Salted Fish Transmigrated Into An Apocalyptic Book: Chapter 33 (2/2)

Chapter 33 (2/2)

When the pot was hot, he poured a bottle of mineral water down and started cooking the noodles.

Jiang Miaomiao took a shower with cold water because the weather was hot, so it was still bearable.

She wiped her hair half-dried with a new towel from the supermarket, stood in front of the sink, and looked in the mirror. Feeling an impulse, she ran to get her cosmetics and put on light makeup in front of the mirror. The more she looked at it, the more beautiful she felt, and the beauty in her heart was bubbling.

When she walked out of the toilet, she smelled the smell of food, followed the smell, and saw a small round dining table and two small chairs by the window.

Two plates of steaming noodles were placed on the table, a dark green embroidered napkin was placed under the plates, and two silver forks were placed beside them.

There is also an unopened bottle of red wine, two wine glasses, and a bouquet of aromatherapy-dried flowers on the table.

Outside the window is the bright blue sky and white clouds, and inside the window are exquisite tables, chairs, and tableware.

Ignoring the flood in the city and the rotting food around, the picture is as beautiful as in the movie.

Jiang Miaomiao walked over in surprise and took a closer look at the noodles.

The light yellow noodles are dotted with black pepper, peas, and a large amount of beef.


When Lu Qiming’s voice came, she turned her head and saw that he had also taken a shower and changed his clothes.

The black trousers blocked the hideous wound on his leg, and the white shirt set off his slender and tall figure.

The shirt cuffs are rolled up to the elbows, the hair is short and clean, the beard has been shaved, and the whole person exudes a fresh breath.

Jiang Miaomiao nodded, pointed at the noodles, and asked:

“Where did this come from?”

He looked at the sky outside the window, tilted his head, and smiled cunningly.

“Maybe it’s from some handsome and kind fairy.”

Jiang Miaomiao ran over and took his hand.

“How did you do it? Tell me!”

It would be great if she could cook and eat every day in the future.

She is even willing to do the dishes every once in a while!

Lu Qiming was so entangled by her look that he took her to the fire.

Before the fire was extinguished, he found a stainless steel saucepan and put it on to boil water, preparing to make a cup of tea when he was full.

Jiang Miaomiao studied around the shelf for a while, then looked back at him appreciatively and gave him a thumbs up.

“Okay, you, your brain works quite well.”

In the future, their quality of life in the supermarket will greatly improve.

Lu Qiming smiled proudly.

“Are you particularly touched? Want to make a promise with your body?”

“I just thought about your warm behavior, I didn’t even eat this yet, you asking for those things?”

“Hmph, what are you pretending to be? Who was the one who insisted on rushing over to take off my clothes last time and asked me to help her fulfill her dying wish?”

She looked at him with the purest expression and blinked her eyes.

“I don’t know, hey, don’t talk nonsense with me, I’m going to eat noodles.”

At this moment, what could be happier than eating a mouthful of hot noodles?

Jiang Miaomiao ran back to the dining table, pulled up a chair, sat down, picked up a fork, and ate.

Lu Qiming walked over slowly.

“Look at how you eat, you still have the nerve to talk about me, take it easy, and have a sip of wine.”

Jiang Miaomiao’s mouth was full of noodles, and she was so moved that she wanted to cry.

“It’s delicious! Where did you get the beef? Isn’t the meat all rotten?”

Lu Qiming conjured up a bottle opener like magic, slowly opening the bottle while answering her question.

“That’s meat in a can, braised in soy sauce, isn’t it good?”

Jiang Miaomiao nodded her head like a chicken pecking rice and took several more sips in a blink of an eye.

The dark red wine was poured into a beautiful glass, and he handed her a glass.

“Try it.”

“No, thanks.”

“The price is 31,000 a bottle.”

“Then I have to try.”

Jiang Miaomiao wiped the corner of her mouth and took it. When she was about to taste it, she saw Lu Qiming chuckling and stopped.

“What are you laughing at?”

“It’s nothing, let’s drink.” He tried to restrain his expression, but after a few seconds, he still couldn’t help raising the corners of his mouth, “You are so cute.”

Cute? She is afraid it’s because she is poor and has never seen the world.

Jiang Miaomiao doesn’t care. 30,000 bottles of wine, even if she is allergic to alcohol, she has to taste what it tastes like.

Taking a shallow sip, she tasted with her eyes closed like the wealthy people in the movie.

It is sour at first taste, but after a while, it has an intensely fruity aroma and a touch of sweetness.

When she swallowed the wine, after tasting the taste between her lips and teeth, she seemed to taste some caramel, which was fleeting and could not be traced.

Generally speaking, it doesn’t taste good and doesn’t suit her taste. It can’t compare to a three-yuan bottle of Coke that makes her happy.

She shook her head, put down her cup, and prepared to concentrate on enjoying her beef noodles.

Lu Qiming said: “Just drink this much? One sip is worth several hundred.”

“I can’t help it. I don’t have the blessing to enjoy it. If you like it, drink more.”

He wasn’t interested in drinking either, so after thinking about it, he went to the drink area and brought a bottle of coconut juice.

After pouring out the red wine and pouring milky white coconut juice, the two drank happily.

Jiang Meimu smelled it and came. Jiang Miaomiao found a small bowl and gave it some noodles.

The family of three had a full meal, sat comfortably by the window, and basked in the sun, rubbing their bellies and wanting to do nothing.

“How long do you think we will live here?”

Jiang Miaomiao asked suddenly.

Lu Qiming speculated: “Looking at the momentum of the flood, it will take ten days and a half months to recede completely. Even if the flood recedes completely, other shops, supermarkets, and warehouses in the city have been submerged for such a long time, and the food in them has long been submerged. There’s no way to eat, so we’d better stay here to be safe. So…maybe we’ll stay until the food is finished before leaving.”

With such a large supermarket, some foods have a long shelf life. They can live for two or three years if there is no accident in the middle.

Jiang Miaomiao was looking forward to a quiet and stable life. It has only been half a year since the apocalypse broke out, and she has changed her residence twice, and she narrowly escaped death each time.

She picked up the coconut juice and said:

“May we be safe and healthy forever, with food and drink!”

Lu Qiming also picked up the cup, thought for a while, and raised his head. His dark eyes were shining with longing.

“Then I hope the light will return to the earth.”

Bring the city back to life and let the factory resume production. Make school life and the hospital busy again.

Let god realize his wish and live an ordinary life with her.

There are many things to do at hand, but they decided to give themselves a day off and enjoy the short peace.

Two people and one dog sat by the window and watched the sunset once. The gorgeous sunset covered the whole sky, and the sun went down little by little, disappearing behind the mountains.

As night falls, it always feels dangerous at night.

Several doors of the supermarket were open. They dared not sleep like this and found a mother and baby room.

There are sofas, toilets, and sinks inside, which are very suitable for temporary bedrooms.

They brought a thick blanket, packed a basket of snacks and drinks, and prepared to spend the night there.

There was no light in the mother and baby room, and they were reluctant to waste the flashlight’s power, hugging each other in the dark.

As long as Jiang Miaomiao moved forward a little, the tip of her nose could touch Lu Qiming’s chest. The distance was so close that she couldn’t help feeling distracted.

It’s not that the two of them haven’t slept with each other before, but it’s different from the current situation.

In the past, they were helpless and clinging to each other. Still, now they have established a relationship, they are both grown men and women, they have enough to eat, and there is no danger. Isn’t it time for something to happen?

Jiang Miaomiao once pulled off his clothes on impulse, but now she is shy and doesn’t dare to pant too loudly.

Is Lu Qiming asleep? What was he thinking about?

She raised her head cautiously, trying to see him, but the other party suddenly touched the back of her head.

“Be good, don’t do it yet, rest is important.”

“…who wants to do it?”


After that word, he didn’t speak again and fell asleep with her in his arms.

Jiang Miaomiao blushed so hot that she pushed his hand away, took out a bottle of Coke from the basket, drank half of the bottle before calming down, lay back, and went to sleep.

The night passed without incident, and they set to work the next day.

Since they plan to live in the supermarket, they must clean up their living environment.

Those rotten foods should be thrown away. Otherwise, they may get sick if they live next to them for a long time.

There is no place to dispose of the garbage in the building, so they can only throw it in the water just to let the flood take them away when the tide is low.

This is an arduous task. The rotten food is measured in tons, and the two of them only have two hands, so it is very laborious to do it.

Jiang Miaomiao significantly changed into a set of clothes that were convenient for working, tied up her hair, and was ready to start.

Lu Qiming pushed five small carts, piled the food to be thrown inside, and Jiang Miaomiao pushed it to the window to throw it away.

The two cooperated with each other, and it took three days to throw away many things in the fresh food area. There were countless expired snacks and drinks waiting for them to deal with. It took time to sort out the expired and non-expired foods in a pile of food.

It won’t work like this. They work all day, and they are not cows.

The two held a small meeting at night to discuss their future work arrangements.

Do two days or one day off, work for two days, and rest for one day. The working time is from eight in the morning to six in the evening, and they go to bed at night.

A combination of work and rest can lead to sustainable development.

After twenty days of such rotation, the supermarket was finally cleaned up.

At the same time, the floodwaters outside the window receded a lot. It was originally flooded to the third floor but has only reached the first floor.

It is estimated that they will no longer be trapped by the flood in two days.

It was something to celebrate, and everyone opened a bottle of Frappuccino at dinner.

The shelf life of most beverages is twelve months, this one is only nine months, and there are very few unexpired goods on hand, so they usually drink them separately.

Jiang Miaomiao took a sip, felt a drop of sweat slipping from her temples, took out a tissue to wipe it off, and asked Lu Qiming:

“Do you feel that the weather is getting hotter?”

The collar of her shirt was wet with sweat, and a thin layer of sweat beads covered her skin, making her as white as a tender lotus root after not going out for many days.

Lu Qiming looked away, looked out the window, and hummed.

“It’s already July.”

“What to do, the floor is so high, it will be more difficult in the future.”

She was so hot that she stuck out her tongue while lying on the table.

The arms are thin and white, like rouge, with a faint red layer on the elbows.

Lu Qiming coughed twice, pulled down the hem of his clothes, and changed his sitting position.

“We’ll look tomorrow to see if there’s a generator.”

“There is a generator but no diesel, so it can’t be used? Alas, I really miss the solar energy in my last home. It must have been damaged by water.”

Jiang Miaomiao pursed her lips, looking at his side face dyed pale yellow by the setting sun, suddenly lost in thought, what he said before echoed in her mind.

– Don’t do it yet. Rest is important.

How long has he been resting, and he hasn’t rested enough?

Jiang Miaomiao felt annoyed and twitchy. Her body feels like sticky chewing gum, sticky and not crisp.

She pinched her palm, got up suddenly and threw herself on him, and was about to take off his clothes.

Lu Qiming jumped away in fright as the scent of shower gel on the woman’s body came over his face.

“What are you going to do?”

She raised her face, “Didn’t you say you would sleep with me? Do you want to go back on your word?”

“Of course not, but I’m a little tired today, can we do it another day?”

“…… Okay.”

She was indescribably disappointed, she didn’t want to look at him again, she turned around and shouted:

“Meimu, Meimu! Let’s eat!”

Today she made fried rice with canned luncheon meat and added some olives. It tastes like stewed meat with dried plums and vegetables and is fragrant.

Jiang Meimu has been hanging around the toy area for the past few days, having fun with a rubber doll, never thinking about it, and never following them.

She yelled several times before the other party ran over.

After several months of feeding, it became fatter and taller, almost reaching Jiang Miaomiao’s knees.

Jiang Meimu hair falls off, and new hair grows. It seems to be like a Samoyed skewer. But because the whole body has changed into long hair, which looks like a monkey at first glance.

It’s ugly and not as good as when Lu Qiming detested it to death when it first came here.

Jiang Miaomiao shared some rice and put it in its bowl. It sniffed it but was not very interested. It turned its head to look and suddenly threw itself on Lu Qiming’s lap.

Two hind legs stepped on the ground, and the front legs hugged him, arching enthusiastically and boldly.

Lu Qiming’s face turned dark instantly.

Jiang Miaomiao was also shocked and explained embarrassingly: “Ah… it might be a little precocious. Meimu, come down quickly!”

Jiang Meimu turned a deaf ear to her words and seemed oblivious.

Lu Qiming picked up a dinner knife and ground his back teeth gloomily.

“I see.. it was time to castrate the son of a bitch.”

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