One Can’t Judge by Appearance #3

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Chapter 3. Embarrassed

“Did you succeed in skipping class later?” Tao Ru looked at Yan Xi’s thin arms and legs and couldn’t imagine how she climbed over the wall.

“No.” Yan Xi shook her head. It was the day her parents went to get a divorce certificate, and she wanted to stop them. At that time, she was ignorant and only felt that her parent’s divorce was unacceptable. She never thought that a marriage without affection would be torture for both husband and wife. It may be good that she didn’t succeed in climbing over the wall that day.

Seeing that Yan Xi wanted to avoid mentioning more about the year’s events. Tao Ru didn’t ask any more questions and instead chatted about entertainment gossip.

Yang Min works for an online media company and knows more about gossip than Tao Ru and Yan Xi. Speaking of the gossip of some fresh meat and flowers in the circle, Yan Xi hears it with great enthusiasm.

“Dahe, it’s quite appropriate for you to act as the heroine of a bitter drama with your looks.” Yang Min glanced at Yan Xi, “It’s just that the personality is not suitable.”

“That’s the kind of heroine whose husband cheats or is idle. Who has to work hard to take care of her superb family, educate her children, benefit everyone, torture herself, let her children abandon their father’s prejudice after decades, and finally reunite the whole family?” Yan Xi summed up the essence of the heroine of the bitter drama in one breath and rolled her eyes, “I am not mentally ill.”

“It seems that you have a good understanding of this kind of drama.” Yang Min was amused by Yan Xi’s summary, “According to your routine, the heroine will be toying with a vicious female second little white flower. Then the heroine was only in the last episode dismantling the scheming.”

“You are overestimating her,” Tao Ru raised her eyebrows. “As for her virtue, she can only deceive people by her face, and her IQ is a little… At most, she is cannon fodder for three episodes.”

“Hey, you… enough,” Yan Xi clicked on the table. “We haven’t seen each other for more than a year. Should we hug each other enthusiastically, instead you guys come and roast me. Is there a girlfriend like you?”

“Don’t use the word “girlfriends” to describe us,” Yang Min repeatedly refused. Now, the word “girlfriends” has been hacked on the Internet.” I don’t know when this word became popular in Internet forums. “Pick my best girlfriend” and “My girlfriend became the mistress between my boyfriend and me.” It seems that there is no real friendship between women. Together, they compare each other, and you can’t see what others are like.

They heard a slap not far away as soon as she said this.

The three of them turned their heads together and saw a long-haired woman pouring a cup of coffee on the short-haired woman.

“I didn’t expect you to be such a person. I’ve been blind all these years!”

Yan Xi retracted her gaze in embarrassment, turned her head, and took her eyes to look at Yang Min. Yang Min gave a dry cough and silently lowered her head to drink coffee.

The quarrel not far away can easily reach the ears of three people. It is about the short-haired woman who robbed the boyfriend of the long-haired woman. The two have been good friends for many years.

After the quarrel, the long-haired woman walked out while wiping her tears. She was so emotional that she accidentally hit the corner of the table and fell to the ground.

Yan Xi retracted her feet, trying to help the woman who fell in front of her but fearing that the other party would be more embarrassed. She hesitated but finally reached out to help the other party.

“Thank you.” The long-haired woman quickly got up from the ground. After she looked up at Yan Xi’s face, her face changed slightly. After thanking her again quickly, she hurriedly left the cafe with her head down.

After the long-haired woman left, the short-haired woman also got up and walked outside. When she passed by Yan Xi’s table and the others’, she suddenly stopped.

“Song Yan?”

Yan Xi didn’t expect that she was just an innocent melon-eater.1 How could she get involved with the person?

She looked at the short-haired woman carefully, without any impression in her mind.

“I haven’t seen you for so many years. You still look like this.” The short-haired woman had a strange tone, as if she didn’t like Yan Xi’s delicate and fragile appearance or because the two had a problem before. She finished saying this and turned around. Just go.

Yan Xi stared at her back in a daze. It took a long while to come back to her senses: “What’s wrong with me? She just ran away after saying that, looks like I’m a bully, isn’t it?”

“Do you know each other?” Tao Ru and Yang Min also felt that this matter was a bit inexplicable.

Yan Xi shook her head: “No impression.”

“Maybe it’s your elementary school classmate, junior high school classmate?” Yang Min remembers Yan Xi telling them that she only transferred from the imperial capital to Haicheng after a semester of high school.

“For so many years, most of my former classmates have changed their appearance. How can I remember it?” Yan Xi put down the coffee cup. “Forget it. It doesn’t matter anyway; it’s not as interesting as shopping.”

“You just don’t bother to use your brain,” Tao Ru had seen Yan Xi’s nature long ago, “Let’s go, I just got paid, and I happen to have money in my hands.”

Girls who are close to each other get together to play. If they don’t buy something, eat good food, or gossip, they are embarrassed to say they are good friends. The three of them stepped on high heels, came out of the mall with bags, and then went to the food street to eat with a round belly. Only then did they remember that it is easy to eat but difficult to lose weight?

“Dahe, is your stomach a bottomless pit?” Tao Ru touched her belly, then glanced at Yan Xi’s flat lower abdomen, and finally couldn’t help but poke Yan Xi’s belly. “It’s getting late. I should go back, too, and I will go to the company tomorrow to check in and go to work. My boss is a serious old man. If I am late, my full attendance this month will be ruined.”

“Where do you live, I will send you back,” Yan Xi glanced at her watch, “I don’t have to go to work anyway.”

“Have you bought a car?” Yang Min asked curiously.

“My dad bought it,” Yan Xi smiled crookedly, “I am now considered to be the second generation of the rich.”

“I’ll go with you. Dahe, you stinky shameless, the rich second generation is ashamed to let me entertain you, your conscience!” Tao Ru raised her eyebrows, pretending to be angry, “Next time you will treat us back.”

“Yes, but also top steak, Australian lobster, bird’s nest, and ginseng,” Yang Min added, “Eat one, and take another one!”

Yan Xi smiled and accompanied the two of them to the depository to take out the purchased items and took them to a nearby parking lot. When the two friends saw her car, she was teased by her friends.

Yang Min lives relatively close. Yan Xi first sent Yang Min, and then Tao Ru.

“Dahe,” Tao Ru glanced at Yan Xi hesitantly after getting out of the car, “Are you going to settle in the Imperial capital?”

“Yes,” Yan Xi smiled, “how about you, are you planning to stay in the Imperial capital for development?”

“Of course, I’m an employee of Changfeng Headquarters, so many people can’t squeeze their heads in.” Tao Ru pinned the broken hair to her ears. “Maybe in a few years, I will reach the pinnacle of life and marry a rich and handsome man.”

“Remember to let me hug your thighs2 at that time,” Yan Xi chuckled, “Then you should rest early and I won’t disturb you.”

“Yeah,” Tao Ru waved to her. She walked a few steps, turned around, and saw that the red coupe had turned around neatly, driven out in a not-too-wide alley, and smiled.

When Yan Xi arrived home, she realized that her dad hadn’t returned, so she cooked a small pot of lean meat porridge. If her dad had a drink outside or hadn’t eaten yet, it could warm his stomach.

She logged in to the chat apps with her mobile phone and edited the reminder messages that were jumping around. She sighed and replied to the other party.

Xiao Xi: I will submit the paper in five days. If I don’t hand it in, I will be 10 kg fatter.

She thought that the other party was not online, but she didn’t know that the other party’s message came swishingly in less than a minute.

Ming Ming: My big sister, you are finally online.

Yan Xi saw news constantly being sent, all about publicity, the cover, and even the first draft of the surrounding design. Her university’s majors and advertisements are barely linked, so she also understands a little.

After discussing publicity measures with the editor, Yan Xi closed the chat page and opened Weibo. She saw that several companies in the private message asked her to help with product advertisements. She turned off the private message and ignored the other party.

At first glance, it is not a big company, and she is not short of money, so she will not do this kind of thing.

Although her Weibo has only nearly one million followers, they are all her fans, and they are not bought with money. In the eyes of some marketing headhunters, there is some value in this. Recently, not only a business found her, but even a team of third—and fourth-line artists in the entertainment industry found her and asked her to help bring the rhythm to the hype.

When she felt good, she liked to watch gossip, but she didn’t like to participate in gossip, and she didn’t plan to be a gossip porter, so she refused.

After swiping on Weibo, a popular female artist appeared on her Weibo homepage.

It seems to be nothing, but in fact, they are all talking about how deep the background of this popular female artist is. Even the second son of the famous Changfeng Group family has a deep relationship with her.

Changfeng Group is a well-known large-scale enterprise in China. Everyone knows. Any male star and woman who has something to do with this kind of wealthy son can win a lot of publicity. These are all bad marketing methods. They just coax unsuspecting passers-by to eat melons. If you know a little bit, you can treat them as jokes.

However, when people are female artists, they will try their best to hype and market it to get more resources. 

She, a newly graduated student, actually stayed at home and did nothing but play games and swipe Weibo. Isn’t it too decadent?

Although she is a rich second generation, she also wants to be an ideal rich second generation.

Why doesn’t she set a small goal and find a career?

Yan Xi stayed at home for a few days, handing over her drawings to the editor, who reminded her every day, and then assaulted a handful of enemies in the game, turned off the game physically and mentally, and logged onto Weibo.

On Weibo, she saw a popular video in which two girls scolded each other and attracted countless passers-by.

The two girls are familiar. She had seen them in a coffee shop the last time she had a meet-up with her friends.

In the video, the two people are still arguing, and swear words come out from time to time.

“You call me cheap, how are you better than me? In the first year of high school, the school grass3 asked you to send a love letter to Song Yan4, and you secretly threw the love letter into the toilet. You thought I didn’t know!”

Yan Xi:…

Embarrassed, these two people made a popular Weibo video. Why do they have to drag her name, too?

How old was she in the first year of high school?

Should you study well at a young age, what kind of love is it?!

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  1. Eating melon (Chi Gua 吃瓜) meaning: Onlookers, often used humorously ↩︎
  2. Bào dà tuǐ : hug thighs, means to signify someone trying to curry favor with someone else. ↩︎
  3. School grass: popular male student. ↩︎
  4. Song Yan was Yan Xi’s original name until she changed her name after her mom died in order to take care of her will ↩︎

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