One Can’t Judge by Appearance #49

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Chapter 49

He doesn’t know if it’s an illusion. Assistant Meng feels that the boss has been very motivated in the past few days. Not only did he have meetings with senior executives of various branches, but he also went to the branch to inspect a new mobile game under development in person. He didn’t know why the boss spent a high salary to recruit a few talents. The atmosphere of the entire planning team suddenly changed drastically, and they almost stopped shouting slogans to express their enthusiasm.

The boss has a good eye for business and can enjoy himself in the business world, but he is definitely not a workaholic. Now that he has suddenly become diligent, he is more or less uncomfortable.

“Boss, the qualifications of this company are really good, but they have never done this kind of project before, I am worried that they will not do well.” Assistant Meng saw a very unfamiliar company name in a cooperation project, “How about we Change to the one we worked with last time?”

“That company has been in contact with Song Chao many times in private, I can’t trust them, as for this company…” Yuan Yi pointed to the company named Yan Hai (Ocean), “Although they have never done this kind of project before, I sent someone to investigate In this company, they pay great attention to integrity, and most of the companies they have worked with have become friends with the boss, which shows that the boss of Yan Hai Company is a very charismatic person.”

More importantly, he can also give the benefits that the Song Chao can offer. Yan Xi could even refuse the interests in front of her to protect him. How could he let Yan Xi suffer? Moreover, he carefully investigated and ensured that Song Hai Company could complete this task before deciding on them.

“Then I’ll let the lawyer prepare to sign the contract later.” Assistant Meng drew a circle on Yan Hai Company. The name of this company is also interesting. What Yan Hai (Ocean) is called is more attractive than Hai Hai (coastal).

“Well,” Yuan Yi nodded in response, “Let the Marketing Department submit the mobile game’s publicity strategy, I hope to see innovative content.”

Assistant Meng thought, judging by the boss’s attitude, he was determined to enter the mobile game market.

When the general secretary of Yan Hai Company received a call from Hengtai Company asking them to sign the contract, his first reaction was that he had encountered a phone scam. Still, until the end of the call, the other party did not ask him to pay the fee. Instead, he said the time and place to sign the contract, which made him believe that the boss joined in the fun and voted for the past letter of intent for cooperation, which this company actually valued.

Hengtai Company is regarded as a large company with a head and a face in the industry. It is rumored that the big boss has a relationship with the eldest son of the Yuan family, and it has developed very quickly. Therefore, many companies envy its performance and want to get on this luxury version of the fortune ship.

“What?” After listening to the secretary’s report, Song Hai looked at the secretary suspiciously, “Who is joking with us?”

“This is the contract from Hengtai, take a look.” The secretary put the printed contract in front of Song Hai. The pie was too big, and he couldn’t believe that the pie would fall on them.

Song Hai took the contract and glanced at it. A company as big as Hengtai should be able to suppress a company like them, but it’s rushing to do business. He didn’t expect the contract to be so kind, so he became more suspicious. Are Hengtai’s decision-makers so kind?

They are about to break the law of no evil in business.

“Boss, how do we reply over there?”

“There’s no need to think about it, of course I agree with them,” Song Hai slapped the contract on the table, “Forget it, I’ll call myself.”

Maybe that would be more sincere?

Yan Xi felt that playing the leading role on “Noon Show” required more attention and was more tiring than working with Zhang Hao. After the program, she felt like she had participated in a 1,200-meter run.

The program assistant handed her a cup of milk tea: “Thank you, Teacher Yan.”

“Everyone has worked hard,” Yan Xi took a sip of milk tea and thanked her assistant before returning to her office. In the past few days, she has had to record programs and go out to shoot materials at the same time. She feels that her national defense-level physical strength was a bit exhausted.

Leaning on the soft leather office chair to rest for a while, Yan Xi took out her mobile phone to browse Weibo. Xu Qiaosheng was posting selfies again, Weibo was posted half an hour ago, and there are already seven or eight thousand comments, really It is indeed the most popular little fresh meat.

This child should thank his parents for giving him a good face and background. Otherwise, this kind of narcissistic and innocent personality would definitely not be able to survive in the entertainment circle.

On her Weibo, some fans ask her about her relationship with Xu Qiaosheng, with careful words and a soft and cute posture, as if they are worried that their words and deeds will not be understood and will attract black fans to their idols.

Although the idol is a bit stupid, the fans are still cute.

She didn’t answer the fans’ questions. For a popular niche like Xu Qiaosheng, if she casually said something related to him, the media might misinterpret it into countless meanings, which would cause Xu Qiaosheng trouble instead.

The phone rang, and her father called her, saying that today he would sign a very important contract and that he would go out to dinner with the person in charge of the other company tonight, and told her not to wait for her.

“Remember not to drink too much alcohol,” Yan Xi reminded on the phone, “Do you know?”

Song Hai quickly responded, hung up the phone and smiled at the person in charge of Hengtai: “The girl at home is not good at this, nagging and meddling, I am an old man, and I can’t even lift myself up in front of her.”

“It’s filial piety to make Qianjin worry about your body. Mr. Song, don’t dislike her meddling in your business. It’s not like that brat in my family who can’t call back a few times a year when he’s abroad.”

“It’s not easy for young people to work outside. When they’re tired, they don’t even have time to sleep. They don’t even have time to make phone calls. Parents like us should be more considerate.” Song Hai turned to persuade the person in charge to relax, and the two assistant secretaries followed behind, but they happily chatted about their children.

After chatting all the way, the two suddenly felt that it was too late to meet each other, and they were already calling each other brothers before they reached the dinner table.

Facts have proved that sometimes showing off children can also have a magical effect.

Before the meal was on the table, the person in charge suddenly received a call from Assistant Meng. The content of the call had nothing to do with work but to ask them not to drink too much alcohol while eating so as not to affect their health. He also specifically stated that the boss made the call.

 After hanging up the phone, the person in charge said to Song Hai with a smile, “Although our boss is young, he still cares about our employees. He even called here specifically to ask us not to drink too much alcohol and affect our health.”

Song Hai never met the boss of Hengtai Company at all. Hearing what the person in charge said, he flattered the boss a few words, but he was tactful and didn’t inquire about other personal affairs of the boss.

A boss who cares about the health of his employees is indeed a good person.

“Boss, I’ve already told Manager Xing,” Assistant Meng looked at his watch, “It’s almost eight o’clock, you should go back to rest after getting off work.”

“I see.” Yuan Yi stopped writing and looked at the boundless night outside the window, “Thank you for your hard work, you should go back early.”

“It’s not hard, it’s not hard.” Assistant Meng smiled and handed Yuan Yi the coat that was put aside, “As long as you pay me the overtime pay.” Anyway, he is now a single dog, and it doesn’t matter whether he works overtime or not.

Yuan Yi went downstairs and got into the car. The driver knew that as long as he didn’t say anything, he was planning to go home and rest, so he didn’t ask any questions. He started the car and drove towards Yuan Yi’s new villa.

Although the weather is getting colder and colder, many vehicles are still on the street. The endless traffic flow and the crowds passing by the roadside are all people who are running for their lives in this bustling city.

Traffic jams are almost a feature of the Imperial capital. The cars stop and go. Yuan Yi opens the window, looks at the same street lights outside the window and has the urge to call Yan Xi. But thinking that he had nothing to tell her, he suppressed this impulse again.

The car drove into an old street, and there were many alleys on both sides of the road, which vaguely retained the ancient charm of the last century.

At the entrance of the alley at the end of the street, a man and a woman leaned against a landscape tree to eat. The man also carried a camera in one hand and talked to the young girl beside him while eating.

He recognized this girl as Yan Xi at a glance.

“Stop the car.”

As soon as the car stopped, Yuan Yi opened the door and walked out. He got closer and heard Yan Xi tell the cameraman that stuffed pies were delicious and the old lady was really good at cooking.

“No matter how delicious the food is, you shouldn’t stand by the road and eat it, are you not afraid of sticking to the dust?” Yuan Yi saw Yan Xi wearing a ball head, looking a little tired, and frowned slightly, “Why are you here?”

“Today I filmed with an old lady. In order not to affect the shooting effect, we didn’t have dinner with her. Now I am so hungry that my chest is on my back.” Yan Xi’s eyes lit up when he saw Yuan Yi, “It’s great to meet you. I’ve been tired all afternoon. Please let us go to the car and sit down.”

“Hmph, I don’t know whether it’s better to meet me or my car,” Yuan Yi muttered in a low voice. Seeing that Yan Xi was still wearing high heels, he wanted to reach out to take the bag for Yan Xi, but after a little hesitation, he turned around and beckoned the driver to bring the car over, opened the door and said, “Come up.”

Zhao Peng wanted to follow in. Yuan Yi opened the co-pilot’s door and said to him, “Please.”

Fortunately, Zhao Peng didn’t pick it either. As long as he didn’t let him sit on the top of the car, he could sit anywhere.

After the car door was closed, Yuan Yi helped Yan Xi take off the small backpack on her back, “I really don’t know what you women think, you know you have to go out to work, but you still wear high heels, aren’t your feet tired?”

“In order to have a good shooting effect, what is it to wear high heels,” Yan Xi pounded her swollen leg, “I am dedicated and responsible for the aesthetics of the audience.”

Yuan Yi took out two bottles of water from the small refrigerator, handed one to Zhao Peng in the front seat, unscrewed the cap of the other bottle and handed the other to Yan Xi, “Drink some water to moisten your throat.”

“Thank you.” Yan Xi took the bottle and took a big gulp. Her mouth was dry after eating the stuffed pie.

Seeing her gulping water, Yuan Yi didn’t think her actions were rude but felt a little distressed: “The filming hasn’t finished yet?”

“This episode will be more complicated. It will take several days to shoot the material, and it will be broadcast in three episodes.” Yan Xi drank half a bottle of water in one breath, “Tomorrow will be another day of filming.”

“Tomorrow isn’t Saturday? The “Noon News” has been revised. The live broadcast is no longer on Saturday at noon. Why do you still have to go to work?” Yuan Yi frowned even tighter, “You are a rich second generation. Okay, what are you doing this harshly, you are doing this profession, what is the planning?”

“I’m very happy,” Yan Xi said, holding the bottle and leaning a little lazily on the back of the seat. “My mother is a very amazing painter. At that time, many people felt that I should inherit her talent and follow her path, but I have no talent for painting. In the eyes of those artists, my painted works have neither aura nor good painting skills. At that time, my mother told me that everyone is independent, and there is no need for children to sacrifice themselves for their parents’ ideals and hobbies. Let me not care about the gossip of outsiders. She said that no ideal or art is as valuable as her own happiness. To be a woman, you should stick to your hobbies a little bit so as not to live a lifetime in vain.”

She first serialized comic strips on Weibo, in fact, to make her sick mother happy. She was her first fan on Weibo, the first person to interact with her, the first person to leave a message, and the first person to like and forward.

“Although your painting skills are not very good, there are still a lot of people who like you,” Yuan Yi couldn’t see Yan Xi showing such a depressed expression. He would rather the other party scold him, “You can barely get in the eye. You don’t have to have too low self-esteem.”

“Thank you,” Yan Xi rolled her eyes. What kind of comfort is this, “By the way, the revision announcement of “Noon News” was only announced yesterday. How did you know?”

“There is Aunt Li at home who is your die-hard mother fan, what else do I not know,” Yuan Yi said with a stern face, with a bit of disgust in his tone, “I don’t know why your show is so good that these old men and old lady watches the TV every day.”

“Because I’m cute.” Yan Xi cupped her face and grimaced at Yuan Yi.

“Yan Xiaoxi, you have to be a little bit less shameless. Yuan Yi looked away and coughed dryly, “Where does your friend live? I asked the driver to take him back first.”

Zhao Peng, sitting in the co-pilot’s seat, quickly reported the address. Only at this moment did he feel that he existed in this car.

After sending Zhao Peng off, Yuan Yi turned to Yan Xi and said, “You usually shoot outdoor scenes with him?”

“Well, most of the time, it’s like this. There are not many people in the station. If too many people are called in, there is nothing to do for them.” Yan Xi yawned, “Small TV stations are like this.”

“You are not short of money, you don’t know how to hire an assistant for yourself?” Yuan Yi raised his eyebrows, “Are you stupid?”

“What do you know,” Yan Xi leaned drowsily in her seat, “There are laws of the jungle everywhere. If a reporter from a small TV station of mine brings a personal assistant by her side, in the eyes of other colleagues, the whole person will change. “The station will treat her politely because of her background. If she is special because of this, then this politeness will become alienated and cold.

Before, even old hosts like Zhang Hao didn’t have personal assistants. She was a newcomer who entered the stage through the back door to be the host. If she still had a personal assistant at any time, even if she really had the ability to host, she would not be liked by the people on the station.

“I just think that the show I host can make the old man and the old lady like it, and it’s very fulfilling, “Yan Xi smiled. “It’s not that I work so hard every day. It doesn’t matter if I do it once or twice occasionally.”

“Boss Song, happy cooperation, happy cooperation,” Manager Xing sent Song Hai off the car, “We will meet again next time we have a chance.”

“Thank you, Manager Xing, for giving me a ride.” Song Hai said with a smile, “I ask Manager Xing to help take care of the work in the future.”

“Where is there?” Manager Xing smiled more gently and resolutely did not mention the problem with Song Hai’s car engine. It is somewhat embarrassing to say such a thing, and it would be good for everyone not to mention it.

After talking with Song Hai, Manager Xing was about to turn around and get in the car to leave. He saw a car slowly driving towards this side. The car’s color was not clear at night, but the license plate number looked familiar. He seemed to be seen somewhere. 

After the car got closer, Manager Xing became more and more serious as he looked at it. This seemed to be… the boss’s car?

Does the big boss also live in this community?

Although he was a little surprised, he reacted quickly. He lowered his head and asked the driver to move the car aside to avoid blocking the big boss’s way. Who knew that the big boss’ Bentley car stopped at the gate of the Song family?

The car door opened, and the big boss in a suit and leather shoes got out of the car, then turned around and said something to someone in the car.

After a while, a sleepy young woman came out of the car. This woman had disheveled hair and seemed to be complaining about something. She was obviously dissatisfied with the big boss for waking her up.

Manager Xing’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Gossip, the gossip of the big boss!

Could this be the legendary “mysterious girlfriend?”

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