Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #34

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Chapter 34

Part 1

Why did Shi Zhi watch and play chess among the uncles, why did she blend so perfectly, and by what coincidence did she go to the hot search?

Specifically, the film and television city usually has reporters to do the interview. This time, the theme of local reporters is to observe the spiritual and cultural life of the elderly in the film and television city.

Grandpa playing chess fits well with this theme. The reporter recorded the video from a distance, and they didn’t think there was anything wrong, but after the broadcast, the netizens noticed it——


Among the group of uncles, there seemed to be a young girl watching the battle with her hands behind her back. She looked a little familiar.

Take a closer look. Isn’t it familiar?

This looks like Shi Zhi!

This video was uploaded on the Internet and received crazy comments and reposts. The costume Shi Zhi wore in the video was exactly the same as the costume in the vlog, so it must be her.

Shi Zhi watched the battle with her hands behind her back. In the background of the video, there was a vibrant interpretation and dubbing by the host.

“A corner of the film and television city is extremely lively, and some old men are playing Go…”

A few old men.

“Help mom, I’m going crazy, I’ve watched this video ten times, my stomach hurts from laughing, I can’t stop!”

“I never dreamed that Shi Zhi would appear in this kind of news. If everyone hadn’t told me about Shi Zhi, I wouldn’t have noticed. She has completely integrated into the uncle!”

“This movement with hands behind your back is really like a grandpa. There is no sense of disobedience. Once I get into this kind of thinking, I can’t get out.

Of course, at this moment, there will be people who will question it. No, this can’t be Shi Zhi’s hype, right?

In fact, not only do some netizens think so, but even people in the industry think so. Shi Zhi’s PR, is that person pushing the uncle’s character design for her?

As expected of an amazing PR, this kind of character is scarce among young actresses, and it is unexpected.

In fact, Shi Zhi’s manager, Brother Quan, just wanted to tell people that he didn’t want Shi Zhi to have an uncle character. He obviously wanted a girly character.

A netizen stood up, “Damn, I followed this for a long time, and suddenly found that a certain old man in it seems to be my grandfather.”

What kind of experience is it to suddenly discover that grandpa is playing chess with a celebrity like Shi Zhi?

Netizens !!!

Immediately chased after this netizen and asked him to ask his grandpa, did Shi Zhi often watch games and play chess?

The Netizens disappeared for a while, then rushed back.

I got some news, people. Let’s take a look. I showed the video to my grandpa. When Grandpa talked about her, his tone was very familiar. Just open his mouth, talking about Xiao Shi.

I never dreamed that Xiao Shi was Shi Zhi! You may not know that the name Xiao Shi has appeared in our family countless times this month. My grandpa always said that Xiao Shi was beautiful, well-spoken, and good at chess… It really put me down to the dirt. Still not convinced, where did the angel come from? Yes, it is an angel. I was the wrong one.

The point is my grandpa, and the uncles and aunts around wanted to introduce someone to Shi Zhi, but Shi Zhi was not annoyed at all. By the way, she even joined the group, and I will show you the atmosphere in the group…

Everyone has quickly concluded.

Shi Zhi often watched the old men play chess and had a very good relationship with the old men. It’s so good that the old men even wanted to introduce Shi Zhi to someone?

Black question mark face.

Who hasn’t been introduced to someone by the elders, but Shi Zhi is still not angry when introduced to someone, which is outrageous.

Is she really a celebrity?

The netizen Grandpa that knew Shi Zhi had already posted screenshots of the group. He erased the group name but circled Shi Zhi’s WeChat.

So it can be seen that in the group of various elderly emojis, Shi Zhi still stays very well, even like a duck to water.

Because Shi Zhi has more elderly emojis than grandpas and aunts! Still spending! Flash!

Some uncles even said, “This picture was good when I was young. I will save it.”

Netizens knock!

How on earth did Shi Zhi come to have so many old emoticons, one thing to send… and one thing to want.

If no such incident exists, watching Shi Zhi’s vlog will feel salty and sweet. Young girls and glamorous celebrities are all gathered in one.

But now netizens’ minds are filled with Shi Zhi’s backhand posture watching chess and those colorful emoticons. Looking at Shi Zhi’s vlog, they still vaguely found easter eggs.

For example, does this glamorous star shooting a magazine have a thermos next to her?

A thermos with a strong sense of presence wherever she goes.

Brother Quan shot the rope-skipping video for Shi Zhi on the crew. There were already many people on the crew, so the video of Shi Zhi jumping rope for one second and spinning the top for the next second was also released.

Compared with skipping rope, Shi Zhi was much happier playing with the spinning top. The beautiful sister with twin ponytails did not feel disobedient when she played with the spinning top.

Shi Zhi knew what was going on after looking at the trending search. That was, she had been photographed watching her uncle play chess.

Not a big problem.

She doesn’t know if it will cause any trouble for the uncles. They always thought she was acting as an extra.

Brother Quan: “How come you’re patronizing Grandpa, and don’t you see me shutting myself up?”

He is shutting himself.

Shi Xiaozhi’s plans collapse again.

Shi Zhi asked, “Aren’t you often shutting yourself?” Since Brother Quan became her manager, apart from “Good Day,” she has frequently seen that Brother Quan has been shutting himself.

Brother Quan ???

Shi Zhi felt she might be too heartless, so she changed the phrase, “I will give you an environment of self-isolation, and I will not disturb you.”

Brother Quan…

Thank you.

After all, the hot search is also on the top. No matter how they are on, they are now the most eye-catching team in the circle.

Brother Quan was happy when he thought of this and waved his hand to tell Shi Zhi not to worry about him. He wanted to post it on his Moments so that those in the company who favor high and low would see they can be on the trending search without spending money.

Who else?!

Shi Zhi communicated with the elders, and the elders all said that they were not troubled. They were thrilled to be on TV, and Shi Zhi was relieved.

The filming of “After Inheriting the Richest Man’s Inheritance” went smoothly. Initially, there weren’t too many big scenes, and everyone got along very well. The number of times of getting stuck was relatively small, and it had already entered the final stage.

Director Shi Tao has great confidence in this TV series. The more he shoots, the more he feels that this TV series will definitely be popular. At least it becomes a small hit.

Please, Shi Zhi, please be right.

The shooting task was reduced, and Brother Quan got another piece of cake.

It’s a talent show called “Youth My Type”.

“I have to say that we are really lucky. This show originally had a female judge, but the female judge became pregnant, so she suspended all work. The program team just wanted to find another female artist. We are cheap… no, cost-effective high.”

Shi Zhi stared at the manager, “You don’t need to say it. I’ve already heard it.” In fact, they were looking for the cheap one.

Assistants, and makeup artists, are also heard.

Shi Zhi said, “I have to raise the price.” Since I can’t go anywhere now, I must raise the price.

Earn more.

Brother Quan was suddenly excited, “If you have ambition, then let’s play well, and we can raise the price after you become popular!”

Shi Zhi, “…” Then the price won’t be raised.

In fact, the program team found Shi Zhi not only because it was cheap.

Moreover, as a talent show, they have always focused on fairness and justice. Shi Zhi dared to complain that the drinks were bad. There was a saying on the Internet that “you don’t have to trust advertisers, but you can trust sister Shi.” It is a symbol of fairness and justice.

The talent show judges don’t have a lot of work. They just talk about the show, and there are even more talkative ones in the show. If Shi Zhi wants, she can even just be a mascot.

This job came easily, and Brother Quan felt there was no reason to refuse.

He also specially watched the previous episode. They did pretty well, so Shi Zhi signed up for the next few episodes.

When “Youth My Type” was signed, Zhi Zhi publicized it on Weibo. Ning Jiachi was the first to retweet it, and Bai Wu and other guests from “Our Village” followed closely. The people who stayed in the secret room with Shi Zhi, Geng Can, and the male singer with hair loss retweeted it too.

Netizens are still looking forward to Shi Zhi’s show.

The judges of the talent show are not so demanding. If Shi Zhi is questioned as a judge, there are still manga artists on the judges’ bench.

Sometimes Gardenia is still very good at it and asks if Uncle Shi will perform a spinning top for everyone on the spot.

(Gardenia = Shi Zhi fans)

When Shi Zhi went online, she replied to this comment——


The other party said, “How do you know Shi Zhi can’t?”

She immediately pointed out, “Because she is Shi Zhi!”

It’s not a high imitation account. Shi Zhi herself came out to reply. She said that she would not perform spinning tops on stage.

Running to tell other people.

Shi Zhi was very conscientious. All she got was the judge’s money, the spinning top was a different price, and she refused it.

She tried to dispel netizens’ thoughts, but the sand sculpture netizens became more enthusiastic. If you say you don’t know how to smoke, do you really know how? Then they really have to check it out!

“Youth My Type” is a talent show which claims to be inclusive of all forms. It’s not only dancing, singing, musical instrument performance, and martial arts but also acrobatics, fire-breathing and face-changing.

But more dancing, singing, and playing instruments.

Including Shi Zhi. There were five guests in total, and Shi Zhi didn’t know any of them.

Fortunately, we were just colleagues who got together temporarily, so we didn’t need to go out of our way to talk. Just nod our heads.

The show started soon, probably to reflect fairness and make the audience feel more involved. In addition to recording and broadcasting, “Youth My Type” also has a live broadcast, and the barrage gradually became lively.

Is it going to start? I don’t know if today will there be any good players.

Part 2

Really changed the judges. One thing to say, Shi Zhi is really good-looking.

Where is Shi Zhi? It is obviously Uncle Shi. Uncle Shi was praised on the spot for playing the top! (dog head)

Where did Uncle Shi’s thermos go?

She didn’t bring the thermos; the program group had sponsored drinks. They would not let Shi Zhi put the thermos on the table, and even if it was possible, Brother Quan felt that there was no need to deepen this impression.

Please forget about that thermos.

Shi Zhi watched the game seriously, and since she was in the judge’s seat, she could still see the front directly!

But looking at it, she couldn’t help but frown.

Forget it. What is the difference between positive and negative?

She thought this task was a bit too easy. She could just sit and watch the show. Before, when she watched Bai Wu and the others perform, it was enjoyable, but watching the show now is called torture.

It’s not that there are no good performances, but there are only a few. Brother Quan probably watched the recorded version and has already cut out the good ones. Now it can be called a group of demons dancing wildly.

Competitors who proclaimed that they had excellent singing skills sang broken notes. Someone held a very stylish violin, which looked very smart, and then played it like chopping wood.

Shi Zhi ???

What Shi Zhi couldn’t accept the most was that it had turned into a large-scale selling scene. Everyone had a miserable experience, and it was unjustifiable without any suffering.

One of them sang out of tune the whole time and was about to be eliminated, but he picked up the microphone.

“Mentors, wait a minute, can I say a few words?”

The meaning of this sentence is hello, everyone. I’m going to start selling a sad story.

Shi Zhi also picked up the microphone, “Start your performance.”

Player ???

There was a moment of stagnation.

The audience was also stunned and then couldn’t help laughing.

Shi Zhi added later, “Please start your self-introduction.”

It still doesn’t prevent the barrage from turning into a sea of haha.

‘Absolutely, Shi Zhi is excruciating, I slapped my thigh and typed a string of 666.’

‘As expected of Miss Shi, I finally understand why everyone is shouting like that.’

‘It’s not a performance. I was confused when I watched this show. What I knew was an audition, but what I didn’t think was a story conference.’

‘Everyone just wants to take a good look at the draft and find out those real talented amateurs, instead of listening to a miserable story, and I have a dream.’

Next, facing people whose professional level is not up to standard, those still selling miserably sad stories also utter golden sentences frequently.

After someone finished speaking many impassioned sentences that can be called chicken soup for the soul, he asked the judges what he needed to improve his performance.

Shi Zhi, “Compared to “Youth My Type,” you are more suitable for talk shows.”

“If you spend half the time writing small essays on your talent show, it may work a lot better.”

A talk show, a small essay……

The audience only felt that Shi Zhi had spoken out all their thoughts, which was a damn appropriate description!

What this little essay says are at least a few thousand words. It’s true that it’s better to focus on performance. If you don’t speak, you forget the words. Is this still possible?

Shi Zhi’s suggestion is sincere. This contestant’s speech can mobilize emotions. If you are eliminated, go to the talk show next door. Maybe there is another world.

Some still continue to make voices that want to sell a miserably sad story.

Shi Zhi told him, “Hurry up and give some performance time to the contestants behind you.”

Everyone making up stories has begun to occupy the performance time of the rest of the regular contestants.

The program team originally thought that Shi Zhi would quietly be their mascot, and the audience thought so too. Still, they didn’t expect Shi Zhi to become an anti-hypocrisy expert.

Everyone is here to watch the show, not to make up stories. But they show some strength to speak. To say that everything is not easy to work hard and practice 25 hours a day, the results are presented here.

Five minutes a day, no more, right?

The program team was not angry. To be precise, the director was flattered.

In his opinion, Shi Zhi can be a little more impatient!

Initially, the show rubbed off on Shi Zhi’s popularity, and the live broadcast room had already attracted a lot of viewers. The director did not expect Shi Zhi to have such an outstanding performance.

However, Shi Zhi didn’t follow the path of resentment. She just aimed at the phenomenon that contestants just want to advance through misery. No matter the audience at the scene or the audience in the live broadcast room, they could see that Shi Zhi was still very cautious in voting for the contestants, with No random vote.

“Shi Zhi is surprisingly good as a judge…”

After watching a scene, everyone basically felt the same way.

The host likes to make intrigue, and even especially went to interview the eliminated contestants, asking what the contestants thought when Shi Zhi said that about them.

It was different from what he thought about the players who would sue Shi Zhi.

Contestant A: “Are you annoyed?”

Host ???

It’s none of his business. What did he do to the other party?

Contestant b: “Teacher Shi Zhi is so pretty. If I knew that Teacher Shi Zhi was here, I would have prepared better. Can I come to compete again in the future? Was Teacher Zhi still there next time?”

“Oh, you asked me what I think, Teacher Shi Zhi is right.”

What objections?

The host had no objection to this. He also felt that Shi Zhi was right and contestants shouldn’t be sold miserable sad stories, but these people defected so quickly.

Become a fanboy on the spot?

In the end, the contestant Shi Zhi said should be written a small essay should not be asked by the host, but he took the initiative to come up with one.

He faced the camera with a serious face.

“Shi Zhi said that I should not participate in “Youth Is My Type”, but should participate in a talk show…”

The host felt good. This person definitely had complaints about Shi Zhi.

Then he heard.

“I seem to have been opened up to a new world. I also feel that I seem to be more talented in talk shows. I will go to the next door to try it now. If there is any result, I will come back and say something.”

As soon as he said that, the contestant had already torn off the “Youth My Type” sign on his body, pasted it on the talk show next door sign, and left like the wind.

He does have a follow-up. He has a good mouth and is full of emotions. He really passed the first test when he went to participate in a talk show.

He came back specifically to thank Shi Zhi.

Shi Zhi actually didn’t expect such a result, but it’s good for the contestants to find something that suits them. Hence, she congratulated the other party and said, “Come on.”

Shi Zhi eliminated the miserly contestant, saying he was unsuitable for “Youth My Type” and should participate in the talk show. The other party really listened to Shi Zhi’s opinion and then advanced to the talk show audition.

What kind of fairy tale is this?!

The audience laughed to death, and the netizens on the Internet were full of question marks. Should it be said that Shi Zhi is worthy of a magical woman?

Many people were not initially interested in this kind of talent show, but now they want to watch it.

Shi Zhi got into the van after recording the show.

The car was parked on the side of the road. The makeup artist got into the car, found that she had forgotten something, and returned to look for something. Everyone was waiting for her in the car.

Brother Quan was very excited.

“I actually thought you would praise the contestant.”

“But it’s okay too, the audience’s response is good. I also hate that the show keeps selling miserable sad stories, it annoys me to death.”

“The price increase is just around the corner!”

Brother Quan didn’t hear Shi Zhi’s utterance. He turned around and saw that Shi Zhi was almost covered by a big dark green hat.

She has a small face and a small head, and the hat almost hides her.

“Where did this hat come from?”

“Dior or new Chanel?”

“Strange fashion.”

It’s just that the more I look at it, the more I feel familiar, but Brother Quan told himself that the fashion items are all similar, which is normal.

Shi Zhi opened her mouth, “A certain treasure, nineteen yuan and nine free shipping, buy two pieces and get five yuan off, if you want to buy, I will give the link for you.”

“The warmth effect is first-class.”

It was so warm that even the ears were covered directly.


Brother Quan finally knew why it was deja vu. He had an uncle in the northeast who loved this thing very much.

The team laughed together.

“Isn’t it just looking for a makeup brush? Why hasn’t she come back yet? I’ll call her…”

After waiting for the makeup artist for a while, the makeup artist hadn’t come back yet, so the impatient staff wanted to call her.

But before calling, the door of the van car was opened with a “swipe–.” The staff thought it was a makeup artist and wanted to call her, but the voice stopped abruptly when he met the other party’s face.

It was a girl he didn’t know, and she sat down next to Shi Zhi with ease and familiarity, shouting, “It’s going to be freezing outside…”

Shi Zhi was also looking at her and probably got in the wrong car.

Before everyone opened their mouths to remind the girl, she had already said a lot.

“Finally found you guys!”

“Otherwise, I feel like I won’t be able to go back to the city center. It’s too difficult to take a taxi here.”

“Why did Shi Zhi record the show in such a remote place?”

Shi Zhi?

Everyone’s eyes became subtle.

The recording place is a new area, relatively remote indeed.

The PR staff in the team asked cautiously, “Are you here to chase Shi Zhi?”


Could it be Shi Zhi’s fan? It’s so frenzied that even the new area has come over. Sister Shi is really popular.

The girl answered, “Yes, yes, black fan!”

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