Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #25

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Chapter 25

One second before the actor fell from the stage, he was still in the peak state of being a scumbag with red and white roses in his arms.

A second later, he fell off the stage, and the two women who fought for him in the play hugged each other.

This kind of gap is not generally large, and the actor feels that he seems to be an extra existence.

He asked the program staff with a wry smile, “Should I go up?” Pointed to the stage.

Old Tie, do you think I should go up, or should I just stay below?

The staff was confused by this question and spoke carefully, “…Teacher, you are a guest of the competition.”

The contestants will definitely be on stage.

Although there was a major accident due to a mistake in position, the instructor still had to comment later and definitely had to go on stage.

Neither the actor nor Bai Wu was injured, and the recording had to continue, so he returned to the stage. The staff looked at the three people on the stage, but they were a little awkward. They don’t know why they didn’t have this idea at first. Still, They always felt that when the actor returned to the stage again, some kind of harmony was diluted. They wanted to get rid of him manually.

Not only did they have this idea alone, but even the mentor thought so.

Of course, as authorities in the industry, they urgently cleared that picture from their minds.

They are a professional performance show, very serious!

Shi Zhi pulled Bai Wu to a safe area, and the three lined up there, waiting for the mentor’s comments. The main ones who accepted the comments were Bai Wu and the actor. Shi Zhi was just an assistant.

Although this assistant is damn eye-catching.

At the time of the accident, the scene was nearing the end, and the completeness was still there. The actor took the lead in apologizing to Bai Wu, the mentor, and the audience.

“I’m really sorry, this time it was my mistake and it has nothing to do with my partner.”

“Because I was too emotional, I brought my partner to the edge of the stage.” If this is put in the shooting, it will directly take people out of the camera.

The mentor and the program team see this clearly, and it is the actor’s responsibility.

He took the initiative to apologize, and his attitude was sincere, which also made everyone feel a lot better.

After this stubble, the program team discovered that the stage itself also had safety hazards and that piece of land was a bit uneven.

The mentors made comments, and the actor did not advance. This is also reasonable. He accepted the result, took it calmly, and bowed to the audience.

Bai Wu got three of the four votes from the mentor and was advanced.

Shi Zhi also got the evaluation of a mentor, “You are very suitable for making Republic of China dramas, do you want to try to pick up this type of drama?”

She is gorgeous, beauty is universal, and he always feels that Shi Zhi seems to be different from before.

After Bai Wu almost fell off the stage, her face turned pale, but otherwise, she was fine and generally calm, but when the three of them walked down the curtain, Bai Wu grabbed Shi Zhi’s arm.

Shi Zhi: Eh?

Bai Wu showed an expression on the verge of crying, “I… my legs are weak.”

It’s difficult to walk. Just now, she was holding on. It’s the actor’s professionalism.

“Can you give me a hand?”


Shi Zhi knew it, and she was still very generous to her friends. Not only did she support her, she almost lifted Bai Wu up.

Brother Quan and Bai Wu’s agent rushed to the exit urgently. Bai Wu’s agent was frightened enough, but Brother Quan was actually similar.

“Bai Wu, are you alright…”

Bai Wu Agent voice stopped abruptly because he saw the scene where Shi Zhi’s was bursting with boyfriend power.

Most of the weight of Bai Wu’s body fell on Shi Zhi, and her expression was very relieved. She told her agent that she was okay, but she couldn’t walk for the time being.

The actor, who was on the same stage as Bai Wu and Shi Zhi, apologized to Bai Wu in private after the recording was over.

Bai Wu accepted the apology and understood that the process was tortuous and the result was good.

Shi Zhi thought for a while and apologized to the actor.

“I didn’t mean to not pull you on stage at the time, I couldn’t pull you…”

It was too difficult to pull two at the same time, so she subconsciously hugged Bai Wu.

Actor ???

The actor didn’t expect Shi Zhi to apologize to him, his face flushed red, and he smiled bitterly.

“There’s really no need to apologize for this. You were right to hold Bai Wu. She was wearing high heels.”

He has nothing to lose as a big man with rough skin and thick flesh, and he can still count on the actress to pull him.

He wants a face.

As the actor’s brain replenished, Shi Zhi held Bai Wu’s waist with her left hand and her waist with his right hand.……

That picture is too beautiful to look at.

Bai Wu took a short break in the background and returned to normal, but after the recording was over, Bai Wu’s agent had to invite Shi Zhi and her party to eat hot pot.

As a result, “Thanks to Shi Zhi for taking care of Bai Wu last time in ‘Our Village’.”

It was well taken care of. Bai Wu gained a few pounds. The key is that Bai Wu was filming a stubborn and unyielding Xiao Bai Hua character during that time. Xiao Bai Hua was going to be thinner. Finding a private coach to reduce the meat took half a month. This Bai Wu’s agent is not easy to tell Shi Zhi and the others.

(Xiao Bai Hua means white flower. The character Bai Wu plays is a girl treating everyone well, a silly person. Even a male protagonist is an awful person.)

Second, “Shi Zhi not only helped us this time, but also saved Bai Wu.”

Shi Zhi shook her head, exaggerating, “That stage is not high, and it won’t be too serious to fall off.” It’s a matter of hand-in-hand between friends.

Bai Wu’s agent insisted, “It’s a life-saving grace.”

“Bai Wu has received a new drama. The production team is very good. She will join the group soon. If Bai Wu sprains her foot, there will be no waiting for her there.”

It’s still a trivial matter that she can’t get on the next issue of “The Actor’s Law” with a sprained foot. The point is that she will miss the new drama. He feels scared for a while as long as he thinks about it.

In addition to her status as an agent, Bai Wu’s agent is actually related to her and is Bai Wu’s uncle.

Bai Wu’s family is not bad and well-off. At that time, she wanted to enter the entertainment industry. The whole family did not agree. In the end, Bai Wu’s uncle had contacts in this area and personally acted as an agent for Bai Wu. Her family was relieved. Bai Wu has indeed been well protected by the family over the years.

Initially, Bai Wu’s agent didn’t understand why Bai Wu had such a strong affection for Shi Zhi.

Isn’t it all like that in the entertainment industry? Intrigue and deceit, and Shi Zhi is black and red. It’s better for them to have less contact.

Now he finally knows.

Bai Wu’s agent is willing to say this, which means he doesn’t treat Shi Zhi as an outsider. After listening to Bai Wu’s new drama team, Brother Quan knows how rare it is.

If it is missed, it is indeed a massive blow to the actor.

“You didn’t even think about it. You didn’t hold Bai Wu, what should you do if she takes you off the stage?”

After Brother Quan separated from Bai Wu’s team, he still didn’t hold back the ramble. Of course, there was nothing wrong with Shi Zhi saving people, but she also wore high heels. What if she fell with Bai Wu?

Shi Zhi was very calm, “I know.”

Since she stretched out her hand, she knew she could pull Bai Wu back.

The team members turned on the flattery mode again.

When a group of big men in black rushed over, they performed what is called encouragement in the same place, and the previous Mission Impossible act, by leaning on the front of sister Shi, she achieved a salary increase. Everyone regretted it in retrospect.

“Sister Shi is so handsome, she is two meters two today!”

“Sister Shi is full of loyalty,high morality, and a hero among women.”

There is no place for Brother Quan to speak in such a situation.

Shi Zhi felt that it was not a big deal, and Bai Wu was very grateful, but neither side expected that there would be such a development in the future.

“The Law of Actors” was broadcast, and Shi Zhi went to the hot search with the program’s name. Also on the hot search were the names of Shi Zhi and Bai Wu.

Netizens glanced at it. What’s wrong, Shi Zhi is on “The Law of Actors”?

Be a coach or be a contestant.

One of the famous scenes that Shi Zhi contributed to in “Our Village” was to add a scene of the fish on Xiong Baojie’s plate. At that time, it was almost going to make everyone laugh to death. Shi Zhi did say that she planned to go to acting shows. During that time, someone specially wrote “The Law of Actors.”

Unexpectedly, Shi Zhi really went.

During the speculation, the remarks about being a mentor were refuted. The mentors have all won awards and will not change casually.

That is serious acting, and it is still with Bai Wu. Everyone knows that Bai Wu is on the show, so she will likely be the assistant invited by Bai Wu.

They don’t know whether Uncle Shi Zhi’s acting is good.

With this doubt in mind, netizens watched “The Law of Actors,” but they found that they were too naive after watching it. In the end, who cares about acting or not, whether the acting skills are good or bad.

Is Shi Zhi not beautiful enough, or is Bai Wu not pretty enough?

In a critical moment, Shi Zhi’s arms are around Bai Wu’s waist and holding hands. Shi Zhi brought Bai Wu to her side, looking at each other. Isn’t this enough to see?

White roses, red roses, it’s perfect!

At the same time, the topic of Shi Zhi and Bai Wu’s names rushed higher and higher.

There is a big problem in the world. Father and mother fell into the river at the same time, or mother and wife fell into the river simultaneously. Who would you save?

Regardless of whether there are so many rivers, people fall easily. The person who is asked may also be a dry duck.

Now comes another extended question –

The rival and the lover fall into the river (stage) at the same time. Who will you save?

Everyone’s first reaction is to definitely save the lover.

Shi Zhi chooses to save her rival.

Le zhu is an ordinary college student. She usually has a lot of free time. She often watches variety shows. This time, she opened “The Law of Actors.” She has watched Bai Wu’s TV series before and still recognizes Bai Wu.

She didn’t expect that Shi Zhi would also come to the show this time and act as an assistant to Bai Wu, but she didn’t have much conflict with Shi Zhi, so she could still watch it.

And Shi Zhi’s appearance is stunning.

Le Zhu stared at the beautiful woman with curly hair, red lips, and red cheongsam on the screen and admired her heart.

On the stage, Shi Zhi leaned lazily against the table with straight legs under the split cheongsam and cigarette between her slender fingers. She breathed with her red lips and finally slowly exhaled the smoke, her delicate face in the smoke. Under the shroud, there was a little shadow, and she laughed in the smoke.

Proud and arrogant.

It’s the laughter of a bad woman.

Le Zhu has also watched this original drama before. Although the time interval is a little long, she still remembers the general plot. Anyway, Shi Zhi’s role is evil.

The man is not very good at dealing with this relationship. She always has the impression that the male protagonist seems to want to sit and enjoy the blessings of his life.

She didn’t think about the original drama for the time being and watched this performance intently. Shi Zhi’s performance didn’t drag her back, and there was no drama or the like. Le Zhu suddenly had a good impression of her. Of course, to a large extent, it is also the most basic reaction to a beautiful woman.

As the plot progressed, Le Zhu watched Bai Wu play opposite actors, and she also thought that Shi Zhi’s role was over.

Then the actor made a mistake and suddenly took Bai Wu to the bottom of the stage!


Le Zhu’s whole heart clenched, and she saw Shi Zhi stretch out her hand and embrace Bai Wu, the harmony between red and white was incredible.

Le Zhu !!!

She took a screenshot of this beautiful scene on the spot, and all the pictures in her mind were like this——

The two of them are like red and white roses blooming in thorns. The red roses are taller and more upright than the white roses. The weak white roses are entwined and attached to the red roses, leaning on each other.

Le Zhu felt she was ***, but she saw the whole barrage was killing her!

Everyone was as excited as Le Zhu.

Damn, what the hell is this?

“The red and white roses are locked, what male lead do you want, can you two just be together, please!”

“Sister Shi shot too fast, crisp and easy to attack.”

“Orange is orange, I seem to have opened a new world, it’s so fragrant.”

“Originally, I saw this again, and I felt that the male protagonist was really scumbag, and his righteous head hurt. Now the female protagonist and the female partner are hugging each other. By the way, they are in the spirit, and they are a good match. Put the seal on the screen.”

“Have you seen the details? Shi Zhi seemed to have a lot of range when she was pulling with Bai Wu, but in fact, she didn’t use much effort. When she pushed her, she pushed on the carpet specifically? Very good, I pulled out the candy.”

“Shi Zhi is still a gentleman!”

The audience, which can be called Sherlock Holmes, really found out more and more details. This kind of fierce shoving scene will actually hurt if you are a little careless. Shi Zhi has always been cautious. According to the plot, Bai Wu was pushed to the ground. She pushed her onto the carpet.

Even if this is placed on the actor himself, it is amicable. Now it has become sugar in another sense.

“I’m sorry, my mind is wide open… Can this be true love between the female lead and the female partner? Dealing with the male lead is just to get close to the female lead. No, let’s tell the woman to stay away from the scumbag. (Dog head)”

In fact, the audience has long been tired of the plot of two women fighting for one man. The script is a bit old. The male protagonist does have problems and is wavering. Misunderstandings are made repeatedly, causing the female protagonist to be physically and mentally abused.

Now such a scene has unexpectedly developed. The male protagonist and the female protagonist have an accident together. The female partner in the play abandoned the male protagonist and hugged the female protagonist.

Netizens were all excited, and their desire to create soared one by one, and they really made clips.

The gorgeous and moving red rose knew the white rose long ago.

White Rose’s life trajectory is entirely different from hers. White Rose has read books and married her childhood sweetheart. She lives a very simple life, with a happy smile on her face every day. Under the window, I just choose the freshest vegetables for my husband to eat at the morning market.

The red rose usually looks at her so condescendingly. She doesn’t understand the white rose. Her childhood sweetheart’s husband is not at ease, and various women often walk around.

Red Rose thinks she is so stupid.

The red rose still made her own social flower, drunk and dreaming to death, making a man willingly be her licking dog. She coldly observed the white rose, who was not in the same world as herself, until one day, the white rose disappeared. The red rose began to feel lost and even inquired about the white rose’s home, but she had no reason to walk in. She could only look at their yard from a distance.

When the white rose appeared downstairs in the sight of the red rose again, the innocent and happy smile disappeared. The white rose was not stupid. She was just in love and realized her husband might have a problem.

Red Rose felt distressed, and she decided to take the initiative to let White Rose completely let go of her husband, who didn’t care about her.

In the end, Shi Zhi was holding Bai Wu’s waist on stage, and underneath was an ignorant actor. The dubbing for Shi Zhi was “Let him go.”

They don’t know where the sand sculpture netizens found the material. Still, the editing is very smooth, and even the sound is the original sound.

“Oh, yes, let him go, be with Sister Shi, stay away from scumbags, Sister Shi spoils you!”

“It’s too sweet, too sweet.”

“Yes, I said sweet, sweet fried!”

Shi Zhi was squinting in the rocking chair and basking in the sun when she heard the team staff next to her chattering non-stop.

Shi Zhi herself?

“What’s the matter?”

Why are you crying?

She raised her head with emotional tears on her face. She wiped away her tears and said, “The white rose, and the red rose must be together. I agreed to this marriage.”

Shi Zhi, “…Speak well and speak human words.”

The other assistant leaned next to Shi Zhi and told Shi Zhi about the various things caused by her hug with Bai Wu after the broadcast of “The Law of Actors.”

“Just this video, netizens cut it, and now the playback rate is very high!”

Who hasn’t moved to tears for the beautiful love of red and white roses?

The assistant thought for a while, then added, “…Actually there is a real-life version.” Even sweeter.

The performance on the stage can no longer satisfy the excited hearts of the netizens, and the live-action version of Shi Zhi and Bai Wu has also been edited.

Shi Zhi participated in the show with Bai Wu, that is, the one where Shi Zhi was used as the background board. Shi Zhi’s gaze at Bai Wu was picked out and matched with Shi Zhi’s rainbow fart to Bai Wu.

“Bai Wu’s eyes are very beautiful, big and bright, like pearls washed by the snow in the Tianshan Mountains, and the eyelashes are also long, like Barbie…”

Shi Zhi and Bai Wu were edited into various clips in “Our Village.” The two met for the first time and greeted each other. Bai Wu said he didn’t expect Shi Zhi to come, and the only guest Shi Zhi knew was Bai Wu. The two stood together; When Shi Zhi was cooking, Bai Wu was waiting by the side, and pink bubbles were added.

It looks good under the love bg.

Although people who have watched the show know that Bai Wu is there shouting that she is going to starve, it has absolutely nothing to do with pink or pink bubbles.

Facing the whole network knocking on the red and white rose couple, the actor also liked the edited video.

Obviously, it was a performance by three people, but he didn’t have a name, but he had a good mentality. At least he knocked c on the spot and witnessed the emergence of the big C.

The actor’s dumbfounded expression in the audience at the time was also made into an expression pack. He asked the staff if they wanted him to go on stage, and it was also broadcast. Netizens said that he also understood it very well.

Shi Zhi, “…”

After watching the two videos, she thought everyone was fascinating. Of course, she had nothing to do with Bai Wu, she was just friends, but everyone seemed very happy.

It didn’t affect her in any way, so it didn’t matter.

Brother Quan, “Who said it had no effect.”

“You have fans, Shi Zhi!”

Brother Quan released “Good Day,” and Shi Zhi finally had fans. This time he was not a black fan but a serious fan.

“I think that Uncle Pancake Fruit words are quite accurate.”

Although it is not a personal fan, it is a c powder.

The combination of Shi Zhi and Bai Wu had a super talk, and C fans called them Bai Zhi/White Paper.

White is Bai Wu, and paper is Shi Zhi, which means as pure and flawless as white paper.

The white paper is real!

There is even a support slogan, “Zhi (hold) the hand of the child, grow old in vain.”

The white paper fans are naturally cute, and they have contributed a lot of beautiful clips. Bai Wu and Shi Zhi’s Weibo fans have increased a lot.

Bai Wu fans do not reject this C fan, and many people are even one of them.

Shi Zhi has always taken care of Bai Wu in “Our Village” and pulled Bai Wu in “The Actor’s Law” to prevent her from falling off the stage. The agent of the internal group of fans also revealed that if it weren’t for Shi Zhi, Bai Wu might lose the chance for a new drama.

It’s too late for them to be grateful. How can they still reject it?

Moreover, this is also a two-way win-win situation. The white paper c is out of the circle, and the popularity of white paper has also increased a lot.

If this is placed in other people, it will definitely keep interacting and operating in this situation, but when Brother Quan said casually.

Shi Zhi said directly, “No.”

Brother Quan was not angry either. He knew, “Actually, I don’t recommend it either. It’s almost enough, don’t overdo it.”

This was a complete accident for c, and it was precisely because of the accident that everyone knocked on it. It was lovely and would be boring if it was deliberate.

“It’s not Shi Zhi, I don’t think you can do this. You lack the youthful vitality of a young man.”

Although Shi Zhi debuted early, she was actually in her early twenties. Let’s see what labels she has on her body now.

Uncle Shi Zhi.

Which standard artist is still a female artist who is called uncle!

When Brother Quan opened his mouth, Shi Zhi showed a clear expression.

“Come on, what kind of work have you arranged for me again.” To get straight to the point, don’t mess with those vain heads.

Brother Quan smiled, “You are too good… It’s like this, I signed you up for the Star Games. You are absolutely youthful and energetic.”

Imagine they are all handsome men and beautiful women, young girls and boys, how youthful they are.

“What kind of project do you want to apply for? The Star Games is still very complete, such as archery, sprinting… These are all popular and you may not be able to choose, but I will try hard for you.” Archery is very special. It’s like filming a TV series. Sprinting just makes people excited and excited.

Shi Zhi, “Are there any fishing projects?”

Brother Quan?

“If you don’t have it, I can play mahjong, or play cards?”

Brother Quan, “None of them!”

It’s a star sports meeting, not an uncle’s party!

How could there be fishing and playing mahjong? Brother Quan couldn’t imagine a group of youthful idols or actors sitting by the pond fishing or shouting “three bars” and “hu.”

Shi Zhi frowned. This is not complete at all, and it is also called complete. How good are fishing and playing cards?

Brother Quan directly found the items in the sports meeting for Shi Zhi and asked her to choose from them. She said she didn’t want to be an uncle. This Shi Zhi was Xiao Zhi, who was full of youth!

There is no project that Shi Zhi likes, so Shi Zhi took a general look at the last point.

“This one.”

“It’s youthful enough this time.”

Brother Quan looked at the project Shi Zhi selected with joy, then his eyelids jumped several times.

Three words are written on it――

Discus throw.:???

What kind of cake are you throwing?

Facing Brother Quan’s blank inquiry, Shi Zhi was confident, “Discus.”

That’s right, it’s the discus. Shi Zhi looked at those projects for a while and thought about the clearest thing that came from this list. After a turn on the court, it was over with a flick.

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