Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #22

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Chapter 22

Part 1

The entire Shi Zhi team was ecstatic that Shi Zhi was the best-looking female star among the past female stars.

Sister Shi is the most beautiful, and Sister Shi is the one who hangs! Broken sound!

It’s hard to disagree. If you disagree, please find a female star who can fight with Sister Shi’s face value. Everyone will fight on the spot without fear.

Proud of you.

Everyone on the team had a confident smile, and this ecstasy continued until they went to the beverage advertising audition.

In fact, Brother Quan didn’t think it was that confusing, and Shi Zhi was still diligent in the recent hot searches.

The beverage brand that invited Shi Zhi is not an old brand. It has emerged in the past two years. It has good sales, and it is full of advertisements.

Subway, taxi, bus, elevator…

All the places that you can think of, they already reach out.

Brother Quan took a fancy to this, so even if the initial advertising fee was lower than the market price, Brother Quan was willing to let Shi Zhi come to the audition.

In the words of Brother Quan, “It’s a pity that beauty like ours is not promoted indiscriminately. Even if you can’t compete on the red carpet of Cannes, murder the foreigner’s film, with the beverage packaging all over the country, that’s not bad.”

Shi Zhi: “…” OK.

When the Shi Zhi team arrived at the audition venue, they came relatively early. The waiting place was a large room with many people, and the environment was very noisy.

The assistant ran back after inquiring and said to Shi Zhi and Brother Quan, “Those are group performances, I have seen Xing Feifei go in for the audition…”

“Why doesn’t this even have a corresponding staff member?”

Several of them were standing there. From time to time, the group performers who recognized Shi Zhi pointed in their direction, and everyone was a little uncomfortable.

Xing Feifei is a second-tier actress who plays more supporting roles, but the parts are usually likable.

Brother Quan raised his eyebrows. He didn’t have an opinion on Xing Feifei’s audition. After all, he knew this advertisement had to be auditioned to win. He was mainly annoyed. As the assistant said, the brand did show a bit of neglect.

They have been here for a while and haven’t seen a staff member. Do they still want Shi Zhi to stay with the group performers and wait?

Shi Zhi didn’t care, “That’s it, there are stools over there.”

She didn’t pay so much attention to where to sit or not to sit.

A group of people sat down, and the staff arrived late after about ten minutes. It probably meant they were busy and didn’t see them, and there was no other empty lounge. They could only wait here for a while when they were wronged. If it’s her turn. They will call her.

Said a word of sorry words.

Shi Zhi said it doesn’t matter.

After watching the person leave, the assistant whispered to Shi Zhi, “What are they busy with? Say they don’t have a room, they just don’t take us seriously.”

This circle is too realistic, holding the high and stepping the low. If this changed to a popular flower, what kind of attitude would it still be?

Brother Quan interrupted the assistant. He feared that Shi Zhi would feel uncomfortable hearing this kind of statement.

However, Brother Quan noticed that Shi Zhi’s demeanor was as usual. She was a person with a strong mind who could hide things.

In fact, Shi Zhi just let this comment get into her left ear and out her right ear and sighed with emotion.

Phones are so much fun.

The waiting time was too long, and the rest of the team also took out their mobile phones to pass the time.

Shi Zhi played the game for a while, and when she heard Brother Quan next to her suddenly” hey,” she put down her phone.

“What’s wrong?”

“The group performance over there is a bit familiar. It seems that she is still a small Internet celebrity and often shoots celebrity vlogs. I just saw her holding her mobile phone to your side. I have to stop her…”

Shi Zhi looked in the direction indicated by Brother Quan. A young girl was facing her not far away, holding a mobile phone in her hand. She probably noticed Shi Zhi and the others, and the young girl took the phone back in a panic.

The assistant volunteered, “Brother Quan, why don’t I go.”

Shi Zhi, “Why are you going to stop it?”

Brother Quan and his assistant are both:?

When Shi Zhi asked this question, she stopped them.

Why stop? Because all stars will stop it.

Brother Quan answered, “It will affect the artist’s schedule…” Oh, it will not affect the schedule here.

“The main thing is that the capture is very ugly, and the raw picture will be ridiculed if it is placed directly on the Internet.”

You must know that they will not retouch Shi Zhi.

After Shi Zhi finished listening, she shook her head, “Forget it, she didn’t bother me either, and didn’t everyone say that I look good?”

The most beautiful of the pasted female celebrities, and it is a pity that they are not posted on beverage bottles all over the streets and alleys.

Shi Zhi is not a narcissist. She is satisfied with her appearance and can fight with her face value very well. It doesn’t matter.

Brother Quan was persuaded by Shi Zhi. He didn’t expect Shi Zhi to take out his quotations, but it made sense. It’s OK to take a random shot to a certain extent.

Shi Zhi is beautiful. That’s right.

This matter was let go for the time being, and Brother Quan added a few more words at most, telling Shi Zhi not to be too kind.

“I’m thirsty. “Shi Zhi changed the subject.

However, when the assistant wanted to buy mineral water for her downstairs, she saw a convenience store. When she came up, Shi Zhi shook her head.

“Don’t bother, it’s not close.”

“Isn’t it a beverage advertisement? The piled-up drinks are the props for this shooting?” There are several boxes of drinks in the room.

“Can I drink it?”

Of course, it can be drunk. After all, it is provided for everyone to drink there.

The drink is a new product. The color looks fancy, but Shi Zhi liked the fruity flavor. She unscrewed the cap and took a sip at will.


“Let’s go.” Shi Zhi put down the drink and said such a sentence to Brother Quan.

Facing Shi Zhi, who got up, Brother Quan was puzzled, “…where are you going?”

Shi Zhi, “Go home, don’t audition anymore.”

Brother Quan: ! ! !

Brother Quan thought Shi Zhi was joking, but Shi Zhi’s expression told him she was serious and wanted to give up the advertising audition.

How could this not be an audition? Brother Quan felt that Shi Zhi had great hope of winning this advertisement.

“Ancestor, what kind of madness are you taking? If you come here, just go to the audition.” There was no resistance in front of them. They all talked for a while and waited for the ad to be taken down. The drinks with her avatar are about to spread all over the streets and alleys.

Do you have to give up?

Shi Zhi, “To tell the truth, if there is a day, the streets and alleys will curse me.”

“This drink is too unpleasant to drink. Whoever drinks it knows.” Who cares whether she looked good or not at that time? Only remember that what Shi Zhi endorsed was really unpleasant.

Brother Quan still doesn’t believe it, “How unpleasant the drink can be, don’t bluff me, I think you’re just running away…” Think this price is not high enough, and the proposed advertising fee is too small?

But with this momentum, Shi Zhi will get better and better.

Shi Zhi had already taken another bottle of drink for Brother Quan, opened the lid, looked at him, and said directly, “You try.”

Facts speak louder than words.

Brother Quan took a sip with a suspicious expression. Since it was a drink, it must be delicious. Even if it didn’t taste good, it shouldn’t be that bad.

Then Brother Quan’s expression also became endless.

“Oh my god, what is it!”

He was really stunned.

If it weren’t for the wrong occasion, Brother Quan wanted to spit it out. Even if he had forcibly swallowed the drink now, there was still an unnatural sweetness in his mouth, full of artificial flavors.

It’s tough to drink!

He would instead drink water than this!

Or should it be said that why use this kind of thing that seems to be blended with artificial things to touch the porcelain water?


Shi Zhi spread her hands, expressing that you finally know why I said that.

“Do you think it’s appropriate to advertise this drink?”

“Don’t talk about the money, this must constitute a fraud.” Thinking fans have done something wrong and have to pay for this kind of advertising.

Shi Zhi quickly remembered that she had no fans, only black fans.

Ordinary people will make a huge mistake watching ads to pay for this drink.

“Forget it.”

I can’t act like it’s delicious and have to face it a lot.

Brother Quan didn’t stop Shi Zhi again this time.

If he didn’t drink a drink, then forget this run-away idea. After drinking, he didn’t think it was a bad thing. Let’s just slip away. It’s not worth a little money.

What about the blended things to touch the porcelain water?

Now they are probably just glad that they didn’t sign a contract.

Brother Quan finds the person in charge of the scene. Of course, he found other excuses. He can’t just say that your product is not good, so we just left, right?

Brother Quan was also aware of it. In fact, even if they didn’t do the audition, they didn’t have much to lose to the beverage brand. They didn’t just invite Shi Zhi and probably did it to cast a wide net.

Before leaving the building, Brother Quan complained, “I still have to investigate the product in the future. I thought it was a product with good sales, and they were willing to advertise everywhere. Why…” Why is it so rubbish?

Shi Zhi concluded, “Advertise with your heart and make products with your feet.” Put the cart before the horse.

Although he didn’t get the beverage advertisement, Brother Quan was a little bit lost, but it was only a little bit. After all, it is crucial what product is advertised.

And soon, Brother Quan continued to arrange the rest of the work for Shi Zhi as if he had been beaten with chicken blood. The entire team had forgotten about the beverage advertising, but they didn’t expect the incident to start to ferment.

First, the person who was certified as the vice president of XX Beverage broke the news on Weibo.――

There are beautiful things every year, especially this year. The company is looking for artists to advertise new products, so it invited female stars, starting with S. Still, this sister keeps making moths, and all kinds of requirements are constant. Do you really feel how hot you are? No wonder the industry’s evaluation is so bad, the difference is justified, and she was immediately let go!

Gossip, at first sight, melon-eating netizens and major marketing accounts quickly gathered.

This Weibo didn’t seem to explode people directly, but it was no different from bursting out.

XX beverage advertising audition, female stars starting with S… Soon, a list of information has been sorted out on the Internet, and there is only one female star starting with S.

Shi Zhi.

Depend on! It’s actually Shi Zhi who is doing the whole thing.

Netizens who watched Shi Zhi’s two variety shows one after another didn’t quite believe it and jumped out to ask if there was any misunderstanding.

Uncle Shi Zhi now looks like a Buddha, and this Buddha doesn’t seem to be pretending.

And not long ago, the paparazzi said that Shi Zhiyin married and gave birth to a child. Everyone knows what happened after that, but it was just participating in a variety show with a baby.

Shi Zhi still has no fans, but some have come out to speak to her.

After successive setbacks, Shi Zhi’s black fans came after hearing the wind: Can the Buddha pretend to be good? The Internet memory is awful. Shi Zhi can do this kind of thing!

Otherwise, why did Shi Zhi leave without even auditioning? Then she must have been kicked out.

Part 2

Someone has already added that they did see that Shi Zhi left there without even auditioning.

After Brother Quan learned that the beverage brand had set up Shi Zhi, he couldn’t help but shout out a few dirty words.

He didn’t expect the beverage brand to be so cheap, and he made up a story to attract traffic at this moment when everyone was very peaceful.

Brother Quan saw the idea of a beverage brand at a glance: to promote new products without spending a penny on the brand. Before, he boasted that the brand would engage Shi Zhi in marketing, and now the marketing is on their heads.

“Damn, how can they do this? Isn’t this nonsense?”

The team makeup artist also saw the news and was indignant.

Brother Quan shook his head helplessly, “It’s not the first time Shi Zhi has encountered this kind of nonsense.”

Shi Zhi, who was on the cusp of the storm, was still doing live broadcasts not far away.

She wore a complete set of blue denim suits, tied in a ponytail, and showed her delicate face. She looked like a youthful college student, but this college student was too good-looking. Today, the stylist changed her style slightly, but she didn’t expect this kind of fantastic outcome.

In fact, the live broadcast is not focusing on her. She is an assistant broadcaster who was invited over. Now it is popular to talk-promote products on the live broadcast, and some artists are often invited.

Brother Quan hopes that Shi Zhi will know later. It is best to settle the matter when she finds out. He contacted the beverage brand as soon as possible, but there was no news.

Assistant: “This is pretending to be dead.” Actually, it was expected.

Makeup artist: “I have already sent five alerts to leave a message. I can’t bear to hear them insult our sister Shi.”

The rest of the team also thought the same and sent an alert message, and went straight to the Weibo of the vice president of the beverage brand. Hack their gold master father, can’t bear it!

Brother Quan was quite touched when he saw everyone’s actions, but how could they fight so many people by relying on them alone? The company was in a state of semi-abandonment to Shi Zhi, and they were unwilling to invest in her activity.

Brother Quan decided to try to contact the public relations department to see if he could use the company’s navy.

Although Shi Zhi was broadcasting live, she knew about it shortly after Brother Quan and the others. Because someone rushed over from the live broadcast room and bombarded her on the screen about this issue.

Internet trolls are not welcome.

“Babe, take a look at this butterfly cake. It’s really super delicious and full of milk flavor. It’s a good choice for relatives, friends, and teachers. Let Shi Zhi show it to everyone.”

The anchor spoke quickly, and Shi Zhi picked up the goods from time to time according to her instructions, put them down, and opened the packaging, just like a beautiful shelf rack.

She has been in this state for a long time; fortunately, the live broadcast is almost ending.

Shi Zhi felt her arm a little sore.

[Shi Zhi’s face is so big that she was ridiculed by the vice president of beverage. Her psychological quality is still so strong that it’s okay to live broadcast live.]

[Come here from Weibo, check-in for sightseeing.]

[I heard that someone acted as a demon to annoy Mr Fu of XX drink and was immediately kicked out by them. Is that you, a female star with the surname S?]

[I didn’t expect to encounter a hard stubble, how does it feel to be shouted out, Hee hee.]

[What the hell is going on with Uncle Shi Zhi, I don’t believe he can act like a demon, but it’s all circulating on the Internet…]

To increase interaction in selling goods, the anchor selected questions that could be read out while watching the live comment to answer. She was the first to see these bombarded black materials. Her intuition was not good, but she still tried to ignore it. But her expression was slightly unnatural initially, and she couldn’t help but look at Shi Zhi.

What happened again?

Someone next to her looked at her with strange eyes from time to time and hesitated. How could Shi Zhi not notice?

She looked directly at the live comment and said aloud.

“I heard that someone acted as a demon and annoyed Mr Fu of XX drink, and she was expelled directly by him. Is that you, a female star with the surname S?”

Anchor: ! ! !

Brother Quan: ! ! !

Even the people who made the trouble in the live broadcast room were instantly shocked.

They think Shi Zhi will pretend to not see it, and even if she sees it, she will pretend that nothing happened. Shi Zhi… Did you read it out?

Shi Zhi did read it out, her beautiful eyebrows curled up, and she asked, “The female star surnamed S, are you talking about me?”

Troll: Yes, it must be you, not you or who? You don’t know yet?

Shi Zhi’s expression was dazed and puzzled.

Oh, she really doesn’t seem to know.

Shi Zhi told the anchor that she had to put the product away first to find out what happened, right?

She will be very quick, and she will make up for the missing time.

Anchor, “No…it doesn’t hinder.”

After obtaining permission, the people in the live broadcast room saw Shi Zhi, picked up the mobile phone at the scene, tapped on the screen with their slender fingers, and opened Weibo to search for relevant news.

Entering the keywords, Shi Zhi quickly got the answer. After all, the popularity of this issue is already very high.

The live comment in the live broadcast room was brushed up again.

[What do you have to say?]

[Everyone has exposed you, so hurry up and admit your act]

[Shi Zhi, please start your performance.]

[Will you cry, cry, ask for forgiveness or something.]

[It is estimated that she will clarify that the vice president of beverages is lying, false, and pouring dirty water on her.]

Brother Quan was still gesturing from a distance, telling Shi Zhi not to be impulsive. At this point, he couldn’t bear to look at it anymore and covered his eyes with his hands.

Shi Zhi put down the phone, looked straight at the screen with her black and white eyes, and put down two words.

“It’s false.”

Consistent with some of the guesses of the live comment, those people all brushed up with sarcastic hahaha.

Shi Zhi was not affected by those hahaha, and continued, “He said he made me go away?”

“Obviously, I bought the earliest ticket on the train, and I ran away overnight, okay?”

Hahaha stopped abruptly and turned into a series of question marks.


Is Shi Zhi’s attention point a bit different from others? Why did the vice president of the beverage say that she was asked to go away?

And… Her adjectives are also funny. She bought the earliest ticket on the train and ran away overnight.

Something had to happen to make her run away with the train.

[So this doesn’t mean that the vice president of the beverage asked Shi Zhi to roll.]

[Shi Zhi seems to mean this.]

[Then I don’t understand. If it weren’t for Shi Zhi to act like a Demon, why did she leave without even auditioning for the audition? It wouldn’t be because she suddenly didn’t want to get an advertisement. (Funny)]

“Everyone is asking if I left without an audition. This is a fact.”

“As for why…”

Shi Zhi’s face suddenly approached the screen, and her face occupied the entire picture. After patting the table, she called out the screen name of the vice president of beverage and shouted, “How bad is your drink? You have no idea in your heart. ?!”

The smile converged entirely, and the expression was grave.

Shout at each other across the air.

Studio: !!!

Anchor: !!! Is Shi Zhi actually such a tiger?!

Shi Zhi hadn’t stopped yet and suddenly became the chatterbox.

“It doesn’t matter how little he paid for advertising. The drink is so bad, I can’t stand it.”

“Brands specializing in making drinks can make drinks to such an extent that they are difficult to drink, that it is also a talent…” She gave a mocking thumbs up.

Shi Zhi doesn’t care about the mess. She doesn’t set people up. Unpleasant drinks are the most prominent original sin. They don’t know how to improve and reflect, and they also engage in fake news, so she won’t give the other party face.

The live broadcast room has been completely boiling, and the discussion is much more enthusiastic than when they promote the goods.

Looking at Shi Zhi’s fierce attack on beverage brands online, what kind of fairy plot is this? They dare not even dream of it.

It doesn’t matter if he pays less for advertising. The drink is so bad, I can’t stand it.

Foodie expressions are authentic.

Because the drink was hard to drink, Shi Zhi didn’t even audition for the audition and left directly. Everything on this line was almost smooth.

[Hahaha, absolutely, I was a little sleepy watching the live broadcast and wanted to go to bed. Now I’m awake and can’t wake up anymore. Sister Shi, please talk more. I can still listen!]

[Our community sister, pretty sister Shi Zhi.]

[XX drink I felt very familiar with just now, ah.. finally remembered, oh my god, it’s very unpleasant to drink. I took a sip and poured it directly. I’m usually very frugal, but I can’t help it anymore.]

[Agree that XX drinks are hard to drink and incredibly unpleasant, friends, don’t buy them!]

[Is it XX drink? It was right that Zhi didn’t endorse it later. The marketing of that drink was too heavy. In fact, the product was poorly made. People who drank it around me all scolded it and cursed, feeling it was a waste of money and feelings.]

There were many bitter masters who had been pitted by XX drinks in the live comment.

The troll was silent, not knowing what to say for a while.

Shi Zhi’s combat effectiveness was so strong that she even scolded the beverage product.

They were quite confused……

Some people expressed their concerns.

[Sister Shi tells the truth, will she be blackened by XX drinks?] Actually, it’s for sure, Shi Zhi said that it was unpleasant to drink, and XX drinks must be blacked her.

When Shi Zhi saw this, her expression was calm, “It doesn’t matter. I have blocked him. I will never spend a penny for his drink.” Never thought of taking a coin out of her pocket.

“Two-way blocking, very fair.”

The two-way blackening is the first time everyone has heard such a description.

Hahaha started again in the live comment.

Shi Zhi, how did she manage to be cute with the tiger’s attitude?

Simply a treasure.

Shi Zhi acted differently when she saw someone praising her for not folding her waist for money.

(folding her waist = not giving in)

Shi Zhi refused this high hat, “It’s not that. If you give me a few hundred million, I guess I will still be obedient?” Who doesn’t like money? Even if she has money now, she doesn’t think it’s too much money.

Hundreds of millions, she thought about the fragrance of money. She could still act.

After sending out a string of exclamation marks, the audience in the live broadcast room said that they loved Shi Zhi even more and were talking nonsense.

[Sister Shi, please continue to open the mic, don’t stop, we are willing to listen to you!]

Shi Zhi stopped and couldn’t nag anymore. During the live broadcast, please turn your attention to the anchor; she will continue to be a shelf.

In fact, Shi Zhi felt a little guilty toward the anchor. No matter the reason, she was attracted to trolls and brushed some live comments that had nothing to do with selling the goods. Later, she clarified and used some extra time.

She has to double it now.

The anchor was very excited and encouraged Shi Zhi, “Why don’t you stop chatting with everyone? Selling goods is not an important matter. We are not in a hurry.”

During the period when Shi Zhi clarified, the number of people in the live broadcast room increased significantly. She was not a big anchor. For the first time, so many viewers in the live broadcast room were attracted by Shi Zhi’s remarks.

If Shi Zhi talked for a while, the number of people in her live broadcast room would only be more. Initially, the live broadcast was almost over. She had already asked her assistant to add more goods and could still sell them while the east wind was hot!

(while the east wind is hot, it means it still attracts many people)

How could she be unhappy? She was going crazy with joy!

Shi Zhi: ???

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