One Can’t Judge by Appearance #59

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Chapter 59 

“Director Yang.” A young woman in a camel coat came in. She was tall, with bright red lips and a charming smile.

“Tong Tong is here?” Director Yang smiled at the visitor, “Sit down.”

Zhao Wantong sat down on the empty chair and turned to look at Yan Xi: “This is Ms. Yan who is envied by countless female netizens, right?” The tone sounds very friendly, but it is squinting at people, faintly arrogant.

Tsk, isn’t this saying that if it weren’t for yesterday afternoon’s confession incident, no one would have known about her? Yan Xi smiled slightly, “I didn’t expect such a big incident to happen, and it made everyone watch a scene.”

Director Yang only pretended that he didn’t know anything. After Yan Xi finished speaking, he said to Zhao Wantong: “Tong Tong, I agree with several teachers in the station that the hosting style of you and Teacher Qian Lin is more suitable. The teacher will take you.”

Zhao Wantong managed to maintain a smiling face and complemented Qian Lin in front of Director Yang. However, no one in the imperial capital doesn’t know that as long as Shen Xingyan is around, Qian Lin will never be able to become the first female host of the imperial capital in this life. In the beginning, there was Li Jiayu, who could compete with Shen Xingyan. Still, since Li Jiayu jumped ship and committed suicide, Shen Xingyan became a well-deserved first female host in the station. Qian Lin was five or six years older than Shen Xingyan, but in front of Shen Xingyan, she only held a cup for her.

She has been a host on the station for three years, but she lost to a new host who has been on the stage for a few months. Could it be that she is less capable than a pure rookie?

Director Yang has worked in the station for many years, so how can he not see that Zhao Wantong is friendly on the surface and has long been dissatisfied in her heart? Shen Xingyan doesn’t like Zhao Wantong and just wants to take Yan Xi with her. What can they do?

If you want to blame someone, she can blame herself. She usually has endless speculation methods but doesn’t know how to make good friends with her predecessors. Now if she wants to cramp the Buddha’s feet, it depends on whether the Buddha is willing.

After Director Yang told the two of them the final decision, he asked them to go back and prepare. He didn’t want to watch the live version of the verbal confrontation.

He was right in thinking that after Yan Xi and Zhao Wantong left the office, Zhao Wantong had the first attack.

“I really envy Ms. Yan, she comes from such a beautiful family, and has a rich and powerful infatuated boyfriend,” Zhao Wantong said with a half-smile, “It is said that a man can save ten years of hard work by finding a good wife, but we women are also the same. Find a powerful man who is more competitive than ordinary people.”

“Miss Zhao is right, not only must you have a powerful boyfriend, but you must also have a good family background,” Yan Xi said with a smile, “This way you don’t have to endure hardships from childhood to adulthood, thinking of things that others can’t get with all their hard work, I just need to nod my head to get it, and I’m really a little embarrassed.”

“Miss Yan is really straightforward, she can say whatever she thinks.” Zhao Wantong has never seen such a bold person.

“It’s my strength to be straightforward,” Yan Xi touched her face, “I heard that thinking too much makes you grow old quickly, Miss Zhao, do you think this makes sense?”

Zhao Wantong has seen people who act and speak cheaply, but it is really rare to see people who are as cheap as Yan Xi.

But she could only swallow this breath, “Hehe.”

The confession incident suddenly appeared yesterday, and she was doubtful in her heart. As soon as the station was about to train new people, Yan Xi suddenly had two more wealthy and handsome suitors. The whole network knew the ups and downs. How could there be so many coincidences? Whether hype or not, she wanted to use this incident to reduce Yan Xi’s favorability in the hearts of passers-by. She had calculated all the possibilities, and the only thing she didn’t expect was that Yan Xi’s boyfriend’s family would be so prominent.

With such a powerful boyfriend, why don’t you stay at home and prepare to be a wealthy wife? So why come to the TV station to compete with her for the hosting spot?

Isn’t it just for fame and fortune to work hard on the TV station, to marry a good man? This Yan Xi runs with the cameraman every day, in the wind and rain, and it is common for her to work overtime and eat out of time. As a result, hosting so many programs is not as topical as the fact that she has become Yuan Yi’s girlfriend.

So why is she so obsessed with being a small host on the TV station? Is she out of her mind?

The two stood in front of the elevator door, but neither of them pressed the button as if whoever pressed the button first would lose.

“Miss Yan is so confident in her own destiny, it seems that her marriage to Mr. Yuan is approaching?” Zhao Wantong covered her mouth and smiled, “Don’t forget to invite me to have a glass of wedding wine and be happy.”

Oh, this is mocking her for having a wealthy boyfriend, but she might not be able to marry into the family?

“That depends on the performance of my boyfriend. I’m young and I don’t want to step into the grave of marriage so early,” Yan Xi sighed. “As the saying goes, a woman has thirty-one flowers, and I’m not even twenty-five. It’s still a small flower. It’s too early to talk about marriage now.”

Zhao Wantong, who is about to turn 30 this year:….

Obviously, the other party didn’t say any mocking words, but why did she feel so angry?

“Women always want to marry in the end, and they always think about how to be a wife and mother,” Zhao Wantong changed the subject, “but as long as you have money, you don’t have to think about these things. Besides, there is one thing I forgot to ask, can those rumors on the Internet be dealt with? These netizens really turned the black and white, and smeared you like that on the Internet, no wonder Yuan always sued the rumor-mongers in anger.”

“He’s usually okay, but he just doesn’t want me to be wronged. Whenever he sees someone scolding me, he’ll fry the pot. He also told me this morning that we must find out the source of those rumors on the Internet, lest I be wronged in vain.” Yan Xi sneered in her heart. Who doesn’t know how to be disgusting? She will not only disgust people but also show her love shamelessly to see who is more disgusting.

Zhao Wantong’s complexion changed slightly, and she didn’t have the heart to confront Yan Xi anymore. She hurriedly pressed the elevator, and when the elevator arrived, she couldn’t wait to leave.

“Tch.” Yan Xi walked into another elevator, her mood not affected in the slightest.

It is the saint who can remain indifferent in the face of other people’s cynicism. She is naturally petty and vengeful and disgusted by anyone who ridicules her. Her mother once told her that being a woman can’t be shameless, but she can’t be too pure.

For someone like Zhao Wantong, if she swallowed her anger for the first time, it would only make her worse. There is only one best way to deal with shameless people: to be even more shameless than her.

“Teacher Shen,” two people walked out from the corner. It was Shen Xingyan and her assistant. The assistant was dumbfounded and said, “I didn’t expect that Zhao Wantong, who usually acts cute and stupid in front of fans, turned out to be a character who hides needles in her face. There is also Yan Xi, who looks weak and deceptive but speaks very bluntly. Mr. Shen, bring this kind of newcomer with you. Next to you, will it cause you trouble?”

“What’s the trouble?” Shen Xingyan smiled instead, “This Yan Xi is more and more in line with my appetite.”

I like this kind of character who is determined to be shameless when she should be shameless and has the demeanor of her youth.

The Internet is still very lively at this time. Although Yuan Yi sent a lawyer’s letter to several rumor-mongering marketing accounts this time and asked them to delete the rumor-mongering Weibo, he did not prohibit the relationship between him and Yan Xi. He also secretly invited a group of sailors to brainwash everyone on the Internet, making everyone say that he and Yan Xi are more compatible.

However, the eyes of the masses are discerning. No matter how powerful the Navy is, it cannot make everyone think the same.

Someone who claimed to know how to read faces stood up and said that although Yuan Yi has a prominent status, his face does not match Yan Xi, and it is a love affair that only blooms but does not bear fruit. On the contrary, Mr. Song Chao, who failed to confess his confession, has a face more compatible with Yan Xi. If the two get married, it must be a good result of the couple’s love and long life.

Some netizens supported this remark, but more people felt that this person was talking nonsense and that the relationship between a man and a woman was good. Still, he insisted that the two were incompatible and that the male mistress was better.

So this self-proclaimed “magic fortune teller” was criticized by righteous passers-by netizens, almost crying and kneeling to admit that he was talking nonsense.

Occasionally, one or two netizens stood up and said, “Am I the only one who thinks that this former CEO is a reserve member for domestic violence?”

I don’t know if everyone saw it and pretended they didn’t see it or they didn’t dare to say anything. These kinds of remarks disappeared quickly and did not attract too many people’s attention.

[The two most important points in the courtship battle: one, shameless. Second, continue to be shameless.]

After closing the website that taught people to pursue girls, Yuan Yi called Zhang Wang.

Zhang Wang was basking in the sun with the beautiful woman on the beach, seeing Yuan Yi take the initiative to call him. He had a bad premonition in his heart.

“Wangzi, I want to ask you, how to turn a pretended couple into a real lover?”

“Yuan Xiaoer, Yuan brother, you really know how to play.” Zhang Wang took a deep breath, “I look like someone who is so bored playing a fake couple game with women?”

“That’s not important, I just want to ask for your opinion,” Yuan Yi added in a very calm voice, “Although most of your ideas are unreliable.”

“If you’re a man, just confess directly. You just ran to Yan Xi today and said, beauty, I want to get along with you. If you agree or not, it’s over,” Zhang Wang said, “What are you doing with so many things?”

“It’s too frivolous, it doesn’t seem respectful enough,” Yuan Yi frowned, “Forget it, I’ll ask someone else.”

“You still ask if you think I’m frivolous,” Zhang Wang scolded with a smile, “With your dilly-dallying manner, when will you be able to catch up with someone?”

Yuan Yi hung up the phone, clicked on WeChat, and hesitated for a long time. He found a picture of a cute and well-behaved kitten in the emoji package and sent it to Yan Xi.

Yuan Xiaoer: Where are you going to play on the weekend?


Seeing the message from Yuan Yi, Yan Xi remembered the things that she deliberately forgot in the past few days. Wei Xiaoman’s fiancé hasn’t bothered her since he asked her last time, and she hasn’t seen anyone mention Wei Xiaoman’s serious illness in the class group.

Yan Xiaoxi: A college classmate got married, and I didn’t know whether I should go or not.

After the message was sent, Yuan Yi did not reply immediately. Yan Xi put down her phone and lay on the table, tossing her newly bought small succulent. After a while, Yuan Yi’s call came.

“The secretary came in just now, and I signed a document.”

Yuan Yi’s voice was clean and steady, which made Yan Xi want to say this: “She did something that was sorry to me, but now she is seriously ill and will pass away at some point…”

“You still blame her?”


“Do you still have a friendship with her?”

Yan Xi laughed: “No.”

After a few years, the relationship between her and Wei Xiaoman can no longer be called any enmity. It can only be regarded as a ridiculous past in memory.

“You said her wedding was held at Changfeng Hotel?”


“Yan Xiaoxi, since it’s hard for you to make a choice, why don’t you let me make arrangements for you this weekend, okay?”

Yan Xi pinched the fleshy and soft leaves, the corners of her lips curved slightly: “Okay.”

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