Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #36

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Chapter 36

You can be a little more daring… 70% of them are shady… The program group is 100% shady…

It was as if special effects had been added, and every word began to expand. Still, Shi Zhi’s short sentence had an explosive amount of information.

There was a moment of silence all around.

The director of the program group was excited for one second that Shi Zhi actually spoke for them. Still, the smile on his face collapsed the next second.

What the hell is she doing playing reverse!

The director wants to say something to the woman in the judges’ seat right now: Shi Zhi, do you think you are very humorous?

The director was about to collapse, and he shouted at the cameramen over there.

“Didn’t Shi Zhi already promise not to talk nonsense?”

The cameramen were also aggrieved but thought about it and shouted, “Shi Zhi didn’t seem to agree either!”

Shi Zhi smiled at her at the time, expressing that she understood, but she didn’t say what she understood.

Director: “……”

Because of Shi Zhi’s words, the auditorium was already noisy, and the director of the barrage in the live broadcast room knew that it must have exploded without looking at it.

Originally, the director didn’t really want to use the live broadcast in this issue. They were afraid of encountering an emergency. They didn’t expect that Wan Jiahao would temporarily change his mind and insisted on going to PK with Lu Zeming. It was seen that they were holding Wan Jiahao hard. Still, later everyone discussed that if they turned off the live broadcast, it would be even more guilty, so the live broadcast would start as usual.

The most dreaded thing still happened.

First came the audience, then the old artists. Of course, Shi Zhi needs to be silent.

The director wanted to do the same thing, shutting down Shi Zhi the same way he shut down the old artist.

When Shi Zhi heard the director’s voice in her ears, she showed a knowing smile, and she didn’t have to wait for the director to turn off the mic for her.

The audience saw that Shi Zhi stretched out her hand, picked up a huge bag, opened it, and took out a big speaker from inside.

Yes, that’s right, big speakers.

It is the kind that is often used by small stall owners in the streets and alleys.

In fact, it wasn’t just one, there were two in Shi Zhi’s bag, and she even asked the old artist who was forced to turn off the microphone next to her.

“Do you need it?” If necessary, she gave him the other one.

The old artist said, “…No, I can’t.” This girl is really too stupid!

When Shi Zhi pressed the start button, the voice was louder than the microphone, with a built-in amplification effect. She asked the audience.

“Where did everyone cast their votes? I haven’t seen it. This kind of thing calls me, and I want to participate.”

Let the shady votes in “Youth My Type” account for 100%; she must also contribute her strength.

The director of the program group can turn off the microphone for all the guests or not show them the camera. Still, he can’t step forward and take away the loudspeaker from Shi Zhi’s hand.

The director really broke down, “…how on earth did she get the speaker up?”

Brother Quan and the members of Shi Zhi’s team were also dumbfounded.

That’s right… How did Shi Zhi get the speakers up? As their own people, they don’t even know!

Only the cameramen who were in touch with Shi Zhi felt he could face the truth then. She had admired that big bag at the time and wanted to help Shi Zhi put it up, but Shi Zhi refused.

He never dreamed that there was such a thing in it.

The audience really wanted to applaud Shi Zhi. After being confused by Shi Zhi’s fierce operation, some people began interacting with Shi Zhi and shouted from the bottom.

“On Weibo, xxx blogger posted it!”

Shi Zhi made an okay gesture, took out her phone, and really wanted to vote on the spot.

The audience said, “No need, no need, Miss Shi, the voting is over!” They stopped Shi Zhi again.

Shi Zhi was a little regretful when he heard that it was over and suggested, “Then you can post a new one, and more people will participate.”

One hundred percent, just around the corner!

Before Shi Zhi recorded this program episode, she had already thought that the program group might close the microphone, so she made sufficient preparations and really predicted it.

So She has to be prepared to have the right to speak.

Shi Zhi looked down at the loudspeaker in her hand. This thing is really easy to use, and she must give five-star praise when she returns.

The director of the program team always felt that Shi Zhi seemed to be facing the camera, that is, smiling mockingly at him.

The bullet screens in the live broadcast room were posted one after another, Shi Jie 666.

[Shi Zhi is really too energetic, Sister Shi awesome, I’m almost tired of talking about it!]

[Who just said that the world is as black as a crow, and Shi Zhi was set up by someone who hyped it up, come out, how to explain now.]

[Who said just now that crows are as black as the world, Shi Zhi was set up by someone who hyped it up, come out, how to explain now.]

[Not to mention anything else, if Shi Zhi dares to speak to Lu Zeming, I will absolutely support her.]

[Damn, damn, shit… I’m illiterate right now. I can only use these kinds of words to express my feelings.]

Lu Zeming’s fans were about to despair when they saw that the show crew didn’t mention Lu Zeming, but they didn’t expect a reversal, and they all wanted to thank Shi Zhi.

However, the attention of the audience did not go away either. Now Shi Zhi raised her voice. They wanted an explanation.

So why did Wan Jiahao win the last issue?

An audience shouted from below, the power was limited, and the program team could “invite” him out, but all the audience wanted an explanation. The program team can’t clear the venue, right?

The director did not cut Shi Zhi’s scenes.

Is it still necessary?

He even felt that even if Shi Zhi were cut off from the camera, Shi Zhi could start a live broadcast by herself by pulling out a loudspeaker?

It seemed like something Shi Zhi could do.

The program group has no way to whitewash the peace and can’t pretend that nothing happened.

After a brief discussion, the host came to the scene to make an emergency rescue, appease everyone’s emotions, and said that they would carry out another statistic, and it must be fair and just.

If, before the Lu Zeming incident, the program team emphasized fairness and justice, there would still be people who would accept it. Still, after the Lu Zeming incident, the shady scenes could not be more obvious. Everyone just thought they were joking.

When Shi Zhi came down from the stage, not only was Brother Quan waiting for him, but the director was also waiting for her. From his expression, it could be seen that he was furious.

“Teacher Shi Zhi.” He is called Shi Zhi in a strange way.

Brother Quan tried to be a middleman, but Shi Zhi smiled and opened her mouth, and she took the initiative to ask the other party.

“Am I doing okay today?”

As soon as this remark came out, it was called a provocation.

Director: ??? Are you talking to him?

What can be done!

Shi Zhi smiled purely: “I heard that the program group invited me here because they liked my label of fairness and justice… Then I think I performed very well.”

When the program team contacted Shi Zhi, they clearly said they were attracted by the label on Shi Zhi. You don’t need to trust the drunk dealer, but you can trust Sister Shi, which matches their talent show very well.

But how could they think that Shi Zhi was a normal human being? She was such a person!

The makeup artist of the team was really about to laugh out loud. Sister Shi also said that she wanted netizens to be bolder. Obviously, she could be bolder. This can no longer be described as a good performance. If possible, she wants to give Sister Shi the perfect title.

In terms of fairness and justice, sister Shi played perfectly.

The director: “…” picked up a brick and smashed his own foot. When Shi Zhi ran into the drink brand, he also watched the excitement.

Now he felt the drink brand mood.

Originally, the director of “Youth My Type” still approached Shi Zhi angrily because Shi Zhi preempted him. He couldn’t speak for a long time, and only confusion and heartache accompanied him.

He sent away the great god Shi Zhi, and there are still many things to deal with.

Waiting for the team’s turn to be alone, Shi Zhi began to criticize and educate.

“He still wants to be angry with me. I haven’t scolded him yet. This show is really good.”

Or just hide behind and do shady things, honestly. On the one hand, you have to decide on the champion internally; on the other hand, you have to let everyone say it is fair and just. Isn’t it just bullshit? If you take a big step, you will be beaten with eggs.

There was a group of approving voices.

“Sister Shi is right!”

“Just now I wanted to scold him for being arrogant with our sister Shi?”

Brother Quan: “…”

Really, this team has been abolished, and they have lost their minds by flattering.

“In fact, he should be angry. This time, he will probably be scolded by the audience all over the country.”

Although they should have been scolded, Shi Zhi mercilessly took off their last fig leaf.

Shi Zhi directly called out the shady scene in the program group. Can the director not be angry?

Shi Zhi: Is that so?

After thinking about it, “I can only say that the director was unlucky to meet me.”

Before, Shi Zhi gave cheers to contestant No. 23 as encouragement. Now she ordered a song for the director of “Youth Is My Type,” which is called Unlucky Meeting Shi Zhi, regardless of whether there is such a song.

But Shi Zhi wouldn’t have messed with him if it wasn’t for doing immoral things.

Brother Quan asked Shi Zhi, “When did you take the loudspeaker, and why didn’t I notice it?” This question has troubled him for a while.

Brother Quan and the rest of them were completely unaware of that, even though they still stayed with Shi Zhi all day.

Shi Zhi replied confidently: “If you find out, will you let me take you with you?”


So it must not be found.

Brother Quan: “…” This is true.

According to Brother Quan’s idea, Shi Zhi should either not pay liquidated damages and quit “Youth My Type” directly or just be a wooden person honestly, pretending to be deaf and dumb, but Shi Zhi chose another way.

She just got on with the program crew.

Shi Zhi doesn’t care if she offends the TV station. If he has the ability, please block her from the entertainment industry. Thank you very much.

She herself is not worried at all, but some friends in the circle are very worried.

Bai Wu was still filming in other places. Still, she called Shi Zhi immediately, and 

Ning Jiachi even sent Shi Zhi a message directly.

“Sister Shi Zhi, if the TV station troubles you, please tell me, my family still has something to do with it.”

Shi Zhi didn’t see the message of Ning Jiachi, so Ning Jiachi launched a series of bombardments.

When Shi Zhi got the phone, she saw Ning Jiachi’s last sentence.

“Sister Shi, have you been secretly attacked? I will go to the police to avenge you!”

Shi Zhi, “…No.”

Ning Jiachi: “Then why didn’t you reply to me just now?”

Shi Zhi: “I’m fishing.” She also sent a photo. The bucket was indeed full of fish.

Ning Jiachi: ???

Are you a little too laid back?

But Shi Zhi was still in the mood to go fishing at this time, which meant that it really didn’t affect her.

In this case…

Ning Jiachi: “Sister Shi, do you cook fish, I’ll go there for dinner.” Rubbing his hands expectantly.

Shi Zhi: “Do you still want your abdominal muscles?”

In “Our Village,” Ning Jiachi’s eight-pack abs became six, and he wailed for a long time. For the first time, Shi Zhi also knew that a man wailed with such a high decibel. Later, he checked into the gym all day long. The two disappearing abdominal muscles are showing up slightly now.

Don’t lose weight anymore?

Ning Jiachi was very arrogant over there. In front of delicious food, his abs were nothing, and his manager couldn’t control him.

“Sister Shi, if you have the ability to send it to Xiao Bei, I’m not afraid!” The Xiao Bei in Ning Jiachi’s mouth refers to his manager, whose surname is Bei, who is much older than Ning Jiachi.

Shi Zhi sighed. There was such an arrogant person in front of her.

Alright, since Ning Jiachi has sincerely asked for it.

Then, fulfill him.

Shi Zhi sent the screenshot of Ning Jiachi’s outrageous words backhand to Ning Jiachi’s manager and said silently, wishing him good luck.

On the WeChat side, a certain big talker temporarily lost the news.


The whole network was originally extremely indignant because “Youth My Type” was so obvious that it could no longer be obviously shady. This recording was like a primer, which directly exploded everyone’s hot temper.

Have you ever been mistreated?

Obviously more capable than others and paid more than others, but in the end, some people took away the opportunity because of this or that.

The talent show depends on the strength and the popularity of the audience. The program team insists on promoting Wan Jiahao, who is related to the show and treats everyone as fools.

What is the real vote for?

What happened to Lu Zeming resonated with many people and directly put this matter at the top of trending searches.

And Shi Zhi was angry with the program group, and the screen with her own loudspeaker was also out of the circle to see.

After all…she is so daring!

Handsome and funny in it.

“This big speaker, this little expression, it’s so cute, I feel like I can get a new expression pack, spicy chicken, I didn’t expect it!”

“Can it be done, can it be done, be serious, why does Shi Zhi have to add her emoji package every time she comes out… Boss, when will you make an emoji, kick me, I want to ask for one without a watermark. (dog head)”

In the past, Shi Zhi was angry at the beverage brand. There was a saying that you don’t have to believe in advertisements but can trust Sister Shi. Netizens felt that they could change now.

You don’t have to trust the program group, but you can trust Sister Shi.

Does anyone else say that this is a personality set? This is really too costly to engage in a human setup, right?

After listening to Shi Zhi’s words this time, the bloggers who initiated the voting before launched a new round of voting, and everyone went to Aite Shi Zhi one after another.

Sister Shi, come quickly. The program group is 100% shady, and with your participation, it will be more ritualistic.

Then Shi Zhi really participated in the voting. Not only did she participate in the vote, but she also liked this Weibo.

Netizen: Comfortable!

The “Youth My Type” program group has a shady scene. The last time the vote was more than 70%. This time with the joint efforts of everyone, it achieved 100%.

Many people learned how much risk Shi Zhi took when she came out with this idea, and the follow-up will be affected. They actually set up a group called Protecting Zhizhi (Gardenia).

Shi Zhi, “Who is Zhizi? (Gardenia)”

She was at a loss when the assistant excitedly told Shi Zhi about this matter.

Assistant: “It’s you, Sister Shi!”

The netizen who initiated the Protecting Gardenia movement praised Shi Zhi on Weibo and, at the same time, left a message under the “Youth My Type” program group.

It means everyone is staring at you, so don’t do anything to Shi Zhi. Think about it first.

Shi Zhi had been hacked before, and no one wanted to protect her. The whole team hadn’t felt this kind of care for a long time.

Even the black fan group is quiet. It’s ridiculously quiet.

Since Shi Zhi joined the group, she has successfully entered the internal in the past two days. People in Shi Zhi’s team often see Shi Zhi talking happily with her group of little black fans, and even everyone has begun to have an impression of her.

Team member: Sister Shi, the skin is real skin.

Shi Zhi was typing in her black fan support club: “Why are you all so inactive today?”

She also likes to watch black fans analyze every movement and expression of her on the show. It turns out that she is just in a daze, but it has so many interpretations.

Someone came out to say hello to Shi Zhi. This new member got along very well with everyone and added new colors and vitality to the black fan group, which has been a bit sluggish recently.

They explained to Shi Zhi.

“In this episode of “Youth My Type”, everyone said that they should not do any Shi Zhi’s analysis.”

“Shi Zhi did the right thing.”

Then that person said to Shi Zhi: “Everyone is voting for the program group now, that is to say, it has a shady one, so remember to vote for it too.”

Shi Zhi: I voted.

Her group of black fans are really qualified.

Thanks to the efforts of netizens who initiated the protection of Gardenia, the program team… kicked Shi Zhi out of the jury.

“That said, terminate the contract with us.”

Brother Quan smiled wryly at Shi Zhi.

In fact, Brother Quan had already anticipated this scene when Shi Zhi said those words.

After hearing what Brother Quan said, Shi Zhi smiled, “Is there such a surprise early in the morning?”

Brother Quan: “Huh?”

Shi Zhi: “They don’t use me, it’s not that I don’t go to the show, so do they have to pay liquidated damages?”

Brother Quan: “Yes…” After speaking, he later realized why Shi Zhi’s thinking mode is completely different from others! After being kicked, she was not sad but the thought of liquidated damages.

Shi Zhi didn’t feel sad at all. This was really a surprise. Let’s not talk about the super VIP viewing area. There is no visual enjoyment, and many players’ quality is too bad.

Didn’t Brother Quan also want her to terminate the contract after the obvious shady scene happened?

“It’s fine now, don’t do it anymore anyway, we don’t have to pay liquidated damages, the other party has to pay liquidated damages to us.”

Shi Zhi felt happy just thinking about it.

Since the money is in her pocket, it is impossible for her to take it out!

Then change the way, let others kick her, and they don’t need to appear on the show, but they have to pay her.

The way Brother Quan looked at Shi Zhi changed.

He seriously doubted, “…Did you plan to do this a long time ago?”

Shi Zhi said, “Believe it or not, it’s actually not that early.” She also made a decision and thought of it after buying the speaker.

Brother Quan really didn’t dare to offend Shi Zhi, he was still worried that the TV station would do something to Shi Zhi, but he could only take one step at a time while inquiring about the news.

Shi Zhi asked Brother Quan about the amount of money that the program team would pay her for breaking the contract and asked about the approximate date of the call, and she was satisfied.

No one has too much money, right? This is still delivered to the door. Shi Zhi is still thinking about how much it will be when she turns on a sound effect on her mobile phone that can release xxx to the account.

Shi Zhi should eat and drink. She didn’t care about it before. It’s still the same sentence if they have the ability to block her from the whole entertainment circle. Thank you.

However, there was no movement at all on the TV station. Probably the influence of the shady incident was too great to care about Shi Zhi, the great god.

Shi Zhi continued to go back to the crew to shoot. Sometimes the crew would organize some dinners, nothing messy, just bringing friends at most.

Shi Zhi would also participate sometimes, but she didn’t have so many friends with her. Ning Jiachi was losing weight, Bai Wu was filming in other places, and the young Go genius Wu Luo competed all over the world. Shi Zhi just went there alone.

“Sister Shi, there is a handsome guy who has been watching you.”

“That handsome guy is looking at you too.”

The little assistant chattered beside Shi Zhi, and the word went into her left ear and out of her right ear.

“I’m going to the bathroom, are you going?”

Today, Shi Zhi gave Brother Quan a vacation. She was only filming and eating. He could also take a break. It was the little assistant who came to eat with Shi Zhi.

The little assistant didn’t go but said she could accompany Shi Zhi. Shi Zhi pushed her onto the chair, “Then you can eat.”

The restroom is very close to the box room.

When Shi Zhi came out of the bathroom, she met a red-faced man in the corridor. He looked in her direction from time to time with a hesitant expression, but he still mustered up his courage and walked towards Shi Zhi.


Shi Zhi actually didn’t want to hurt others, and it was not easy to muster up the courage, but he still had to face the reality.

“Sorry, I didn’t apply for a card.” 

(probably, she thinks he is a sales marketing their credit card)

Man: “Huh?”

Shi Zhi: “Aren’t you the one who sells the card?” 

Looking around, a little hesitant, he mustered up his courage, whether he was the one who sold the card or what she thought about it. “Teacher Shi Zhi, did you not recognize me… I am Lu Zeming.”

Lu Zeming didn’t expect that Shi Zhi would not recognize him. After all, during this period of time, he was frequently searched. He and Shi Zhi also had contact on the show, and Shi Zhi bombarded the show group because of him.

But Shi Zhi’s expression told Lu Zeming that she really didn’t recognize him.

“Oh oh, it’s you.”

Shi Zhi had a vague impression of the one who danced classical dance very well, like a white crane.

It’s just that her mind was full of cranes at the time, and Lu Zeming changed his hairstyle and clothes today, so she didn’t recognize him.

“It’s like this. I want to thank Teacher Shi Zhi. I saw that you have already quit the show…” Any withdrawal is just a self-righteous excuse from the show team. Lu Zeming already understands these routines.

Before participating in “Youth My Type”, he still believed that the big TV station would be fair. Still, when he offended Wan Jiahao, Wan Jiahao left him to wait and see and pk him off later. He seemed to grow instantly.

“Teacher Shi Zhi, I will win the “Youth My Type” championship, which can be regarded as an explanation to me, to the fans, to the public, and to you.”

Shi Zhi: It’s easy to say, come on.

She is still optimistic about Lu Zeming’s strength if the program group does not engage in shady scenes. Still, now people all over the country are staring at the program group. They dare not praise the royal family anymore.

No matter how popular it is, the audience’s rebellious psychology will also emerge.

Lu Zeming was so eloquent that he was on the verge of crying, “It’s all thanks to Teacher Shi Zhi that I can get to this point. If it wasn’t for you, I would have been eliminated by now. I don’t even know how to repay you… …”

He especially found a friend of a friend, so he sat at the same table with Shi Zhi for dinner.

A sentence instantly came to Shi Zhi’s mind: It’s better to pay a huge sum of money.

But this can’t be said for Lu Zeming. He looks much poorer than her.

“How about…give me some special products?”

Shi Zhi thought of the miscellaneous grain cakes given by the model, they were not expensive but delicious, and she accepted the special products, which made Lu Zeming feel better.

Lu Zeming: “Huh?” he was stunned.

Probably did not expect Shi Zhi to find a way out for him.

Shi Zhi: “Actually, you don’t have to give anything, that’s my responsibility, but if you’re really sorry, why don’t you give me some specialties from your hometown?”

Lu Zeming shook his head.

“Hometown specialties are worthless and completely unequal.”

“Teacher Shi Zhi…”

He seemed to muster up a lot of courage. This time not only his face but even his neck was red. He looked at Shi Zhi.

“There is nothing in return, I can only… promise with my body.”

Shi Zhi: “No, you are repaying kindness with revenge!”

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