One Can’t Judge by Appearance #69

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Chapter 69

Wearing heat-resistant gloves, Yuan Yi put the noodles on the table carefully. The soup didn’t spill out, and the edges didn’t stick to the oil. It was perfect.

He breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out that this bowl also has so much attention. Back in the kitchen, he brought out the remaining two bowls of noodles. He took off his heat-insulating gloves, washed his hands, and walked to the living room: “Uncle, it’s time to eat.”

“Well,” Song Hai nodded, walked to the dining table, and sat down. Seeing Yuan Yi still standing beside him, looking at him, he pointed to the seat next to him, “You sit too.”

“Thank you, Uncle.” Yuan Yi sat down properly, handed the chopsticks back to Song Hai, handed half of them, and put his other hand on the chopsticks.

Seeing Yuan Yi repeatedly handing over a pair of chopsticks and wanting to “offer them with both hands”, Song Hai’s serious face relaxed a little bit.

“The dishes are here.” Yan Xi brought two dishes and put them on the table, one meat and one vegetarian, which looked pretty good.

Yuan Yi is a little excited, this is the first time he has eaten Yan Xi’s cooking, and the barbecue he ate last time when he moved house doesn’t count. The noodles are a bit soft, but the taste is okay. Although the cooking skills of the stir-fry are not as good as Aunt Li’s, the fact that “Xiaoxi cooks it herself” is a total bonus.

The meal was very peaceful, except for Song Hai’s glances at Yuan Yi occasionally. 

Everything was normal.

After dinner, Yan Xi wanted to wash the dishes, but Song Hai disagreed.

Seeing Song Hai entering the kitchen with the bowl in his arms, Yuan Yi whispered to Yan Xi, “Why don’t I go in and help so Uncle will have a better impression of me.”

Yan Xi: “Are you sure you won’t lower my dad’s favor because the bowl was not cleaned or the bowl was broken?”

Yuan Yi raised his buttocks and sat back down. Although he doesn’t want to admit it… What Yan Xiaoxi said really makes sense.

Listening to the sound of rushing water coming from the kitchen, Yuan Yi’s nervousness slowly returned. Uncle Song has not asked anything since entering the door. This does not mean he is very satisfied with him, but he is satisfied before the storm’s tranquility.

“Let’s go, watch TV.” Seeing Yuan Yi sitting dumbfounded, Yan Xi took his hand to sit down in the living room and randomly found a TV series to watch.

On TV, the hero goes to the heroine’s house to propose marriage but is chased out by the heroine’s father with a broom. The slap on the back made Yuan Yi’s back stiff. He looked around but didn’t see a broomstick or any other objects. Still, there seemed to be a feather duster stuck in the floor-to-ceiling vase, and a few pieces of rooster feathers were exposed at the mouth of the vase.

“Don’t worry, my dad has no habit of beating people.”

“What are you thinking about? I take a look at it casually,” Yuan Yi retracted his gaze, “Why did you get involved in such a thing as beating people?”

Yan Xi: It might be more convincing if you didn’t put your eyeballs on the feather duster.

Song Hai came out from the kitchen, saw the two sitting together, took a deep breath, and then went to sit on the sofa.

Seeing his expression, Yuan Yi knew that the point had finally come.

“Does Mr. Yuan play WeChat?”

Yuan Yi was stunned and said, “Yes, Uncle, you can just call me Xiao Yuan from now on.”

Song Hai glanced at him and took out his phone, “Come on, scan a QR code to add friends.”

Yuan Yi took out his mobile phone, scanned Song Hai’s WeChat QR code, and saw that Song Hai’s WeChat was named Dahai. He honestly clicked on Apply to be a friend.

“How long has Xiao Yuan known our Yanyan?”

“Xiaoxi was my alumnus in high school. I met her in her first year of high school, but she didn’t know me then.” Yuan Yi put away his mobile phone, “It’s been half a year since Xiaoxi met me again.”

Yan Xi watched Yuan Yi secretly. In order to make her father think that the two of them were destined, Yuan Xiaoer lied a lot.

“Well,” Song Hai nodded and was silent for a moment, “I see.”

Yuan Yi waited for a while and saw that Song Hai didn’t continue to ask but felt a little uncomfortable. This afternoon, he deliberately searched the Internet for a lot of ways to deal with his father-in-law’s torture. Why didn’t Uncle Song continue to ask?

The plot on TV has been played to the point where the heroine has a fierce quarrel with her father for the hero’s sake. In the end, the heroine slams the door and leaves, leaving the house full of mess and the heroine’s father.

“Dad, you’ve been on the plane for so long. First, go upstairs to take a shower and change your clothes.” Yan Xi got up and walked to Song Hai’s side, pinching Song Hai’s shoulders, “I think you seem to be a little thinner.”

“I’m not used to the food outside. No matter how I eat it, it doesn’t taste good.” Song Hai said with a smile, But it’s okay to be thinner. ” You know, 20 years ago, your father was also a handsome and beautiful man.”

Yan Xi smiled and nodded: “Mom also said that my eyebrows and eyes looked like you when dad was young.”

Song Hai smiled proudly: “Your mother has many advantages, and honesty is one of them.” He patted Yan Xi’s arm, “Okay, sit with the guests for a while, and I’ll go up and shower.”

“Yeah,” Yan Xi let go of the hand, pinching his shoulder, “I need to have a good rest tonight so that I will be refreshed tomorrow.”

When Song Hai went upstairs, Yan Xi looked at Yuan Yi with a half-smile: “Yuan Xiaoer, I didn’t expect you to learn to lie too.”

Yuan Yi wanted to say that they really met each other back then, but when he thought of his appearance back then, his eyes fluttered: “This way, uncle will believe that I am sincere to you.”

Yan Xi pinched his nose, amused by his words: “Lies will grow noses.”

Yuan Yi grabbed her hand: “It looks better with a longer nose.”

Being caught with one hand, Yan Xi still has the other hand, reaching out to pull his cheek: “Yuan Xiaoer, you are getting more and more shameless.”

“Cough.” Standing on the fence, Song Hai watched his daughter flirting with other men and said sullenly, “Xiao Yuan, please feel free in our house. I won’t greet you.”

“Uncle, you are being polite.” Yuan Yi let go of Yan Xi’s hand in the blink of an eye and sat down properly.

“Yeah.” Song Hai looked at the two of them, then turned and went back to his room.

Yuan Yi heaved a sigh of relief. This time he didn’t dare to fight with Yan Xi anymore.

Time passed by one minute and one second, and when the hour hand passed the mark of nine, Yuan Yi hesitated to speak: “It’s getting late. I should go back.”

“Well, it’s nearly an hour’s drive back from here,” Yan Xi nodded, “If you go back early, you can also rest early.”

Yuan Yi stood up, took a few steps outside, turned around to look at Yan Xi, who was following behind him, and stopped: “Are you busy tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow,” Yan Xi blinked, “Tomorrow morning, I will be recording the program “Those Things Around Us”. At noon, I will broadcast “Noon News”, and in the afternoon, I will be filming material. I don’t know if I will have to work overtime.”

“Oh,” Yuan Yi nodded, “The TV station is quite busy.”

“Do you have anything to do tomorrow?” Yan Xi helped Yuan Yi open the door and asked casually, “If there is something to do, I will move tomorrow afternoon’s arrangement to the day after tomorrow.”

“It’s okay, just ask casually,” Yuan Yi put his hands in his trouser pockets, “Don’t follow. It’s dark outside.”

“Well,” Yan Xi nodded with a smile, “Be careful on the road and ask the driver to drive slower.”

“Okay.” Yuan Yi walked out the door, and when he walked down the steps, the cold wind blew on his face, even bringing a chill to his heart.

“Yuan Xiaoer, are you really okay tomorrow?” Yan Xi stood on the steps. His big black and white eyes were marked with the light cast by the light. Yuan Yi felt a little itchy when he saw it. He walked back to her, hugged her into his arms, and ruffled her loose long hair, “It’s nothing. Your work is important. You are wearing such little clothes. What are you doing out here? Go back quickly.”

Pushing the person into the room, Yuan Yi raised his chin: “It’s really worrying for such a big person not to know how to take care of her body.”

Yan Xi tidied her messy hair and curled her lips at him. This aggrieved appearance made Yuan Yi laugh, “Stupid.” After speaking, he seemed afraid that Yan Xi would make trouble with him, so he walked into the waiting room with long legs in the car outside.

Yan Xi closed the door and went upstairs. Song Hai stood in the corridor and looked at her: “Is he gone?”

“Yeah.” Yan Xi nodded.

“Is that kid treating you well?”

Yan Xi continued to nod.

“All right.” Song Hai stubbed out the cigarette in his hand, turned around, and opened the door of his own room, “Go to sleep.”

“Dad,” Yan Xi smiled playfully at Song Hai, “I will always love you.”

“Hey,” Song Hai smiled on his chubby face, “Am I still going to be jealous of a brat?”

“I know Dad is the best,” Yan Xi stepped forward and hugged Song Hai, “Good night, Dad.”

Song Hai patted the top of her head: “Good night.”

When Yuan Yi came home, he tossed and turned in bed and couldn’t fall asleep. There seemed to be a wind blowing outside the window, making the leaves rattle. He sat up, picked up his phone, and looked at it. It was almost twelve o’clock.

He has maintained the habit of going to bed early for more than ten years, but in just a few months, he has broken it several times.

Clicking on Moments out of boredom, he found that Song Hai had shared two articles titled “Only 1% of people in the country read this article: The treasures we care for will eventually be taken away by others” “Father crying Blood Heart Language: Father, Is the Harbour, Daughter Can Dock Forever”.

Yuan Yi trembled but couldn’t give a thumbs up to these two sharing links out of conscience.

Suddenly the phone rang. The caller was Yan Xi, and Yuan Yi’s expression changed immediately. Yan Xiaoxi would never call him so late. Could something have happened? Hurriedly pressing the answer button, Yuan Yi asked nervously, “Yan Xiaoxi, what happened?”

“It’s okay. I can’t sleep, so I want to call and see if you are asleep.”

“I was already asleep, but I was woken up by you.” Yuan Yi would never admit his insomnia, “Are you not going to work tomorrow?”

“I haven’t done something important, so I can’t sleep,” Yan Xi said with a smile, “Happy birthday, Yuan Xiaoer.”

After a long time, Yuan Yi was stunned and said sternly: “It’s a birthday every year, what’s so rare. You should go to bed quickly.”

However, holding the phone, he actually laughed like a fool, and even the wind outside the window became sweeter.

“I can’t sleep. I can’t find a bed now.”

Yuan Yi sat up from the bed and lifted the quilt on his body: “Where are you?!”

Boom, boom, boom.

He heard his uncontrollable heartbeat, ran downstairs barefoot, and opened the heavy door. Yuan Yi saw a woman wearing a thick down jacket outside the door with crooked eyebrows and smiling eyes.

“You’re crazy. It’s so late, it’s so cold. What are you doing here?” Yuan Yi said so, but his body had already run out of the door, hugging her tightly into his arms.

The pajamas on his body were very thin, and he stepped on the cold ground with bare feet, but he couldn’t feel the slightest chill.

“Didn’t you just say that I have insomnia?” Yan Xi leaned against Yuan Yi’s arms, “I can’t sleep, thinking that someone may also suffer from insomnia tonight, so let’s take a look.”

Yuan Yi opened his eyes wide, trying not to let the hot things flow out of his eye sockets. He bent down and hugged her horizontally, blocking all the cold wind from the door.

Putting Yan Xi on the sofa, Yuan Yi turned around and closed the door, walked up to Yan Xi, and squatted down: “Stupid woman, don’t do such stupid things in the future, no matter how important the day is, it can’t compare to your safety.”

“I see,” Yan Xi rubbed the top of his hair with a smile, “Go and put on your slippers.”

Only then did Yuan Yi realize that he ran out in the winter barefoot and wearing thin pajamas. Still, he didn’t feel anything at all.

The room is well-heated. Yuan Yi put on a pair of slippers and walked back to Yan Xi, “When did you know that my birthday is today?”

“You forgot that if I have nothing to do, I will take Zhang Wang and them to play in the dungeon. It is the easiest moment to listen to what they say.” Yan Xi took out a cake box. The cake is not big, about the size of an adult man’s palm. “I squished it flat.”

When her nest grass left before, his eyes were so pitiful that she almost couldn’t hold back and said happy birthday to him directly.

Yuan Yi lifted the lid of the cake box, the pattern on the side of the cake was smoothed a bit, but the words “Happy Birthday” were well preserved. The cake exudes a sweet fragrance, and the baker is willing to put fruit in a large circle.

Yan Xi plugged in the candle, only to realize that she didn’t bring a lighter.

“Do you have a lighter?”

Yuan Yi doesn’t smoke, and he doesn’t have a lighter. Fortunately, when he looked around the last time, he forgot to take the lighter away. Yuan Yi took the lighter under the coffee table and handed it to Yan Xi.

The two lit candles around the coffee table, and after turning off the lights in the room, the orange candlelight made their faces a little red. Yan Xi tilted her head and smiled at Yuan Yi, “Do you want me to sing you the birthday song?”

“No, it will be a little embarrassing.”

“Then don’t sing. Just make a wish.” Yan Xi thought for a while, “Don’t finish your wish. Leave me a wish, and when I celebrate my birthday, I will share one with you.”

Yuan Yi held Yan Xi’s hand, took out his mobile phone, and took a picture of the cake and their holding hand. He usually looks a bit fierce, but tonight he is exceptionally gentle, “It is enough for me to make one wish, and I will give you the remaining two.”

For the first time, he hopes that the wish he made before blowing out the birthday candles can be fulfilled.

When he was six, he thought it was a lie to a child. On his twenty-seventh birthday, he wanted to try to believe it once.

Closing his eyes, opening them, he turned to look at Yan Xi, “I made a promise.”

Yan Xi clasped his hands together, facing the dim candlelight, and made a wish.

“Okay.” Yan Xi opened his eyes, “Let’s blow out the candles.”


The candle went out, and the room was dark.

Yan Xi felt Yuan Yi approaching her, and he kissed her forehead, the bridge of her nose, and… lips.

His kiss was a bit jerky, cautious, and precious, so gentle that it almost melted her. A person who looks fierce but is so gentle in his heart.

Her nest grass is really the cutest man in the world.

After a long time, the light came back to the room again. Yan Xi put the cream on the bridge of Yuan Yi’s nose, which was blushing: “Look, your nose has become longer.”

Lying man, your name is Pinocchio.

Yuan Yi stretched out his tongue to lick it, but unfortunately, he missed it. He reached out and took a strawberry from the cake and handed it to Yan Xi’s mouth: 


Yan Xi took a bite and frowned: “It’s a little sour.”

“Is it sour?” Yuan Yi put the remaining half of a strawberry into his mouth, suddenly lowered his head, and rubbed the cake on the bridge of his nose to the tip of Yan Xi’s nose, “It’s not sour. It’s very sweet.”

“Yuan Xiaoer, do you know that I put on makeup on purpose before going out!” Yan Xi threw himself into Yuan Yi’s arms, wiped all the cream on his pajamas, and said viciously, “A woman’s makeup can’t be destroyed, do you understand? Understand?”

“Don’t you still have to remove it before going to bed?”

“Eat cake if you can’t talk!”

“Are you angry again?”


At 12:30 in the middle of the night, Yuan Yi, the chairman of Hengtai Company, posted on Weibo after his Weibo certification was changed.

Yuan Yi V: The birthday cake tonight is very sweet. @host Yanxi

The accompanying picture is under the dim candlelight, hands clasped together, and a cake that is reduced to the background, and it is almost impossible to see what it looks like.

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