised. Surprised, he looked at Chen Pei: “Director Chen, you surprised me a little today.”

“Director Jin, we have worked together for so many years, and you know my style of conduct.” Chen Pei sighed, then laughed, “According to my past habits, if there is a chance to climb up, I will never let go.”

Amused by her straightforward self-analysis, Director Jin got up and got her a glass of water and drank tea by himself, holding an old teapot: “You are so honest, but I can’t say anything.”

“So I admit it to myself first.” Chen Pei took a sip of the water that Director Jin gave her. The tea is still the bitter tea he has been drinking for many years. It tastes like a day for ten years. “I am very tempted, but Xiao Yan disagrees.”

“At the beginning, when this child planned the content of the program, I was not very satisfied in my heart, but thinking that you value her, she has connections in her family, and there are not many viewers on our channel, so I let her do whatever she wants, and it has attracted so much attention.” Chen Pei sighed, “Now she is unwilling to accept the postponement of the broadcast. I was also dissatisfied at first. I don’t think those few elderly viewers with fixed viewing habits are important, but I Respect Xiao Yan’s choice. Maybe her choice will be like before, bringing a new peak to our program team.”

“Is it that simple?” Director Jin Tai smiled, “I don’t believe it.”

“Then take it as my insistence to protect the innocence in the hearts of young people?” Chen Pei laughed first, “Anyway, that’s it. When the show was just launched, and there were no ratings, everyone was working hard on the show.”

“No regrets?” Director Jin asked.

Chen Pei smiled, shook her head slowly, and said, “That’s pretty good too.”

“Well, I’ll tell the higher-ups about your opinions.” Director Jin took a sip of tea, 

“You always say that I’m used to newcomers, and I think you’re similar.”

Chen Pei stood up and smiled, “I’m not spoiling anyone, but I just can’t afford to offend.”

“Just be hard-mouthed.” Director Jin sneered, “It doesn’t cost money to be hard-mouthed anyway.”

Chen Pei was a little embarrassed and pointed to the tea on the table: “Director, you should change your taste too. This Kuding tea is too astringent.”

Being ridiculed for his taste in drinking tea, Director Jin stared: “What’s wrong with Kuding tea? It clears away heat and detoxifies, and it is economical.”

The higher-ups couldn’t believe their eyes because the program group “Those Things Around Us” rejected their arrangement. Why did the people in this program group refuse such a beneficial and harmless thing?

It happened that Shen Xingyan was talking to him about launching a new variety show, so the leader told Shen Xingyan about it.

“Director, I think they are probably trying to maintain a certain sentiment,” Shen Xingyan thought for a while, “It is said that not long after this show started, some elderly viewers wrote to the host. Yan Xi told me a few days ago that there is an elderly viewer in his 70s who watches programs on Channel 8 almost every night at 8:30. Not only that, this viewer communicates with Yan Xi every week, saying that there are many older people like him. They all like to watch Channel 8 at this specific time.”

The leader was slightly surprised: “Is there such a thing?”

He remembered Yan Xi’s family was wealthy and had a prominent boyfriend. How could such a little girl have such patience? He thought that young people nowadays are used to computers and mobile phones, and they would not use letters to communicate with people like in old times.

“No,” Shen Xingyan didn’t hide her appreciation for Yan Xi in her words. “Director, I know the old rules in the station. Programs with a good reputation are often delayed on local stations and then canceled later. All broadcast platforms have to be changed to satellite channels. However, with the broadcast time period of satellite channels, these older viewers may be unable to survive such a long night.”

“However, the release time of local channels is two or three hours earlier than that of satellite channels. Sometimes the satellite channels have not yet broadcast content, and some netizens have posted videos online. This may affect the ratings of satellite TV.” The Director frowned, “The ratings. How can the advertising cost increase if it’s not good enough?”

“But… this show is already the highest-rated show in that broadcast time,” Shen Xingyan persuaded with a smile, “What’s more, only by respecting the opinions of the program team in the station can they make better show content, what do you think?”

“I think you want to protect that junior.” The Director had already seen Shen Xingyan’s intentions. He shook his head helplessly and said, “Okay, let’s put this matter aside for now. Our TV station is the people’s TV station and should serve them.”

“It’s still the Director who has a broad vision and knows how to consider the elderly audience. It’s not like my short-sightedness, who only cares about protecting the younger generation.” Shen Xingyan praised the Director with a few words, and the matter was suppressed while talking and laughing.

At the end of the live news broadcast at noon, Yan Xi walked out of the studio, changed the clothes provided by the sponsor, and was about to pick up her bag and go downstairs. Still, just two steps away, she was stopped by the logistics operator at the station.

“Teacher Yan, an old gentleman, said he is your loyal audience. Since you entered the studio in makeup, he has made several phone calls.” The operator looked at Yan Xi very embarrassedly,” He said that when your live broadcast is over, he will call again. Do you want to…”

While talking, the hotline rang again, and the operator looked at the caller ID: “That’s the number.”

Yan Xi picked up the phone, “Hello, I’m Yan Xi, the host of “Those Things Around Us.”

There was a moment of silence on the phone, and an old voice came: “Are you really Host Yan?”

“Yes,” Yan Xi couldn’t tell how old this audience member was based on the sound alone, but he would definitely not be younger than sixty years old. “Audience friend, what can I do for you?”

“Host Yan, I’m your loyal audience, Yiye Bingzhou (A leaf boat),” the elder audience was delighted. His tone was an octave higher, “We passed letters half a month ago.”

“You are a Yiye Bingzhou (lead boat)?” Yan Xi couldn’t help laughing, “Grandpa Bingzhou, why did you call me?”

Not long after she hosted “Those Things Around Us,” an elderly audience with beautiful and elegant writing wrote to her. Since she did not want to disappoint the old man’s love, she has always maintained the best relationship with the old man. The traditional way of contacting people is by letter. However, the old man has not sent any letters in the past two weeks. She actually worried about the old man’s health, but She didn’t expect him to call today.

“Recently, I have had some minor health problems, and my family doesn’t let me watch TV,” Yiye Bianzhou said with obvious displeasure, “I heard that the broadcasting time of “Those Things Around Us” on Channel 8 will be changed?”

“No, it’s just an opinion from the leader, but the director of our program group has already rejected it.” Yan Xi knows that some elderly people will be like old children and must be persuaded and coaxed, “Don’t worry, our program team will not disappoint the audience.” She doesn’t know where the old man got the news, but he clearly knows it. Could it be a relative of a leader in the station?

“That’s not good. This program was originally on Channel 8. Why do those leaders postpone it when they say it’s postponed and change it when they say it?” Yiye Bingzhou heard that the broadcast time would not be changed and suddenly became happy again, “Host Yan, Today is my grandson’s birthday. I held a few banquets with my family. Why don’t you come to have a lot of fun? My friends and I like your show very much. We are yours…radish silk or hair silk?”

“It’s a fan,” Yan Xi laughed again and patiently rejected the old man’s kindness, “Grandpa Bianzhou, I’m really sorry, today is also my boyfriend’s birthday, and this is the first birthday after being with him. I will stay with him well. Please forgive me.”

“What, you have a boyfriend?” Yiye Bianzhou was disappointed, “My grandson is kind, and he started a big company by himself. Originally, I wanted to introduce the two of you to each other.”

It turned out that the old man was not only her fan but also wanted to be a matchmaker for her. It seems that this old man does not usually surf the Internet. Otherwise, he must know she already has a boyfriend: “Thank you for your kindness. I hope your grandson finds a beloved girl soon.”

Yiye Bingzhou said in a low tone, “Okay, then next time I’ll bring a few old friends to meet you on the TV station, and then you can take a photo with us and sign an autograph.”

“Okay, tell me before you come. I will definitely welcome you and your friends in person.” Yan Xi accompanied the old man for nearly half an hour before she made this pen pal fan named “Yiye Pingzhou” happy.

After hanging up the phone, she remembered that Yuan Yi was still waiting for her downstairs, so she turned around and ran downstairs in a hurry.

As soon as she got out of the gate, she saw Yuan Yi standing at the door and trotted up to him: “Yuan Xiaoer, I’m sorry, a viewer called the hotline for me, he’s getting old, and he seemed to be in poor health a few days ago. So I talked with him on the phone for a while. You have to wait a long time.”

“Ahem,” Yuan Yi raised his chin, “I’ve been downstairs to you at half past twelve, I’ve been waiting for you for over an hour.”

“Brother Yuan, Brother Yuan, handsome Yuan,” Yan Xi circled around Yuan Yi, “Don’t be angry with me. You are a birthday boy today. You should be happy.”

“If you promise me one request, I won’t be angry.” Yuan Yi peeked at Yan Xi out of the corner of his eye, seeing that she was not angry, so he continued to lift his chin, waiting for Yan Xi to ask what his request was.

“What request?”

“My uncle and aunt want to meet you and celebrate my birthday. You…” Yuan Yi grabbed Yan Xi’s hand as if afraid she would turn around and leave, saying, “You come with me.”

When the police caught the thief, they seemed to say the same?

Yan Xi looked at Yuan Yi suspiciously: “They won’t throw me five million and let me leave you, will they?”

Yuan Yi was speechless: “Can you watch fewer TV dramas where the domineering president falls in love with the heroine?”

“That’s right. With the current prices and my family background, they must throw at least tens of millions to impress me.” Yan Xi rubbed her chin, “Five million may not be enough.”

“Yan Xiaoxi!”

“Okay, okay, don’t be angry. I’m teasing you.” Yan Xi patted Yuan Yi’s shoulder, “I’m not nervous.”

“Don’t worry. My aunt and uncle are very reasonable and respect my choice.” Yuan Yi said awkwardly, “Qiaosheng and Zhang Wang are also there, so they won’t embarrass you.”

Seeing Yuan Yi looking at her anxiously, Yan Xi couldn’t say anything to refuse.

Men are seductive.

Pulling Yuan Yi to buy a bunch of gifts for visiting the elders, the two hurried to Yuan Yi’s grandfather’s house.

Yan Xi took out the mirror from her bag and looked at her makeup and clothing. It is no problem to visit the elders.

“There’s no need to take photos. You will definitely please the elders,” Yuan Yi encouraged Yan Xi, “Don’t be nervous.”

“I’m not nervous,” Yan Xi stuffed the mirror back into the handbag, “You think too much.”

Yuan Yi: If you didn’t look in the mirror several times along the way, this statement might be more convincing.

The old man of the Xu family has two daughters and one son. The eldest daughter married into the Yuan family. The second son and the third daughter manage the company. The relationship between the three children is good, and there is no conflict because of the family property. The grandchildren also come and go frequently. The old man’s two favorite grandchildren are Xu Qiaosheng and Yuan Yi.

The old man has been having temper tantrums with his second son and third daughter for the past few days. It wasn’t until the second son said that today was grandson Yuan Yi’s birthday and Yuan Yi would come over for dinner that the old man was finally willing to come out of the room.

“Why hasn’t Xiao Yuan come here yet?” Although Grandpa Xu is nearly ninety, he is still in good spirits. He looks like an easy-going old man with white hair and a childlike face.

“Dad, there is something we didn’t have time to tell you,” Xu Xiang gently patted Grandpa Xu on the back, “Today, not only Xiao Yuan came back, but he also brought his girlfriend over.”

“Xiao Yuan has a girlfriend?” Grandpa Xu reached out, took a piece of candy from the table, and handed it to Xu Qiaosheng beside him, “Qiao Qiao, is it true?”

“It’s true, brother Yi likes her. The second cousin’s future-in-law is very nice. You will definitely like her when you see her.” Xu Qiaosheng spared no effort to say good things about Yan Xi in front of Grandpa Xu, “She is pretty and warm-hearted, and brother Yi’s friends and I admire her very much.” After speaking, he turned his head to look around, “Right, Wang Zi?”

“Yes, Grandpa Xu, your future granddaughter-in-law is really good. Not only did she stay until midnight to celebrate Yuan Xiaoer’s birthday, but she also made longevity noodles for him early this morning,” Zhang Wang found Yuan Yi posted on his phone. 

The photos of holding hands that he showed off on Weibo, and the photos of empty bowls posted by friends on WeChat, “You can look at it, how caring.”

“Caring is caring, but how can Xiao Yuan make girls so tired?” Grandpa Xu frowned, “Girls are caring because she is good, but boys are not good at making their loved ones tired. It’s a cold day. It’s not easy to make longevity noodles on your birthday.”

“Haha, that’s true,” Zhang Wang turned his back without a stand, “Grandpa Xu, you have to talk to him later. How can a good man make his girlfriend suffer?”

If you are young, and show your love casually, don’t blame your brother for not standing behind you now.

“It’s right to talk about it,” Grandpa Xu nodded heavily, “I’ll talk about him when he comes.”

Mr. Xu waited and waited, and when he heard Yuan Yi’s voice outside the door, he was about to get up to look. Xu Qiaosheng hurriedly helped him up: “Grandpa, be careful. Brother Yi will come in soon, don’t worry.”

“Can I not worry? Your second cousin has been single for 27 years, and if he doesn’t find a girlfriend now, what does that look like?” Old Man Xu retorted, “Do you want him to be a magician for the rest of his life?”

Xu Qiaosheng thought to himself, the old man is quite fashionable, and he actually knows what a magician means.

However, when Yuan Yi brought his girlfriend into the gate of Xu’s house, Grandpa Xu no longer cared about his grandson. He excitedly looked at his grandson’s girlfriend: “Host Yan, why are you here?!”

Yan Xi felt that the old man’s voice, supported by Xu Qiaosheng, was familiar, so she hesitated momentarily and said, “Yiye Bingzhou?”

That’s not right. The audience member Yiye Bingzhou claimed to be only seventy years old. This one… isn’t that young.

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