One Can’t Judge by Appearance #39

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Chapter 39

“Boss,” Assistant Meng hurriedly pushed the door open, “The mobile game” Shenxiu Tianxia” launched by Yihuan Network Company has started operation. Although it is still in the beta test period, their characters and scenes are not the same as ours. There are a lot of similarities in the mobile games that have been launched, and this is their promotional material.”

Yuan Yi took the tablet computer handed over by Assistant Meng. After a few glances at the publicity, he turned off the video: “Yihuan Network Company?”

“A company that has only recently emerged, but it has a strong net worth. I checked the person in charge of their company. He originally had a very ordinary family background, and the previous plan was not valued by venture capital companies. Now that there is such a big movement, there should be other people supporting it.”

Yuan Yi clasped his hands and clicked on this promotional material again. The characters and plots all had the shadow of the game being developed by their company, which obviously stole their creativity. This kind of plagiarism of other people’s ideas is common in the game circle. Still, plagiarizing games that are not running can only indicate that there are commercial spies in the company.

Assistant Meng thought the boss would lose his temper, but unexpectedly, he didn’t change his expression.

“Investigate the spies first,” Yuan Yi raised his eyebrows and smiled sarcastically, looking a little unserious.

“The market competition in mobile games is fierce, and everyone knows that this is a piece of fat. You can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry, and if the other party doesn’t understand the rules, I will teach him what the rules are.”

Seeing the boss’s evil smile, Assistant Meng said involuntarily, “Boss, it’s against the law to hire a killer.”

“What are you thinking? Yuan Yi handed the tablet back to Assistant Meng, “I am a good law-abiding citizen.”

“If We’re suing Yihuan Network now. Even if we win the lawsuit, it won’t be worth the loss.” Assistant Meng thought about how they had spent so much time preparing for this mobile game, but they were cut off by others and panicked, “This bastard’s hand is So fucking dark.”

“Assistant Meng, pay attention to your quality,” Yuan Yi said lazily, “Civilization depends on everyone, and happiness depends on you and me.””

“Boss, you are still in the mood to joke with me,” Assistant Meng looked at Yuan Yi helplessly, “We invested so much money in the early stage, isn’t this a waste of money?”

“It doesn’t matter, what can be solved with money is not a problem,” Yuan Yi knocked on the table, “If they dare to copy, they will have to pay the price of plagiarism.”

“Boss, do you want to get cold and destroy the King?”

(The Pinyin is Tian Liang Wang Po. Tian can be translated with the weather, and Liang with cold. Wang with king and po is destroying)

“What is Tian Liang Wang Po?”

(Yuan Yi asks with the pinyin because he doesn’t understand the internet slang that Assistant Meng uses)

“It’s just that it’s getting cold, let the Wang family go bankrupt.”

Yuan Yi looked at Assistant Meng for a full three seconds: “You want me to hire an illegal organization to blow up the Yihuan Company?” Letting a company with a strong background go bankrupt if they say it goes bankrupt. Bankruptcy is not a building block.

“Isn’t this a meme?” Assistant Meng explained the origin of this sentence.

“Don’t watch these TV series with your sister in the future,” Yuan Yi looked at Assistant Meng sympathetically, “If your brain becomes too stupid, I will fire you.”

He didn’t expect that the assistant, a high-achieving student from a prestigious school, would like to watch these shows without logic.

Assistant Meng looked at Yuan Yi more sympathetically. At such a young age, he didn’t even know this outdated Internet Slang. Is this the spiritual world that young people should have?

In the ward, Yan Xi looked at these two friends who claimed to be visiting her, but they kept eating and drinking from start to finish and felt a little heartache.

“Yan Dahe, these fruits of yours are very delicious, where did you buy them?” Tao Ru held a plate, and Yang Min ate ruby grapes with relish.

“You two are just here to eat and drink, right?” Yan Xi rolled her eyes, “Is there anyone like you visiting the sick?”

“You can’t eat too much now, it won’t be fresh after a long time, we’re doing this to help you.” Seeing Yan Xi lying softly on the bed, Tao Ru felt pity for her, that’s it.

“Dahe, I don’t dare to go out and say that you are my friend now,” Tao Ru sighed,

“The colleagues in the company are all talking about your being smashed, if they know about our relationship, they would definitely all be pestering me to ask about you.”

“Are the employees of Changfeng Headquarters so idle? What about the spirit and appearance of the famous company?” Yan Xi covered her face, “Who wants to be famous in this way?”

“Originally, the people in our company didn’t like gossip so much, but who told you that there was an interview with a senior manager of Changfeng in a previous program,” Tao Ru was a little emotional and almost crushed the grapes in her hand flat, “Do you know who that senior management is, the second son of the chairman, his own son!”

This second young director has a job in the head office, and he rarely appears in the head office. It is said that he has several companies under his own name, and all doing very well.

They, ordinary employees, don’t know if it’s true or not, but rumors say, this second young director doesn’t like being on TV shows. He even refused the national TV station’s invitation to record a talk show. Who would have thought that he would appear on a local TV station’s program as “a senior manager of Changfeng Company?”

“I know,” Yan Xi looked at the plate of grapes in Tao Ru’s hand, “The plate of grapes you ate was also bought by your chairman’s son.”

Tao Ru almost choked on the grapes in her mouth: “Yan Dahe, don’t make fun of me, you actually know the second young boss?”

Yan Xi revealed a mysterious smile.

“Hey, I’ll let it go, Yan Dahe. You can’t hide it,” Tao Ru stuffed the grapes into Yang Min and looked at Yan Xi excitedly, “How is the second little boss? Is he like the one in the legend?”

“In the legend… which one?” Yan Xi was a little interested.

“That’s it,” Tao Ru looked at Yan Xi sideways, “I tell you, you wouldn’t tell the Second young Boss these words, would you?” She would be fired if this got to the Second young Boss’ ears.

“Do I look like that kind of person?”

“That’s true, then let me tell you.” Tao Ru deeply agreed. Although Dahe was not as good as one in appearance, she was indeed not the one who betrayed her friends.

He has never had a girlfriend. When he usually comes to the company and sees beautiful girls, he doesn’t even give them an extra look, so we suspect he is asexual.”

“He is not interested in women, maybe he is interested in men?” Yang Min asked curiously,

“Why is it asexual?”

“Because he’s not interested in men either. We have a lot of handsome men and women in our company, and he doesn’t even shake his eyelids.” Tao Ru put on a cold gesture,

“However, there are also rumors that the second young boss has violent tendencies. Gentleman’s demeanor, but in vain is the face of a wicked villain and a devil.”

“Do you think you are contradicting yourself? You want people to be evil and charming, and you also want people to be gentlemanly. Isn’t this schizophrenic?” Yan Xi refuted Yuan Yi very conscientiously, “What kind of violent tendencies, did you see him beating people with your own eyes?”

“I’ve seen it.” Tao Ru nodded.

Yan Xi felt that her posture of whitewashing Yuan Yi might be a bit wrong.

“However, the Second young Boss is not to blame for this incident. At that time, a department manager in the headquarters harassed a female employee. The Second young Boss just happened to find out and beat him up.” Tao Ru, who was at the scene at the time, said with a conscience that the Second young Boss’s beating posture was very handsome.

“So he is obviously a righteous and handsome man,” Yan Xi curled her lips. Yuan Xiaoer’s mouth is a bit indebted, but he is very nice. Since they met, he has helped her several times.

“You guys It’s called judging by appearance.”

“It seems that you have a good relationship with the second young boss,” Tao Ru asked curiously, “Could you two…”

“Let’s be pure in thought. The second youngest boss of your family likes big beautiful women. I like gentle and handsome men. It’s impossible.” Yan Xi didn’t say that he was so sloppy in front of her. How could this look interesting to her?

When a man is interested in a woman, he will definitely be courteous and considerate, trying to show the side that the woman likes. Yuan Xiaoer’s casual attitude in front of her often makes her doubt whether he is a man in her eyes.

“I knew that this kind of story of marrying into a wealthy family would never happen around me,” Tao Ru felt a little regretful, “Such a thing like a sparrow turning into a phoenix is really only treated by a TV drama heroine.”

“To be reasonable, I’m also a rich second generation. Phoenix can’t be called, at least it’s a peacock,” Yan Xi protested, “Are you still my friend?”

“Yes, yes, you are a peacock.” Tao Ru was most afraid of Yan Xi frowning at her because her little appearance was so pitiful that she could easily change her position without any principles at all. Once, she even doubted her sexual orientation. The two have known each other for so many years, but she still cannot develop immunity, and there is no cure.

“Dahe,” Yang Min said beside her, “Recently, Wei Xiaoman seems to be looking for your contact information. She didn’t know you worked in the TV station before, but now that things are so big, she should know. I’m worried that she will go to the TV station. looking for you, pay attention.”

Back then, they could see how much Wei Xiaoman liked Chen Mingdong and how much she had sacrificed for Chen Mingdong. Now that they broke up, she was worried that Wei Xiaoman would trouble Yan Xi because of her extreme thinking.

“She broke up with Chen Mingdong, what does it have to do with me?” Yan Xi felt that she was wronged. Back then, she was cuckolded by her roommate and Chen Mingdong, but now that they broke up, she still has to worry about the emotions of Xiaosan. Really fucked up the teddy dog.

(Xiaosan means mistress)

“We all know it has nothing to do with you, but Wei Xiaoman…” Yang Min frowned, “I don’t know what Chen Mingdong poisoned Wei Xiaoman to make her wrong herself so much for a man.”

When they first entered university, the four of them were very close. Although Wei Xiaoman’s personality was a bit delicate, she was nice. No one thought that she would walk with Chen Mingdong during Dahe’s most difficult time.

At that time, she cried heartbreakingly and told Dahe that she liked Chen Mingdong so much that she was willing to accept retribution.

What happened two or three years ago seems to be right in front of them, but they are no longer pure student girls on campus, and the relationship that once broke their friendship and wanted to be together does not come to an end in the end.

Yan Xi didn’t have any feelings about this matter, she no longer had feelings for Chen Mingdong, and she also had no friendship with Wei Xiaoman. It would only be embarrassing to mention it again.

Seeing that Yan Xi didn’t want to talk about it, Yang Min said no more: “Anyway, you’re right to be careful, people who lose their minds don’t have three views.”

(three views = opinion about value)

There was a knock on the door, Yang Min got up and went to open the door, and saw a handsome man holding flowers standing outside the door. She was stunned for a moment and said: “Hello, who are you looking for?”

“Excuse me,” Song Dynasty smiled softly, “Is Miss Yan in this ward?”

Yang Min was almost fascinated by this gentle smile, but fortunately, she was sensible and stepped back two steps: “Yes.”

“Excuse me,” Song Dynasty nodded slightly to her before stepping in.

Yang Min looked at this man’s perfect back, handsome, refined and personable, this man’s appearance fit Dahe’s taste very well.

“Miss Yan,” the smile on Song Dynasty’s face became more gentle, “I heard that you were injured, I wonder if you are better now?”

From Yan Xi’s perspective, she could only see the area below the Song Dynasty’s chest. She didn’t expect the Song Dynasty to come, so she smiled politely: “It’s just a skin injury, why bother Mr. Song to come here.”

“Come to see you. How can it be troublesome.” Song Dynasty looked around the room, but he didn’t see the vase, so he had to put the flowers he had bought in the locker.

“Sir,” a nurse came over and held up the flowers and said, “Patients’ wounds cannot be exposed to pollen for the time being, and flowers cannot be placed in the ward. I will take this bouquet to the nurse’s station and store it when you leave. Take it away when the time comes.”

Song Dynasty’s expression stiffened slightly and then returned to normal: “Sorry, I don’t know, I’m bothering you.”

After the nurse left, Song Dynasty sat down on the sofa, “Is there no one to take care of Miss Yan? How about I arrange a nurse for you, which will be more convenient for you.”

“Thank you Mr. Song for your kindness. I have two nurses to take care of me.” Yan Xi looked at the man sitting on the sofa elegantly and upright. At this time, she didn’t have the slightest heartbeat but felt that the other party had no good intentions.

Could it be that she hates the rich and powerful in her bones and is prejudiced against them?

“Miss Yan looks a little thinner.” Song Dynasty and Yan Xi’s eyes met. His peach blossom eyes were hidden under the glasses. Although the corners of his mouth were smiling, there was a sense of alienation and indifference.

Yan Xi smiled: “It’s normal to lose weight even in the hospital.”

Tao Ru and Yang Min noticed that Yan Xi didn’t seem very warm to this Mr. Song, and the two who originally didn’t plan to stay to be light bulbs returned to their seats and couldn’t leave.

A good friend knows how to leave when the right time is right and how to treat oneself as a rooted tree when it is not right.

No matter how gracious Song Dynasty is, he will find topics to chat with again, but if the other party is determined not to cooperate, the conversation will be very embarrassing.

“Has Ms. Yan considered changing to a TV station?”


“I was worried when I learned about your accident. Fortunately, you are fine.”

“Thank you, I have been lying in the hospital for two days, and I am no longer in danger.”

Hehe, he said he was worried, but he only came to the hospital to visit at this time. This worry is really worthless. Yan Xi didn’t understand, since the Song Dynasty didn’t have that kind of thought for her, why did he pretend to pursue her? Isn’t this torturing himself?

Or does he have an actor dream in his heart, which cannot be realized because he comes from a wealthy family, so he can only experience the thrill of acting in front of her?

“Come, come, eat the fruit,” Tao Ru put the fruit in front of Yan Xi, “Xiao Xi, this fruit is so sweet.”

Only in front of strangers can Yan Xi hear Tao Ru affectionately call her Xiaoxi.

The Song Dynasty realized that these three women excluded him. The so-called three women play a drama, and the women join forces to ignore a man, and there is nothing wrong with the man. Even if the Song Dynasty had all kinds of means, they all came to naught at this time.

He looked at Yan Xi’s pale cheeks and the green silk scattered on his shoulders, and suddenly he had a memory of nine years ago. At that time, he was an outstanding representative of the school, and he would receive love letters from girls every day. He was already impatient in his heart, but he had to maintain politeness on the surface, and he took the letters home before throwing them away.

When he happened to meet that girl in a clean school uniform skirt, he was attracted by her shyness when she lowered her head, smiled, and felt that she was special.

Nine years have passed, and she has already learned how to draw eyebrows and makeup. There seems to be no difference between the girl who was like a little white rabbit and the woman in front of her, but there seems to be a big difference.

The memory has been blurred, but the memory of feelings being trampled on will not disappear.

“Song Dynasty,” Yuan Yi stood at the door, looking at the man sitting on the sofa leaning against the door with his arms crossed, “What a coincidence.”

“Unfortunately,” Song Dynasty stood up gracefully, “I specially came to visit Miss Yan today.”

“The patient needs to rest more,” Yuan Yi raised his eyebrows, “We have received Mr. Song’s kindness, thank you.”

“Us?” Song Dynasty had a mocking smile on his face, “What position does Mr. Yuan represent Miss Yan?”

“Hey,” Yuan Yi walked up to Yan Xi and gave her a “shut up” expression, “She is my woman, of course I have a position. Mr. Song needs me to take you to the door?”

Song Dynasty chuckled, turned his head to look at Yan Xi, and said meaningfully: “Miss Yan… has a good eye.”

“Thank you for the compliment.” Yan Xi showed a perfect smile, “I think so too.”

Song Dynasty pushed his glasses and said calmly, “Since Miss Yan needs to rest, then I will leave.”

When the Song Dynasty left, Yuan Yi couldn’t wait to say: “I helped you block the rotten peach blossoms and ruin my reputation, how can you thank me?”

Thank you for your leg. Who ruined whose reputation?!

“Yuan Xiaoer, do you want a face?” Yan Xi patted the pillow, “What do you mean she is my woman? Do you think you are a domineering president?”

“I’m sorry, that’s me,” Yuan Yi walked to the sofa where SongDynasty sat and patted hard, “If I didn’t see that you didn’t like him at all, how could I sacrifice so much?”

“Yuan Xiaoer,” Yan Xi looked at Yuan Yi suspiciously, “You’re not really interested in me, are you?”

Yuan Yi’s voice suddenly rose: “You, don’t be a peacock and pretend to be passionate, I can fall in love with you?!”

Hearing this, Yan Xi felt that she should beat him to death after the injury healed.

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