One Can’t Judge by Appearance #47

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(I will change the Song Dynasty name to Song Chao in this chapter. The previous chapter will be edited too, but probably step by step. I am already familiar with his deep/calculated character- so I don’t need the translated name.)

Chapter 47

“Yuan Xiaoer, tell me the truth, what do you think?” Zhang Wang watched Yuan Yi divide the fruit into small pieces of equal size, “Do you want to continue like this?”

Putting the fruit on the plate, Yuan Yi didn’t speak.

He didn’t want to talk, or he didn’t know what to say.

As the sun was setting, when Yan Xi opened her eyes, she saw the afterglow of the sun stubbornly crawling into the room through the cracks in the curtains. It’s leaving a long orange-red light on the wall. The room was very quiet, and she could even smell the faint scent of books coming from the direction of the bookshelves. In addition to books in various languages, there are also some folders and file bags in this study. Yan Xi guesses that these may be related to Yuan Yi’s work.

Leaving an outsider alone in the study is very unwise for a person of Yuan Yi’s status. She looked down at her body. There were two blankets on it. She remembered that Yuan Xiaoer only threw one at her before she fell asleep.

Could it be that Yuan Xiaoer covered her after she fell asleep?

After getting up and putting the blanket on the massage chair, she walked to the window and opened the thick curtains.

The flame-like sunset was reflected in the room. She blinked, feeling an indescribable sense of joy, probably because after a full sleep, both the spirit and the body were satisfied.

“You’re awake?”

Looking back at the man standing at the study’s door, Yan Xi tilted her head and smiled before saying anything: “Yes.”

Yan Xi in Yuan Yi’s eyes seemed to be shining at this moment.

“Your villa has a wide view,” Yan Xi took out her mobile phone to take a picture, “I haven’t seen such a beautiful sunset for a long time.”

Yuan Yi wanted to ask her, do you like this house very much?

But seeing Yan Xi taking pictures seriously, he swallowed those words back, lowered his head, and knocked on the door, “It’s time to prepare dinner.”

“Okay,” Yan Xi put away her phone, folded the two messed up blankets, and followed Yuan Yi downstairs.

Looking at Yuan Yi’s back, Yan Xi smiled. When Yuan Xiaoer was silent, he still looked like an overbearing president. But she doesn’t know if it’s been a long time since she has been looking at it. The back of the head gave her an inexplicable sense of familiarity as if she had seen this kind of elite-looking back somewhere before, and the back of the head with the meticulously trimmed hair.

After thinking about it for a long time, she still had no idea. Yan Xi thought maybe Yuan Xiaoer’s figure was too good. She confused him with the models in the fashion show.

The taste of dinner is light, but these young masters are not picky, and they eat whatever they give, which is very easy to raise.

What they liked the most was a plate of cheap kimchi. After Yan Xi ate a chopstick, she felt that the kimchi made by her father was better. She couldn’t understand the taste of these rich and noble sons.

“Brother Yi, I have a bar in this circle, and we plan to join in the fun after dinner, do you want to come with us?” Xu Qiaosheng asked casually.

“Have you forgotten Yuan Xiaoer’s bad habit of going to bed before eleven o’clock in the night?” Zhang Wang clicked his tongue, “Letting him go clubbing at night and only return in the middle of the night is probably worse than killing him.”

Yan Xi stopped picking up vegetables. She turned her head to look at Yuan Yi. He was engrossed in eating and didn’t respond to Zhang Wang’s words at all.

The last time his father was drunk in the hotel, Yuan Xiaoer helped her to send her father home. It must have been very late when he drove home. Also, when she was injured and hospitalized. Yuan Yi was worried she was not used to being alone in the hospital for two nights, so he stayed with her until very late. When her father returned on the third day, Yuan Xiaoer didn’t accompany her anymore.

She didn’t know that Yuan Yi had such a habit, and Yuan Yi never mentioned it to her.

“He still has this habit?” Yan Xi pretended to be curious and asked, “Can’t stay up late?”

“When he stays up late, he suffers from headaches, dizziness, and mentally exhausted,” Zhang Wang said with a smile. “At such a young age, he is already living the life of a veteran cadre.”

Yan Xi smiled and didn’t follow Zhang Wang’s words to make fun of Yuan Yi together. As someone who broke the style of Yuan Xiaoer, an old cadre, she couldn’t open her mouth.

“Don’t listen to his nonsense,” Yuan Yi wiped the corners of his mouth clean, “What age is this, who would have this habit.”

Yan Xi looked at Yuan Yi, then looked at Zhang Wang. Zhang Wang met her eyes and quickly avoided her as if he was embarrassed to be exposed for lying.

That’s true. In the current impetuous environment surrounded by the Internet, how many young people can insist on going to bed on time every day?

But what good is Zhang Wang telling such a lie?

Zhang Wang glared at Yuan Yi bitterly. He actually let go of such a good opportunity to make the girl sympathize with him. What was in his mind, a bean curd?

In front of the sweetheart, you don’t like to be nice and pretend to be pitiful, but you still want to embrace the beautiful woman?

Go dreaming!

Xu Qiaosheng, Zhu Han, and Yang Yu wisely kept silent. Yuan Yi had his own plans. They didn’t want to intervene too much, lest it would be a waste of help.

After dinner, Yan Xi got up to say goodbye and specifically praised Aunt Li’s cooking skills. Aunt Li smiles widely.

“I’ll take you out.” Yuan Yi followed Yan Xi out of the door, the cool night wind blowing on his face, bringing some chills. He saw that Yan Xi was only wearing a skirt, and the cloak outside was more of an ornament than heat preservation: “Aren’t you women afraid of the cold?”

Yan Xi pulled the cloak, turned her head, and hummed softly: “I dress up beautifully, not for you to ask me if I’m cold.”

Yuan Yi: …

It doesn’t make sense to reason with women.

“Hey,” Yan Xi got into the car, and when she was about to leave quickly, seeing Yuan Yi still standing there, she rolled down the car’s window strangely and stuck out her head to stop him.

“Yuan Xiaoer.”

Yuan Yi crossed his arms and raised his eyelids to look at Yan Xi: “What’s the matter?”

“Do you really go to bed before eleven o’clock every night?”

Hearing this, Yuan Yi chuckled and suddenly leaned over to approach Yan Xi and stopped a dozen centimeters away from her: “Why are you so concerned about my sleeping problem?”

Those eyes are so deep.

After Yuan Yi approached, Yan Xi looked into his beautiful eyes, and only these things were in her mind.

“Don’t tell me… you want to be my girlfriend?” Yuan Yi raised his eyebrows slightly, “Although you are not my type, but when I feel better, I can consider it.”

“Yuan Xiaoer,” Yan Xi stretched out her hands from the window, and gestured a long distance: “Your face is so big.”

Yuan Yi put his face between her arms, “It turns out that my face is very small.”

“Tsk, you’re really getting increasingly shameless.” Yan Xi pushed him away from her, retreated into the car, closed the window, reversed the car skillfully, sprayed Yuan Yi’s face with exhaust fumes, and walked away.

Yuan Yi touched his forehead, which was patted, and suddenly squatted on the ground.

After a long time, he stood up with a blushing face, and when he turned around, he found a few-haired boys peeking not far away.

Seeing his discovery, the boys retracted their heads as if they hadn’t seen anything.

Yuan Yi: Does he look like a fool?

The Song family, Song Hai, waited for his daughter to return and saw that her face was normal. It didn’t seem like something unhappy had happened, so he went upstairs to rest at ease. He didn’t ask who was at the party or didn’t mention anything related to his interests.

As a father, he couldn’t make his daughter feel like a dwarf when interacting with others.

Maybe it was because she slept too long in the afternoon, but Yan Xi was very energetic and even drew a cute joke and posted it on Weibo.

There has been a lot of noise on her Weibo. In the beginning, some people were still curious about her relationship with Xu Qiaosheng. Now, these netizens have guessed that she is also a wealthy lady. Although she never posted photos on Weibo and never showed off her wealth, netizens still found clues.

Netizen 1: Bai Fumei, a blogger, strives for her hobby every day. Why should I not work hard?

Netizen 2: Bai Fumei? What it is, the blogger hears self knows in her heart. Fans, don’t close your eyes and brag. Where will you put your face if you can’t get off the stage?

Netizen 3: The sour taste in the mouth upstairs is really strong. Passers-by have already taken screenshots to prove that it was her that the wealthy sons first paid attention to, and then they were close to her. I don’t know about the others, but at least one thing is certain: Xiao Xiliu should have a good relationship with these people. Even if some people are sour, it’s useless.

Netizen 4: I just want to say that in a blurry photo of this painter, the watch on her wrist is a limited edition high-end watch, and in a photo of a desk, only a corner of the desk is exposed. The decorations are very similar to high-quality jade materials. Who would be willing to use such a fine jade material as a paperweight? That’s why some people who talk about painting hands and hugging thighs should stop. This is obviously a process of getting to know each other, and it’s useless for us to envy them.

No matter how fierce the online quarrel was, Yan Xi ignored them. She turned off Weibo, took a shower, and went to bed.

No matter how much news there is in the chat group, She doesn’t read it. It’s boring to read too much.

Back at work the next day, Yan Xi started to get busy. Tonight, “Things Around Us” is on the satellite channel for the first time, and there are few program materials. So she and Chen Pei must think more about the program’s content.

“It’s better to do a program about work and rest.” Yan Xi saw that Chen Pei was puzzled, so she explained. “For example, the elderly always have trouble sleeping. Young people always stay up late or lack sleep because of overtime, and students because of “How do you feel about stress and poor sleep quality?”

The elderly, the young, and the children, these three types of people are in different time periods. When their living arrangements are compared together, there will be a huge contrast. This idea is indeed somewhat novel.

But how high is the visibility?

Chen Pei didn’t object right away. She looked at the other team members: “What do you think?”

“It’s not bad, at least there are some new ideas, and it’s not the same after all,” Zhao Peng said, crossing his legs, “Try it and you’ll know how it works.”

“This is the first time we have planned the program’s content since we entered the satellite station. Of course, we must be cautious.” Chen Pei felt a little uneasy. “I think the food delivery staff worked very well last time. Why don’t we choose couriers in this episode?” Even if it doesn’t become a big hit, at least it can guarantee that there will be no mistakes. This opportunity is rare, and there must be no mistakes.”

“Sister Chen, just relax. Didn’t the show do a good job when we didn’t get on the satellite channel?” Zhao Peng frowned, “I think Xiaoyan’s idea is very good. Can it impress the audience?”

Chen Pei’s heart trembled. That’s right. Ever since she learned that the show was going to be on a satellite channel, her heart had been drifting, and she had never really realized it. Now that Zhao Peng asked the words, she suddenly realized her mentality was wrong.

“Old Zhao is right, what mentality we had before, what mentality we should have now.” Chen Pei turned to look at Yan Xi, “Since you proposed the concept of this program, you can arrange the specific content.”

“Thank you, Sister Chen.” Yan Xi smiled at Chen Pei.

Chen Pei smiled and didn’t speak. Since Yan Xi entered the station, her work has been getting smoother. She even worked as a director of “Noon News,” so she greatly values Yan Xi’s talent. Sometimes even if she doesn’t agree with Yan Xi, Yan Xi will also discuss things with her instead of having conflicts with her.

To put it bluntly, given the embarrassing status quo of Channel 8, Yan Xi is the only one who can do it.

Yan Xi arranged six follow-up and interview subjects for herself, two each of the old, the middle age, and the young, and the living standards and environments were different.

She thought of a name for this episode, called “Their Lives.”

The filming was very tiring. It took Yan Xi and several staff members of the program team three full days to film the materials of the six people’s daily routines and habits. On the last day, she followed a senior high school student. At the end of the work, the well-behaved little girl gave her a big rainbow lollipop.

Yan Xi took a selfie with the wave lollipop and posted it on the Weibo account of the host Yan Xi.

At this time, receiving a call from Song Chao was not a very happy thing for Yan Xi.

“Miss Yan is a filial daughter, don’t you want to care about your father’s work?” On the other end of the phone, Song Chao’s voice was still gentle and low, extremely sexy, but Yan Xi was very annoyed, “Mr. Song, are you threatening me?”

“I think Ms. Yan has always misunderstood me.” Song Chao chuckled on the other end of the phone, “I have been in love with you for ten years, how can I be willing to threaten you?”

“Mr. Song is still talking about the purpose.” Yan Xi pursed the corners of her mouth, which was a small gesture when she was suppressing her emotions. “I have little patience.”

“No purpose, just want to invite Ms. Yan to have dinner,” Song Chao reported an address, which is a famous restaurant in the imperial capital, “Please Ms. Yan, trust me, I have no malice towards you, and I will not plot any wrongdoing.”

Yan Xi sneered: “Okay, since Mr. Song kindly invited me, I will definitely attend the banquet.”

No matter how good-looking the man is, no matter how much he suits her ideal type, Yan Xi loses interest when he acts so calculated.

The restaurant where we agreed to meet has a high floor, on the sixty-eighth floor.

When Yan Xi arrived, Song Chao was already sitting at the table. Seeing her coming, he handed out the menu in his hand: “I’ve ordered a few dishes for Miss Yan, see if there’s anything you don’t like.”

“No need, the guest can do as he pleases,” Yan Xi stretched out her hand to block the menu but didn’t reach out to pick it up.

Song Chao didn’t care and poured a glass of champagne for Yan Xi with a gentle smile: “The wine here is very good, do you want to try it?”

“No need, I like to drink iced plum juice.” Yan Xi shook her napkin and spread it on her lap, then turned to the waiter standing beside her, “Please give me a glass of plum juice, thank you.”

Putting down his wine glass, Song Chao chuckled: “Miss Yan is still the same as before. She is not polite when she refuses people.”

“You mean that love letter back then?”

“Sorry, I didn’t receive the love letter you wrote back then.”

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