Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #37

Chapter 37

Part 1

Doesn’t she just want some special products? Why should she be frightened like this? What did she do wrong?

Lu Zeming also didn’t expect that his promise of the body would get a kind evaluation.

He… is that bad?

Lu Zeming had doubts about himself for the first time, and this kind of doubt never arose even though Wan Jiahao used malicious means to PK him down.

In all honesty, although Shi Zhi’s impression of Lu Zeming was only the white crane on the stage, and he was good at dancing classical dances, she didn’t even know his face and thought he was a salesman.

But Lu Zeming is also considered a handsome guy.

Probably because of the dancing factor, her temperament is more refined. Lu Zeming has also received a lot of explicit hints of maintenance before.

Now, as he rejected, or was he refused even with a bit of disgust?


It stands to reason that Lu Zeming should leave, which would be a little more decent, but he didn’t understand, so he asked.

Shi Zhi didn’t expect the young man to be quite persistent.

Shi Zhi: “What age is it? Why do you still have the idea of giving yourself a favor? Have you watched too many TV dramas?” What is it? He still watches ancient costume TV dramas, which are old stories from many years ago. She doesn’t want to act in this type of story. If there is a screenwriter dares to make it up like this, this father will definitely scold him.

(this father Shi Zhi means herself)


Shi Zhi looked at Lu Zeming and said with emotion, “Young man, you must think about making progress. You want to do crooked ways all day long and hug someone’s thighs.”

Lu Zeming panicked: “Teacher Shi Zhi, I don’t want to hug your thigh.”

Shi Zhi: “Oh?”

“Then you are greedy for my body?”

Then the problem is even more serious.

Lu Zeming felt his brain freeze and was completely occupied by Shi Zhi’s obsessive remarks.

Teacher Shi Zhi is really good-looking and has a good figure… But how could she say… such words so calmly!

Lu Zeming had grass in his heart, shaking his head like a rattle. He wasn’t. He didn’t.

He really didn’t overthink it at the time. He just wanted to repay her kindness, although now it seems that he is indeed a bit greedy.

Lu Zeming couldn’t argue with his words, he thought that this matter would be difficult, but he didn’t expect Shi Zhi to let out a calm voice.

“Then you just don’t want to make progress.”

Lu Zeming: “…” Come on, it’s better than being greedy.

Yes, that’s right, he doesn’t want to make progress.

Shi Zhi still cherishes talents. She thinks that Lu Zeming has good qualifications and strong professional ability, it’s fine if he doesn’t come in front of her, but he still needs to enlighten him when he comes in front of her so as not to let the good young man go astray.

So Shi Zhi gave Lu Zeming some ideological education in the corridor.

Lu Zeming was still blushing at first, but after Shi Zhi’s ideological education, he just wanted to tell Shi Zhi.

Please don’t read it, Master, don’t read it, Master!

He knew he was wrong, and he will definitely reform and clean his face in the future, be a new man, be the pillar of this society, and definitely not break the law or commit any crimes!

Shi Zhi nodded in relief, and seeing Lu Zeming’s listless expression, she wondered if he had become stupid for beating the child, so her voice slowed down.

“Actually, you’re not bad either.”

Lu Zeming pricked up his ears, but in the next second, he just wanted to hang them down.

Shi Zhi: “You’re just not that good.”

Lu Zeming: “…”

Shi Zhi felt that this method of consolation seemed inappropriate, so she changed it to another, “Maybe it’s my own problem?”

Lu Zeming: Your problem?

He met Shi Zhi’s face as if he suddenly understood something.

Even though Lu Zeming didn’t intend to pay attention to the so-called Shi Zhi’s black stories circulating on the Internet, he still saw some. For example, someone said that Shi Zhi had a financial backer.

At the time, Lu Zeming thought it was a fake and speculated on rumors. After meeting Shi Zhi himself, he felt it was even more impossible.

Intuition told him that Teacher Shi Zhi was not that kind of person.

But without a financial backer, it doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t have a boyfriend, so he is almost invisible, like a third party!

Lu Zeming asked cautiously, “Do you…” have a boyfriend.

Before he finished speaking, Shi Zhi picked it up.

“I’m in poor health, I can’t do it.”

She looked at Lu Zeming, “Will you be happier this way?” She had already sacrificed her reputation.

Lu Zeming: Thank you for perfunctory me in your busy schedule. Won’t be happy.

Don’t think that he hasn’t seen the trending search. Shi Zhi throws a discus and demolishes the door of the secret room…

God’s special body is not good.

Besides, does that have anything to do with whether she can do it or not?

The assistant waited for Shi Zhi in the box room for a while and came out to take a look. She was afraid that something would happen to Shi Zhi.

Then she saw Shi Zhi standing in the corridor, Lu Zeming’s eyes were dull, and he walked away with a fluttering pace. She was still watching the other person’s figure.

Assistant: ???

What’s the situation?

Shi Zhi told the assistant who came over, “She saved a young boy who was about to fall, and instilled him with the correct ideological value.”

Just generally excellent.

The only thing Shi Zhi mourned was the lost hometown specialties.

The assistant still couldn’t understand, but it didn’t stop her from continuing to flatter.

Anyway, sister Shi is hanging! This sentence will suffice.

Lu Zeming really wanted to tell Shi Zhi, Master, this disciple has already realized his epiphany!

He was short of becoming a Buddha right away.

After Lu Zeming went back, he specifically checked Shi Zhi’s age and then felt that she was one year younger than him, so how did she come to be so reasonable.

“After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Inheritance” has been filmed and edited. Director Shi Tao has great expectations for this TV series. During the filming process, this expectation value keeps rising. After editing and seeing the finished film, Director Shi Tao feels stable!

This TV series, not to mention the big fire, can definitely be a small explosion.

In order to make the TV series more topical, Director Shi Tao played a little trick in the trailer.

So when the trailer was released, what appeared in the eyes of netizens was——

Facing the scumbag who kept lying and cheating, Zhong Jiaxin cried and said, “How could you treat me like this…but even if you treat me like this, I still love you!”

Shi Zhi played the heroine who got rich overnight. She was sitting in the back of the Maserati with the window open, looking up at the sky at a forty-five-degree angle, and there was a voiceover beside her.

“It turns out that when I have money, all my friends will go further and further away from me…”

Netizen: ???

This trailer can be said to have a lot of slots.

Zhong Jiaxin’s plot, at first glance, is a scumbag, a bitch, and the plot of Shi Zhi makes it easy for people to argue.

As a result, there was a lot of noise on the Internet, and the effect director Shi Tao wanted had already been achieved.

Even Bai Wu from Shi Zhi’s side came to her to inquire.

Is Shi Xiaozhi playing the role of a poor little girl who is betrayed by her friends after getting rich?

Want to touch Shi Zhi’s head.

Shi Zhi: She doesn’t think this trailer is pitiful, but she can see a bit of Mary Sue from the trailer.

Director Shi Tao already greeted the starring actors a long time ago. Everyone wants a good rating. Let Director Shi Tao cut it, as long as the main film is not cut indiscriminately. Of course, Director Shi Tao has a good reputation in the industry.

He will definitely not do a random cut.

Shi Zhi is fine. It doesn’t matter.

Even the makeup artists on the team were nervous about Shi Zhi’s drama ratings. Shi Zhi looked like a normal person and let everyone relax.

No way, no way.

Friends around her have filters for Shi Zhi, but Shi Zhi’s black fans definitely have no filters for her.

When Shi Zhi was idle and bored, she opened a black fan group. The group turned from the solitude of the previous two days. It was extremely lively, swiping the screen frantically, and the unread messages became 99+ within a short while.

“Shi Zhi has received another bad drama this time, I know this trailer is bad just by looking at it!”

“Mary Sue, I’m tired of watching it. Let’s count. How many Mary Sue blockbusters is this?”

“Looking up at a forty-five-degree angle, the classic youth pain plot, only this face can still be seen, but after looking at this face for a long time, I get tired of it. 

She is an actress, not a face model!”

“I feel that half an episode can be cut into a collection with Shi Zhi’s poor acting skills, hehe.”

All the members of the black fan group have great expectations for Shi Zhi’s new drama, not good expectations, but bad expectations.

It’s been a long since she could get any black material out of her hand.

At that time, Brother Quan felt that Shi Zhi, as an actor, still had to come up with serious works.

Black fans also have the same idea. As an actor, poor work is the most significant point that can be attacked.

People from the team passed by Shi Zhi and caught a glimpse of Shi Zhi with her head down, staring at the phone, and the display on the phone screen was clearly the black fan group she added.


Was Sister Shi’s weak heart destroyed by black fans?!

“Sister Shi, it’s better not to read the group…” If it doesn’t work, just quit. Out of sight is out of mind.

Then the other party saw Shi Zhi showing a smiling face.

The upturned corners of the mouth did not pretend to be relaxed at all, not at all forced.

“What’s wrong?” Shi Zhi asked that person.

Shi Zhi: The people in the group are quite interesting, and everyone works so hard. Why do you want to quit the group?

Team member: No time, sister. Sorry to bother you.

What is a really strong man?

This is the real powerhouse!

Dare to be in the black fan group, and face the slander of the black fans. She can talk and laugh easily.

Shi Zhi didn’t know that her image became even taller in the team members’ hearts.

Everyone in the black fan group is ready to fight. It can be called the Chinese New Year. It’s time to generate income. Are the black rumors that are being spread right now? Not explosive at all!

Shi Zhi also went in and echoed, “It’s outrageous.”

Group leader: In this case, everyone must show professionalism. Tonight at 7 o’clock, 

“After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Inherence” will be broadcast on WW TV and XX TV on time. Everyone remembers to stay and watch. Success or failure depends on it.

On the road of Shi Zhi haters, they had already suffered quite a setback.

At 7 o’clock in the evening, the first episode of the TV drama “After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Inheritance” started broadcasting. Before that, Shi Zhi’s circle of friends had taken the initiative to spread and forward it on Weibo, calling on everyone to watch Shi Zhi together.

Lu Zeming, who Shi Zhi spoke for him, also reposted several Weibo posts.

The butler has also arranged to give all the villa staff a holiday, and everyone will catch up with the drama!

Even the various companies below have received such benefits. Today they can take a paid vacation but must watch the TV drama “After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Inheritance.”

The butler made it very grand. After all, this is the recognition of the eldest lady. The first TV drama of the eldest lady. If the eldest lady wants to start from scratch, she does not need any resources. It is appropriate to contribute to the ratings.

Of course, the employees of the company didn’t know the reason for watching this TV drama. There were various rumors, and finally, it was said that the director was a relative of the boss.

Director Shi Tao suddenly had several relatives.

Part 2

Paid leave, you only need to watch TV series. Who doesn’t love this kind of voluntary project?

Please, more of this kind of activity.

Shi Zhi saw that the team sent a photo, and the TV, computer, mobile phone, and tablet were all turned on just to contribute to the ratings. She felt that everyone was really struggling.

Shi Zhi herself didn’t look at it. She had a body massage with essential oils and then went to see the black fan group.

She wanted to see what kind of conclusion they had come to.

The group was quiet, completely different from the rapid swiping of chat records discussed before.

Shi Zhi: Still watching?

After waiting for a while, Shi Zhi felt that everyone should have finished watching it, but no one in the group spoke.

Ten minutes later, someone finally bubbled up, but it was not an attack.

She asked, “Why are there only two episodes? When will the next episode be broadcast?”

Originally, she went to watch the TV drama sincerely for hating Shi Zhi. Still, she accidentally became addicted to watching it.

This “After Inheriting the Inheritance of the Richest Man” is really good-looking.

To be precise, it is lovely.

Many people in the black fan group thought the same as that girl, but they were afraid of being kicked out, so they were embarrassed to say so.

More viewers were abducted by that trailer.

That is, although you already know that this TV drama seems to be full of slots, you still hold your breath and are aroused by curiosity. Does it really have so many slots? You have to go and see it, you don’t know if you don’t see it.

Of course, most of the time, it’s even more frightening when you see the truth, but you can’t control yourself.

But “After Inheriting the Inheritance of the Richest Man” has become an exception.

To say that it didn’t lie to everyone, like the two controversial scenes in the trailer, Zhong Jiaxin discovered that her boyfriend, who had been in love for many years, was actually a scumbag, and she still yelled that she loved him, the heroine played by Shi Zhi was sitting in a Maserati after getting rich, and the words in her heart appeared, which are all real.


Zhong Jiaxin cried and shouted that she still loved the scumbag, but it didn’t prevent her from kicking him off!

The breakup was crisp and hearty, and even with the help of the other sisters, they even informed the “boats” that the scumbag was on several boats at the same time so that the unknowing girls could also get out of the sea of suffering.

Are you happy?

So cool!

Especially the dumbfounded expression of the scumbag man, it seems that he is extremely relieved of hatred and deserves it.

Shi Zhi was sitting in a Maserati, feeling that her friends would get farther and farther away when she was rich. The next second, three other friends were pedaling bicycles, and they all appeared behind the Maserati, chasing the Maserati, yelling.

“Don’t even think about getting rid of us!”

The sister got rich and turned into big thick legs. This must be hugged tightly!

(The meaning of this phrase is to signify someone trying to curry favor with someone else.)

Rich women, hungry, eat rice.

This scene appeared not long after the broadcast started, and it can be called a famous scene of the TV drama.

This scene is too sand sculpture, so the audience laughs unconsciously.

(sand sculpture used humorously to describe weird or stupid but funny behaviors)

It wasn’t that Shi Zhi had just signed this TV drama. Everyone thought that the sisters were tearing up each other, but this was clearly a group drama where everyone hugged the rich woman, and everyone happily lay down and won.

The two episodes were finished quickly, making people completely unaware of the passage of time. After the end, everyone was still slightly lost and wanted to know the next plot.

Some people have started to automatically serve as tap water.

Have you watched “After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Inherence” today?

Shi Zhi’s new drama! Don’t be afraid, this show is really not bad, it’s not about grabbing boyfriends from sisters, boyfriends are just… Ah, it’s cool and sand sculptures!!

Very good, she can’t fall into the new pit alone. Of course, such a good-looking drama is still suitable for grabbing the people around her to enter the pit together.

Then the people who received Amway entered the pit together and found that there were only two episodes and wanted to cry.

Too shallow, too shallow, hurry up, hurry up.

TV drama official V initially didn’t have many followers. Basically, they were die-hard fans of some actors, but after the two episodes aired, the amount of attention rose rapidly, and the latest post on Weibo was full of voices urging updates.

Someone also initiated the topic of  #Pray for Sisters Get rich#.

In the circle of friends, I hope my sister will get rich, remind myself of my good sister, and then the good sister will reply.

Me too.

Some people said on Weibo that they hoped they could earn 100,000 a month like their friends.

A netizen left a message: Your friend’s income is so high.

The blogger replied this is also my friend’s wish.

There is no real 100,000 yuan, and there are no rich friends. Everyone is counting on each other.

It’s so real.

After a few episodes of the TV drama, there is no quality that everyone fears. The plot is still compact and exciting, the four girls have a good relationship together, and everyone has setbacks and distress.

Faced with the pressure of entering school, the workplace, the relationship with the boyfriend, the relationship with parents, and the mother’s illness, this part is particularly tear-jerking.

The friend was on a business trip and couldn’t come back for a while. Her mother was sick. The character, played by Shi Zhi, found something wrong during the daily visits. The mother was sent to the hospital with two other friends and successfully saved the friend’s mother’s life.

“Usually you often take care of us and cook us delicious food. Now that Huihui is not here, don’t be polite and treat us like your daughters.”

Shi Zhi held the other’s hand, and Huihui’s mother had tears in her eyes.

The whole TV series has no bloody plot, but it is warm, touching, and enjoyable.

There are friends here complaining, helping each other to solve it, and tomorrow will be another beautiful day.

There are many such comments on Weibo.

“It’s so beautiful, so beautiful, I want to name it the best of the year.”

“To be honest, I’m really tired of those scenes of tearing up with girl friends. How can there be so many female friends? I even feel that the word female friend is insulted, that is, there are too many scenes,causing many men around me to really think that our girls were like in the TV drama before. Now I sent them the title of the play, to let them see that this is real female friendship.”

“Ahhh, isn’t this the sand sculpture routine of me and my friends?”

Crossing the road, buying clothes, holding hands, and looking at each other can’t help but bounce, and they will hurt each other.

Except for one thing –

My best friend is as poor as me.

Tearing up.

Someone else noticed a point in the play.

“Why do they go to KTV to eat fruit when they are happy?” More than once, is this a habit of rich people?

Director Shi Tao saw this message and went to reply specifically.

“This is based on what Shi Zhi said. She said that young girls who have money like to go to KTV to eat fruit plates.”

Young girls: ???


Shi Zhi chose to be a wooden person this time. She doesn’t know anything, doesn’t ask her.

The only ones who knew the truth were Shi Zhi’s team members. Everyone almost turned around laughing. In fact, what Shi Zhi said was to go to the club and admire the male models. (dog head)

“After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Inheritance” is really popular.

Regardless of the ratings or topicality, they are very eye-catching, and you will hear people discussing the plot of the show when you take the subway.

Although Director Shi Tao already had a premonition, he still couldn’t help but sigh with emotion after the results came out.

Fortunately, he listened to Shi Zhi’s words and changed some of the plots. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had such high ratings.

Naturally, Shi Zhi’s discussions with the other leading actors also increased, and they gained a lot of followers on Weibo.

After watching the sisterhood in the play, netizens naturally want to know how the actors are doing outside the play and whether the relationship is so good.

Director Shi Tao also mentioned a few words to the group during the filming so that everyone could do business properly.

So the rest of the actors who played friends came out for business——

The relationship is not very good. Thank you, everyone.

Netizen: ???

Surprised! The answer seemed to be a little different from what they had expected.

How can you say that the relationship is not good?

According to the usual situation, even if the relationship is really not good, and everyone is fighting each other, they still have to maintain a face-saving project externally.

The relationship is good.

And “After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Inheritance,” everyone’s sisterhood in the play is particularly brilliant, causing the audience to naturally think they must be good on weekdays.

Now say, not so good?

The actress who played Huihui came out to “break the news.”

“Everyone’s face is red because of a piece of roast ham, can you believe it?”

There is also a video. In the video, the three actresses are fighting for a piece of roasted ham, even blushing. The one who is not fighting is Shi Zhi. She stands there looking a little confused.

What can break a deep girlfriend’s relationship? Is it money or a man?

No, it’s not. It’s a baked ham sausage.

Shi Zhi’s expression amused the group of people even more. Sister Shi was adorable when she was in a daze.

Zhong Jiaxin also came out to “break the news.”

“Oh, we still ran 800, almost pulled up.”

Why run eight hundred? This is too scary.

Finally graduated, at first glance, some people started to tremble when they heard that they were running 800.

The answer is: to compete for the right to tie Shi Zhi’s hair.

Netizen: ???

Shi Zhi wore double ponytails for a while in the play, and her hair was smooth and shiny. After the three actresses got acquainted with Shi Zhi, they let it go and started thinking about Shi Zhi’s hair.

In order to fight for this power, they decided to compete fairly. Everyone ran an 800-meter race, and whoever won would tie Shi Zhi into ponytails.

Netizens are also excited, so what’s the result?

Who’s winning? Did it really tie Shi Zhi’s hair?

Zhong Jiaxin won, and she did get a tie, and then her hair-tying skills were not good. Although Shi Zhi agreed to let her play with her hair, Zhong Jiaxin lost Shi Zhi several hairs.

This video was also faithfully recorded by the cameraman.

Zhong Jiaxin was afraid that the rubber band would not be strong enough, so she wrapped Shi Zhi’s hair several times, and Shi Zhi showed bitterness.

So Shi Zhi added a new emoticon pack――

Mom, the hair is a bit tight.

Everyone was laughed to death by this “revealing news.” Is this a bad relationship? Why do they think this is a show of derogation!

Although Shi Zhi didn’t come out to break the news, she has a name in these revelations and has a strong sense of presence.

A few strands of her hair were lost by Zhong Jiaxin. Sand sculpture netizens joked that the hair growth prescription that Shi Zhi gave to male singers before can be arranged for herself this time.

“Shi Zhi has a good relationship with everyone.” Someone said such a sentence.

“Have you noticed that almost none of the artists who have worked with her said anything bad about her, and everyone interacted well.”

Feeling Shi Zhi’s sudden good popularity, if Shi Zhi in the variety show can still set up characters for the camera, the filming time is long, and she will not be able to pretend.

Moreover, Zhong Jiaxin was still Tang Yunling’s friend, who Shi Zhi had been at odds with. At that time, everyone saw the announcement of the role candidate and made up all kinds of fighting battles in their brains. Unexpectedly, it had developed into a hair-tying project.

At this time, someone jumped out.

“Quick, go and see the plastic sister, Shi Zhi is carrying her good sister on her back, and went to the street to eat barbecue alone!”

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