The Vicious Female Character at the End of Days

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Chapter 47. (2/2)

Bai Tian Tian also looked cheerful, and Shen Mingxuan, next to her, simply fell asleep. Liang Zhiyu was also bored and fiddled with the mobile phone he had brought out.

Fu Chen felt a little uncomfortable, especially when Bai Qing Qing leaned over without any scruples, which aggravated the strange feeling in his heart.

The dark side in his heart is like a wild beast that broke through the cage, constantly bumping into the prison, causing him to have a cold on his handsome face. If you can underestimate his expression, you will be frightened.

Bai Qing Qing ate a piece of popcorn herself and even stuffed one for Fu Chen. Her slender fingers touched his cold thin lips.

Fu Chen opened his mouth subconsciously and accidentally bit her delicate fingers. He was slightly taken aback.

Bai Qing Qing didn’t notice the strangeness in him. After pulling back her finger, she leaned into his ear and asked, “Brother, is the popcorn sweet?”

Fu Chen chewed it twice and swallowed it, his eyes were deep, and he said, “Sweet.”

“Then you eat some more.” Bai Qing Qing fed him again; this time, Fu Chen didn’t accidentally bite her finger.

Bai Qing Qing didn’t know anything about the restlessness of her action in the darkness. She focused all her attention on the movie and sighed in her heart. It’s better before the end of the world when you can shoot all kinds of blockbuster movies.

Now the world is full of supernatural beings, and special effects are not needed for blockbuster movies, but there is probably only one subject that can be filmed, the war between supernatural beings and zombies.

The scene where the zombie’s brains burst and splattered was disgusting and terrifying. She didn’t like this kind of movie.

The team enjoyed watching the movie, but the atmosphere in the Ye family was tense.

Ye Jiahui was supposed to recover after taking the doctor’s medicine, but she suddenly rolled over and complained of pain in the middle of the night. She called the doctor to check and found that she had been poisoned.

Her body was itchy and painful, and she roared resentfully: “It’s her, it’s definitely Bai Qing Qing who poisoned me.”

Ye’s father and son lost their dignity and faces at the banquet because she tried to frame Bai Qing Qing, but she was slapped in the face when the frame failed. Unexpectedly, she yelled that she was poisoned.

Seeing the disappointed faces of her father and brother, Ye Jiahui cried out in pain and tears: “This time it’s true, dad, brother, you believe me.”

She scratched her body frantically, scratching her face and neck. The wound Fu Chen had given her cruelly had just healed, and she scratched scabs. The bloody appearance was terrifying.

After all, Ye Jianguo felt sorry for his daughter and asked calmly, “Is it true that Bai Qing Qing poisoned you?”

“It must be her.” Ye Jiahui cursed bitterly: “That bitch wants to kill me. I feel so itchy and hurt. Dad, please help me.”

The doctor feared the leader would blame him, so he hurriedly said, “Boss, I injected the young lady with medicine, but it didn’t work.”

“Trash! Get off!” Ye Jianguo roared.

What can he do now? He can only go to Cheng’s house to find Bai Qing Qing. Otherwise, Ye Jiahui can only endure torture; the consequences may be serious, and she may even die.

Thinking of Fu Chen, who looked like the king of Hades, the Ye family’s father and son were a little scared, and the army and supernatural beings rushed toward Cheng’s villa in a hurry.

“What does the leader want to do? Is he going to start a fight with the Cheng family?”

“Cheng Yan has a fifth-level psychic superpower under his command. Let him die.”

“Where did this strong man come from? If he wants to become the leader, the Ye family may…”

People with supernatural powers are divided into two factions, the Ye family and the Cheng family. One mountain cannot accommodate two tigers. Sooner or later, a battle for power will break out.

Cheng Yan’s reputation in the base is very good, and he has high prestige in the army. The last time the Ye family targeted the Cheng family, they had already planted the seeds of dissatisfaction among the soldiers.

The Ye family once again aggressively troubled the Cheng family. If there were no good reason, they would probably lose their hearts.

Hurrying to Cheng’s house, Ye’s father and son looked at the empty villa and asked the nanny: “Where did your master’s guests go?”

The nanny’s face was pale, and her legs were weak in fright, and she said tremblingly: “Everyone is out to watch a movie.”

Ye Jianguo’s face turned extremely ugly in an instant. The Cheng family was too bullying. His daughter was tortured by the venom and didn’t look like a human. They were watching a movie leisurely!

He has not forgotten yesterday’s humiliation and is bound to get it back in the future.

The movie theater was only half an hour from Cheng’s house, and everyone planned to walk back slowly.

Fu Chen led Bai Qing Qing to walk behind the crowd and noticed his expression twitching. She asked curiously, “Brother, do you have something to tell me?”

After solving the Ye family, the team will immediately leave the Yaoyang base and rush to the Jingzhou base in the east.

He has decided to keep her at Cheng Rui’s side.

“Qing Qing.” Fu Chen hesitated for half a second, then said in a low voice, “The team will leave Yaoyang Base in a few days.”

Bai Qing Qing didn’t expect to leave so soon. She thought, “Then let’s go and look at the supplies tomorrow, and we’ll store up some things before we leave.”

Fu Chen stared at her with deep black eyes, “You stay.”

Bai Qing Qing had tinnitus for a second and stared at him blankly as if she had heard a big joke.

“Brother, are you going to abandon me?”

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