Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #35

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Chapter 35

Brother Quan, “…”

The people of the team, “…”

Fuck, it’s actually Shi Zhi’s black fan!

Shi Zhi counted.

The black fan who got in the wrong car.

She has always known that there are many black fans, but this is the first time she has faced black fan directly. The previous time she was besieged was the fan of male Idol, so she stared at her with interest.

The black fan hasn’t recognized Shi Zhi yet, so it’s understandable. Shi Zhi is wearing sunglasses and a big hat that can cover her ears. If she hadn’t been with everyone all the time, the team might not be able to recognize her.

The girl was still complaining, “I’m speechless, I’ve rushed here since early in the morning, I squatted for a long time and didn’t see Shi Zhi, I heard that she has left, my hands are numb from the cold.”

She rubbed her hands.

“But sisters, you are quite fresh-faced… Why do you all look at me like this? Aren’t you Shi Zhi’s black fans?”

She finally noticed the abnormal atmosphere in the car, and her voice gradually lowered after she asked.

Did she go to the wrong place? It’s best not to, it’s hard to find a car, if she really goes wrong, when will she be able to return to the city.

The changes in black fan’s expressions are also quite rich, so people can see her thoughts at a glance.

Assistant: You are the anti-fan, your whole family is anti-fan!

Sister Shi’s black fans were still dancing in front of them, and the assistant felt that the black fans’ arrogance was too arrogant. Isn’t this a mouse that entered the cat’s nest?

She wanted to say why not freeze her to death, and get her out of this car!

Before she could speak, she heard an affirmation.

“It’s Shi Zhi black fan.”

Everyone: who? Who is talking, unexpectedly, there is a person with such attributes hidden in the team? Insider, stop trading.

And find out the traitor! Beaten them.

Then they looked angrily at the source of the sound.

It’s Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi said that.

Shi Zhi told the black fan’s beside her solemnly, “We are all Shi Zhi’s black fans.”

“You hate Shi Zhi too.”

The black fan knew that there was no need to get out of the car, and heaved a sigh of relief. Seeing Shi Zhi was like seeing a relative, “Yes, I really hate Shi Zhi!”

Shi Zhi had the same tone as her, “Isn’t this just a coincidence?!”

It’s actually very simple to establish a friendship. If you like a celebrity at the same time, or hate a celebrity at the same time, the two people quickly reach an agreement and have a good talk.

If what they were talking about was not about Shi Zhi herself, it might have been more harmonious.

The makeup artist also got into the car, and as soon as she got in the car, she saw a strange girl, and there was a weird conversation between Shi Zhi and the girl.

What’s the situation?

The PR staff grabbed the makeup artist and told her by typing on her mobile phone.

That’s Miss Shi’s black fan.

Makeup artist: ???

Surprised, the black fan has entered their base camp?

What surprised her the most was how Sister Shi behaved like a black fan.


Shi Zhi signaled that the car could continue to drive, so no one in the team spoke. Brother Quan was fidgeting, twisting and turning, feeling uncomfortable.

After all, there is a black fan in the car, who can be at ease?

Someone can do it, it’s Shi Zhi and the Black Fan.

The two people who should be the most uncomfortable behaved the most naturally.

There was no need for Shi Zhi to ask the black fan’s, and the black fan’s started to talk endlessly about why they hated Shi Zhi.

Other than the fact that the drama is not good and it is a waste of time, what else is there, “It is said that Shi Zhi has body odor.”

Shi Zhi: Wow!

Black fan: Wow! Are you surprised?

Shi Zhi, “I’m so surprised.”

She didn’t even know she had body odor.

However, Shi Zhi kept agreeing with the other party, and the more the black fans chatted, the more excited she became, “Let me tell you, Shi Zhi eats with a spoon.”

“I have a picture of her eating with a spoon, and I’ll show you.”

As she spoke, she found the phone, and still dug out pictures from an exclusive photo album, Shi Zhi went over to see that she was indeed eating at the airport with a spoon in her hand.

But is this also the point of being hated?

Shi Zhi asked casually, “Can’t you use a spoon to eat?”

Black fan, “Yes…” After finishing speaking, there was a bit of silence between the two of them, and the black fan looked at Shi Zhi with eyes like: Sister, can you stop being so rude.

Shi Zhi nodded to show that she understands, doesn’t pursue the details, and just criticizes.

“How does she use a spoon to eat? She should use chopsticks. Chopsticks are the traditional way of eating. Just looking at her makes no sense!”

Black fan: √!

“Why do you hate Shi Zhi, sister?”

The girl found out that she was the only one talking, but the other party was not, so she was a little embarrassed.

This really stumped Shi Zhi, she didn’t think about it, but she could make it up, “She’s ugly.”

Team:? ? ?

Sister, please be sober.

Shi Zhi thought that the black fans would agree with her, but unexpectedly, the black fans also showed disapproval expressions.

“Sister, Shi Zhi is really not ugly, and it’s all natural.”

“I can guarantee that.”

“Even if we are black fans, we have to be high-quality black fans, don’t reverse black and white.”

Very good, black fans are now of high quality, and there are reasons to want black fans.

Shi Zhi wanted to give them a thumbs up.

“Are there any bigger black things…” She was really addicted to listening to it. 

It’s all unreliable rumors and eating with a spoon. It’s not that crazy.

The girl sighed.

“It’s really not easy to find Shi Zhi black material recently.”

“No, are you still chasing the scene specifically?”

Too hardworking.. Hei is too hardworking.

Shi Zhi felt that this spirit was very moving, “Then what’s the new discovery?”

The black fan was frustrated, “…well, no, I couldn’t get in, and I didn’t see Shi Zhi.”

Although the members of Shi Zhi’s team seemed to be doing other things, they were actually listening with their ears open. When they heard each other’s eyes, they could see gloating from each other’s expressions.

Deserve it!

Shi Zhi didn’t, so she handed the warmer bag to the other party, and decided to give her a black material because of this fate and spirit.

Eating with a spoon can be hated, so…

“I do know one, Shi Zhi can eat two bowls of rice in one meal.”

It’s true, she can eat two bowls when she’s hungry.

The black fan frowned, “Me too, I can still eat three bowls…”

Shi Zhi: “Sister, can you stop being so rude?”

A little black fan spirit, okay?

Black fan’s: understand understand understand.

Shi Zhi interpreted, “Don’t female celebrities eat very little now, to lose weight.” She saw that some people only ate a few sticks of noodles, counting the number of sticks.

“But Zhi ate two bowls of rice, it seemed ridiculous!”

Black fans’: “It’s outrageous, and she doesn’t control her body. If she doesn’t control her body, she is extremely disrespectful!” Although she has eaten so much more and Shi Zhi is not fat, whoever cares about her must have the spirit of anti-fans.

The black fan said to Shi Zhi, “You are too good, you are really qualified to be a black fan.”

Shi Zhi cupped her fists, “Accept.”

She has never met Shi Zhi’s black fans who are so easy to talk to. This is a talent that must be absorbed.

“Are you in Shi Zhi’s black fan support group?”

“If not, I’ll tell you the group number, join the organization.”

Shi Zhi: “Forget it.” She didn’t think about breaking into the opponent’s lair.

The people in the team felt that today was really a magical day. The black fans got into their car, and Sister Shi acted like a black fan. She was even affirmed by the black fans and wanted to pull her into her black fan group ?

Fortunately, sister Shi refused.

What are you doing with the group? It’s too magical.

The girl continued to persuade Shi Zhi, “Really, joining an organization, fighting alone is not warm, it is warm to join a group with a big family, and fight together for hating Shi Zhi.”

Shi Zhi: Since you sincerely asked me to join the group, I can’t refuse anymore.

“Alright.” Shi Zhi took out her phone.


The people in the team saw that Sister Shi really joined the group, and just now they said that Sister Shi was firm-willed, so she shouldn’t have joined the group.

This is not over yet, they were also recruited into Shi Zhi’s black fan group by that girl.


“…” Suddenly a little excited, what’s going on.

The little black fan is really talkative, and she has already confessed herself in a few words. Her name is Xia Anan, a rookie in the workplace, and became Shi Zhi black fans for more than two years.

Xia An’an felt that the sisters around her were really kind, and every word she said touched her heart. It had been a long time since she had met such a congenial sister for chatting, and she even gave her a warm handbag.

She is a fairy, she wants to be good friends with her!

It’s “Sister, why are you still wearing sunglasses in the car? It’s very warm in the car, so there’s no need for this big hat.”

The air conditioner was turned on in the van. At first, Xia Anan’s limbs were stiff from the cold, but she has already recovered from the cold. She actually didn’t mean to care about others, but looking at the sisters next to her, she felt a little hot.

Shi Zhi smiled meaningfully.

Xia Anan didn’t realize the meaning of this smile at this moment, she just thought that this sister must be very good-looking, although only her mouth and chin were exposed.

She received a call and signaled to Shi Zhi, Shi Zhi nodded and asked her to answer, leaving her alone.

The car was very quiet, so even if she didn’t want to hear it, she could still hear Xia Anan’s phone ringing.

“The carpool money has been refunded to your account.”

Xia Anan was puzzled, “Ah, why did you give it back to me?”

The other party said, “You didn’t get in the car, so I will definitely refund it to you. We waited for you for a while and didn’t wait for you anymore, so we left. We are all in the city now. Did you go back to the city early? Let us know in advance next time. Come on, don’t make us wait blindly.”

Xia Anan, “…”

No, she didn’t make it to the city, and the car is only half way there now.

The phone had already been hung up, and Xia Anan suddenly had a question in her head.

When she carpooled with her, Shi Zhi’s black fan had already returned to the city center, so whose car is she sitting in now?

Brother Quan turned back to look at Xia Anan, the more Xia Anan looked at this man, the more familiar he looked.

She pointed at Brother Quan.


“You…are you Shi Zhi’s manager?”

The people on the team actually didn’t expect that Shi Zhi hadn’t been exposed, but it was Brother Quan who was exposed.

Shi Zhi, who was sitting next to Xia Anan, opened her mouth, “Found out?”

“That’s not pretending, it’s quite hot.”

She took off her hat and sunglasses, tilted her head and smiled at Xia Anan.

Xia Anan: !!!

Shocking grass!

Shi Zhi!

She didn’t get in Shi Zhi’s black fan’s car, but got into Shi Zhi’s car, and chatted bad things about Shi Zhi with Shi Zhi for a long time.

To Xia Anan, this was a series of critical blows, and she was almost in a mess.

The black fan’s pupils shrank, and she automatically remembered Shi Zhi in her mind.

Why do you still wear a hat and glasses in the car, in order not to let her recognize it?

Comes with a devil smile.

Outside in the wild countryside, Xia Anan put her hand on the door handle of the car, thinking uncontrollably… Anyway, it didn’t end well.

With a soft voice, Shi Zhi asked Xia Anan, “Why are you shaking?”

“Don’t be afraid, we are not good people, I will just take one bite of a little black fan like you.”

“I barely ate a bowl of rice at noon and I was hungry.” After speaking, she opened her mouth, her teeth collided up and down, making a rattling sound.

Assistant: Sister Shi is so perverted/perverted…but she really likes it.

Sorrow (gan) heart (de) disease (piao) madness (liang)!

Yes, they are not very good people.

The assistant wanted to record the expression of the little black fan.

Xia Anan’s whole face collapsed, “I’m sorry… I was wrong.” Smart person is one who knows current affairs.

(Junjie 俊杰 : means elite / outstanding talent / genius. It can be said that Junjie ‘A talent or smart person is the one who knows the current affair)

She didn’t expect that she would dance in front of the Lord.

“Sorry, please put me down.”

As a qualified black fan, Xia Anan heard Shi Zhi say “not a good person” last time when she appeared in “Our Village”, and knocked Chen Baichuan away after saying that.

Shi Zhi refused, “It’s not that simple.”

“Are you scared? Scream, even if you break your throat, no one will come to save you.”

Why does this villain have a set of vocabulary?

Xia Anan, “…” trembling, weak and helpless, is there anyone to save her, someone is going to eat a black fan.

Xia Anan was already thinking about jumping out of the car, but Shi Zhi sensed her thoughts and pulled the person who was caught in the car over.

She glanced at the outside of the car, and it was desolate outside, even the buildings were far away, “You get off here, can you go back?”

“Stay well, I won’t tease you anymore.”

Shi Zhi really didn’t intend to scare her at the beginning. She didn’t wear sunglasses and a hat because of black fan. Hearing that she couldn’t get a taxi and it was cold, she wanted to take her along.

Shi Zhi talk is over, put on the earphones and listen to the music, seeing that Xia Anan was still wandering, she handed over the earphones.

“Listen?” The look scared the child.

Xia Anan is like an AI machine. She wants to say she won’t listen, but her mouth won’t listen, “Okay, thank you.”


So the haters shared a headset with someone she hated.

Xia Anan decided to put aside all distracting thoughts for the time being, relax and listen to the songs, and let her listen to Shi Zhi’s song playlist.

Then listen carefully, almost splitting.

The “Great Compassion Mantra” was playing in Shi Zhi’s earphones.

When Zhi Zhi reminded her to get out of the car when she reached the place, Xia Anan’s mind was full of that tune.

Shi Zhi was sitting in the car, waving at Xia Anan, “Keep an eye on the road.”

“Also, I don’t have body odor.”

This point should be emphasized.

Xia Anan watched Shi Zhi’s van leave, her hands trembling when she took out her mobile phone, and she went directly to her friend, a black fan.

That’s the first thing she says.

“Shi Zhi doesn’t have body odor.”

She can testify to that.

Friend: ???

Xia Anan: “Can you believe it? I came back in Shi Zhi’s car, and we talked about Shi Zhi’s gossip on the way, and Shi Zhi told me that she can eat two bowls of rice for a meal…”

Friend: What kind of crazy are you? I’m at work, so I won’t chat with you anymore, and today is not April Fool’s Day.

Can black fans ride in the celebrity car? The celebrity is still chatting with her about her scandals. Isn’t this a fairy tale?

Xia Anan: She also knows it’s ridiculous…but it’s true!

She belatedly thought of a terrible thing and asked Shi Zhi to join the black fan support club…

I dare not tell the administrator, and I don’t know which one is Shi Zhi.

So let it be.

“Black fans really work hard.”

Shi Zhi looked through the group and saw everyone studying her variety show frame by frame, from speech to analysis of every small expression. She couldn’t help expressing such emotion.

Spending money to catch up with the scene, she has watched all the variety shows she has appeared on without missing a beat, which is so true.

The team members nodded, “Yes.” Sometimes black fans are more serious than some fans.

But then I felt something was wrong.

“Sister Shi, is there something wrong with your focus?”

Why is there admiration in this tone?

That’s your black fan. I don’t know if I should say that sister Shi is open-minded or big-hearted.

Shi Zhi participated in the recording of the first episode of “Youth My Type,” and the response was good after it was aired. Everyone has long been tired of watching those miserable scenes, and Shi Zhi can be said to have spoken their minds.

In the second episode, many people squatted in the live broadcast room just to wait for Shi Zhi classic “Please start your performance,” and Shi Zhi lived up to expectations.

Some contestants even specifically said to Shi Zhi, “Teacher Shi Zhi, I didn’t want to sell the sad story, but I want to hear you scold me… no, encourage me.”

Shi Zhi: ???

The audience and netizens almost fainted from laughter.

Little brother, something is wrong with you. Are you the M?

Shi Zhi’s reaction was also fascinating. She choked out two words.

“Come on.”

Cheer up to contestant No. 23 as encouragement.

The competition system of “Youth My Type” is relatively special. The auditions and the promotion PK are cross-conducted. In this issue, it is the turn of the promotion PK competition.

They were all selected contestants, and the quality was much more stable than in the previous period. Shi Zhi finally regained the feeling of a super VIP auditorium.

The handsome men and beautiful women staged various talent shows, which were still very eye-catching. Still, there was a little accident when the two contestants were pk.

There are two male contestants. One is Wan Jiahao, and the other is Lu Zeming. Both of them focus on dance. The difference is in the direction. Wan Jiahao is a street dancer, and Lu Zeming is a classical dancer.

Shi Zhi was unfamiliar with the two of them, but before she came on stage, the judge next to her pointed out Lu Zeming to Shi Zhi, saying he was powerful.

According to the competition system, Lu Zeming was not one to PK with Wan Jiahao. Still, Wan Jiahao suddenly asked to change opponents after playing.

“Since you want to PK, then PK is the strongest.”

He pointed to the stage, “Lu Zeming, do you dare to come?”

Shi Zhi clicked her tongue. The young man is quite crazy.

However, seeing Lu Zeming’s complexion was not very good, she vaguely smelled a bit of conspiracy.

Lu Zeming meant that if the program group says changed, then change.

The program team had an urgent discussion and finally agreed to Wan Jiahao’s approach.

[My favorite is this kind of player who dares to speak harshly, Wan Jiahao, right? I’m a fan!]

[Lu Zeming is stronger than Wan Jiahao, classical dance is so beautiful to me.]

[I don’t think this is very good. The program team seems to be following Wan Jiahao. Is it so unprincipled…]

Someone raised objections in the live broadcast room, but soon everyone focused on the play.

After Lu Zeming started dancing, Shi Zhi understood why the jury next to her said that Lu Zeming was strong.

It’s true that he dances very well, elegant and powerful, wearing white clothes like a crane, every movement is on point, and his ability to control his body is excellent.

On the other hand, although Wan Jiahao dances different types of dances, his dancing is not bad. Still, compared with Lu Zeming, he looks ordinary.

Stand high and low.

At least Shi Zhi is sure that Wan Jiahao and Lu Zeming are not on the same level.

She naturally voted for Lu Zeming, but out of the five judges, only Shi Zhi and another old artist chose Lu Zeming. Once the audience votes came out, Lu Zeming’s votes were ridiculously small.

Wan Jiahao actually beat Lu Zeming, who was clearly much higher level skill than him.

The audience has already started the commotion.

“What’s the situation?”

“How so.”

Wan Jiahao acted as he should, and Lu Zeming stood on the stage with him, suddenly looking a little pitiful.

He picked up the mic.

“I can also dance hip-hop.”

Then he actually did a dance.

Wan Jiahao didn’t expect Lu Zeming to have this trick, and he left classical dance behind. Lu Zeming’s street dance level is also excellent, still better than Wan Jiahao’s.

It’s just that this didn’t reverse the fact that Wan Jiahao won. The program team didn’t need the judges to say anything. It probably felt it was unfair, so they gave Lu Zeming a pending decision.

“What’s the relationship between Wan Jiahao and the show crew?”

When Shi Zhi got off the stage, she asked Brother Quan.

Brother Quan has figured it out.

“Wan Jiahao is the director’s nephew, the royal family, the champion has been appointed by default, I’m convinced… don’t cause any trouble.” Looking at the scene, he was already a little anxious.

The relationships in the circle are normal, and even people outside the circle know about it. With their family background, they have a smooth journey and can easily get things that ordinary people can’t get with hard work.

Shi Zhi took a look at the contestant who had won just now, that is, the royal family that Brother Quan was talking about, and the champion was unofficially determined. She raised her hand to open the thermos, took a sip of water, and commented.

“There is a saying, Little Red depends on praise, Big Red depends on fate, strong praise will be punished by God.”

Brother Quan was almost scared to death by Shi Zhi.

“Keep your voice down, keep your voice down.”

This is still waiting for someone else’s show.

Brother Quan’s mouth, what he said was ineffective, and what he feared would happen. Soon there were voices on the Internet that the program group had shady scenes. After all, this was too obvious.

To say that if “Youth My Type” really wanted to be the champion internally a long time ago, don’t do any live broadcasts. Now it’s starting to be counterattacked.

In Shi Zhi’s private message, she received many messages from Lu Zeming’s fans.

It probably means that they want Shi Zhi to help Lu Zeming. Shi Zhi is indeed a fair judge.

Brother Quan discussed with Shi Zhi, “Why don’t we terminate the contract with “Youth My Type.”

They were really unlucky. Shi Zhi had only recorded two episodes and encountered such a difficult situation. The pregnant judge had recorded several episodes and had nothing serious. Brother Quan feels that this show is now muddy water. Whoever gets it stinks.

What can Shi Zhi do? If you follow the program group without conscience, you will be scolded by the audience.

Shi Zhi looked away from the phone. She asked, “Can you let it over?”

Brother Quan has already found out how, and it’s not impossible. They have to pay liquidated damages.

Shi Zhi: Okay, then it’s all right.

“The money in my pocket, don’t even think about flying out.”

“Can I still give money to the program crew?”


What is said is called a resonant and powerful voice.

Faced with Shi Zhi’s remarks, Brother Quan couldn’t laugh or cry.

In the past, Shi Zhi didn’t seem to take money so seriously.

Moreover, didn’t Shi Zhi say that she won the lottery? She paid three times the salary to the team members without blinking, although the penalty for breach of contract was much higher.

Shi Zhi: “That’s different.”

Since Shi Zhi doesn’t quit, Brother Quan thinks that she should stop talking this time when recording again. Honestly, be a mascot. It’s better to play with a wooden figure. It would be better if the audience could forget Shi Zhi’s existence.

The most important thing now is to stay safe.

The recording location was very remote, but it could be seen that everyone was quite excited. Lu Zeming’s fans even chased after the recording location, waiting outside.

Seeing Shi Zhi, Lu Zeming’s fans greeted Shi Zhi.

“Teacher. Shi Zhi, please help Lu Zeming, he really loves the stage and shouldn’t be treated unfairly like this.”

In the last episode, Shi Zhi voted for Lu Zeming, so she is also a life-saving straw for Lu Zeming’s fans.

Shi Zhi didn’t agree or disagree and asked the assistant to send them the hand warmer in the car.

There was a lot in the car, and the little black fan was frozen stiff when she was waiting outside.

The director of the program team was pleased to see that Shi Zhi came to the recording site smoothly. Shi Zhi is now almost carrying the ratings, and if she really quits “Youth My Type,” it will be a big loss for the program team. It is estimated that there will be more shady people in their program group.

The director said a few words to Shi Zhi cryptically, meaning that regarding Lu Zeming’s matter, she must insist on following the idea of the program group.

Before Shi Zhi took the stage, the cameramen came to see Shi Zhi again. First, they praised Shi Zhi for being beautiful and even showed hospitality.

“Teacher Shi Zhi’s bag today is also pretty, and it’s quite big. Would you like me to help you put it away?”

Shi Zhi politely refused, “No need, I can just put it under the judge’s table.”

If it is placed on the bottom of the feet, it will be blocked by the judge’s desk and cannot be recorded.

Director: “Teacher Shi Zhi, do you know how to do it?”

Shi Zhi smiled meaningfully, “I understand.”

The stone in the cameraman’s heart finally fell, and he felt that the matter was settled, so he watched Shi Zhi go on stage.

That’s right, they are all people in the circle and know how to do it to their advantage. Shi Zhi already understood it, and they didn’t force her to say that Wan Jiahao was stronger.

The recording started, everything was normal at the beginning, and suddenly someone in the auditorium stood up and shouted.

“Netizens voted on Weibo, Wan Jiahao PK Lu Zeming, Wan Jiahao won, more than 70% of netizens said that the program group had shady scenes, Lu Zeming was obviously better than Wan Jiahao in dancing. The program group, what do you have to explain!”

His voice was not low, and he picked a moment when no one was speaking, and many people heard it.

There was an instant commotion in the auditorium, and the barrage was constantly buzzing.

[The program team intends to be a good person, quickly explaining why Wan Jiahao has so many more votes than Lu Zeming.]

[They said that the voting is transparent, they really think everyone is blind, it makes me sick.]

[Oh, I’m going to throw up. Lu Zeming is really pitiful. Is there a background of 818,000 Jiahao votes?]

[The program team will definitely not give an explanation, but I still want to give a thumbs up to the guy who just shouted.]

The director was so angry that they specially screened the audience but didn’t expect to put people in.

“Security, where did the security go, get them out quickly!”

The scene was extremely embarrassing, and the old artist opened his mouth.

“I personally think that Lu Zeming is indeed a better dancer.”

He couldn’t see through his eyes. It was very painful for Lu Zeming to be so determined.

The director yelled to the staff to quickly turn off the microphone for the old artist and then told the rest of the guests in the ear to come out to save the scene.

Apart from the old artist and Shi Zhi, the other three directors had already colluded with them.

But the director didn’t expect that it was Shi Zhi who picked up the microphone.

Shi Zhi glanced back at the auditorium, “Just now, some viewers said that more than 70% of netizens said that the program group has shady scenes, and that Lu Zeming dances better than Wan Jiahao?”

“I personally think it’s unfair to evaluate the program group like this.”

Originally, some people had expectations for Shi Zhi, thinking that she would speak fair words and help students with no background. Still, they did not expect that she would actually say such a thing.


[So, let’s see, the world is as black as crows, and Shi Zhi must take money to do things. 

[You don’t have to trust the advertisers, but you can trust Sister Shi, the people who created the hype actually believed these things.]

Brother Quan was in a hurry, wishing he could go up and snatch Shi Zhi’s microphone, “Are you bewitched?” Is Shi Zhi crazy?

The director of the program group beamed with joy. Shi Zhi not only did not remain neutral but also spoke for them.

But in the next second, the director wanted to grab the microphone.

Shi Zhi said with a straight voice.

“Lu Zeming is better at dancing than Wan Jiahao. You can be bolder. What is more than 70% shady, the program group is 100% shady!”

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