Shuangwen Female Main Character Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation #14

Shuangwen Female Main Character
Doesn’t Want To Be a Sensation - Chapter 14

Chapter 14 I Don’t Want to Be Popular on the day fourteenth.

It’s not the plot where the handsome men and women who the audience is worried about looking at each other, and love suddenly comes. Still, Ning Jiachi recognizes her as a big sister on the spot, just for a bite of food.

——The popular idol drama Xiaosheng recognized a big sister on the spot for a bite of food. Is it a distortion of human nature or a moral decline?

(Xiaosheng = young gentleman)

The point is that Shi Zhi is still younger than Ning Jiachi.

Ning Jiachi faced the staff and the rest of the guests, that looked at him with the gaze of “I didn’t expect Ning Jiachi like this.” He seemed very frank, and he had already said the words of shame.

From stiff to proficient. √

“Sister Shi Zhi, the lollipops are a little less…” There was a pause, to be precise, very little.

“But it is currently all my belongings, and I will make up for it later. ”

This is also the truth. God knows how difficult it is for him to hide some snacks from the noses of the program crew.

The audience in the live broadcast room was dumbfounded by the plot in front of them and then heard the director’s surprised and angry voice inside.

“Ning Jiachi, why are you hiding snacks!”

Ning Jiachi escaped their search unexpectedly.

In any case, the program’s effect has been fully achieved, and there was a ‘hahaha’ in the barrage. Some people yelled that they were disturbed by the ‘hahaha’ monster.

Everyone was waiting for how Shi Zhi would answer. Shi Zhi smiled and said, “The small shop is very profitable, don’t mind it.”

She rejected Ning Jiachi.

Ning Jiachi: ???

Ning Jiachi showed an expression of doubt about life. He was rejected by Shi Zi.

The guests on the scene were able to control themselves a little bit. Wu Luo ran aside, and his shoulders trembled, and the audience in the live broadcast room was merciless.

They laughed louder!

Ning Jiachi was not kidding. He hugs Shi Zhi’s shiny thigh and flatters her. Even if Shi Zhi refused to recognize him as a younger brother, he planned to recognize Shi Zhi as a younger sister anyway.

(Hug thigh: It means free riding on the skills or authority of another person)

It’s a trivial matter to pour water and open the door, and he and Wu Luo rushed to help Shi Zhi carry the bucket.

However, in the face of Ning Jiachi’s actions, no one will misunderstand what sparks the two of them will have. After all, in the face of the giant fish pond, Ning Jiachi will speak clearly.

“Sister Shi Zhi, I want to announce that you have contracted this fish pond for me!”

Shi Zhi, “…”

You deserve to be an actor in an idol drama. The tyrant’s quotations just came thru his mouth. The tyrant always said domineeringly to the heroine, “I’ve contracted this fish pond for you”, and turned it into Ning Jiachi pond that Shi Zhi contracted from him.

Fans of Ning Jiachi wanted to cover their faces.

-Sorry, his attributes are exposed.

-2333, I knew there would be such a day, and secondly, we couldn’t hide it, but I didn’t expect it to be exposed so quickly.

-Take Brother Hanhan Ning away.

(2333 means loud laughter, such as Lol, LMAO, Laughing My A** Off. The expression comes from an online forum in China.)

(Hanhan Ning means Hanhan = Silly, Ning is from Ning Jiachi surname; apparently, here his fans call the joker side of him Brother Silly Ning)

Unlike the rest of the people who only judge their idol attributes from their appearance, Ning Jiachi’s fans know who he is after a long time. Ning Jiachi has already exposed his funny nature to the fans. It can only be said that this time this child is starving. Passers-by also know the side of him this time.

Ning Jiachi was having fun.

His appearance and personality are two different things. He was just too troublesome before. His family background is indeed good, so he is not restricted by the company.

Ning Jiachi was thankful that he hadn’t listened to his agent to stay away from Shi Zhi. Otherwise, he would have to starve now.

Moreover, although he did not inherit the talent for doing business, he still learned some skills in seeing people. He felt that Shi Zi was perfect, not like what was rumoured from the outside.

Shi Zhi has lived a life of Five years in a frugal condition and moved from place to place. When she arrived, she could not eat or drink for a day.

No food has not been eaten.

——Shi Zi knows how to fish.


——Shi Zhi can cook, and she cooks super well!

Xiong Baojie has learned from her assistant that recently, Shi Zhi has been scolded less often on the live broadcast. Her reputation has been dramatically improved. As a female star, she is somewhat angry. All Xiong Baojie can think of is simple and crude pressure. She cleaned up herself, drew delicate makeup, but she didn’t see anyone after turning around.

The camera asked Xiong Baojie, “Are you looking for Shi Zhi? She went fishing early in the morning.”

Xiong Baojie glanced at the watch in the living room. It was not seven o’clock. She felt outrageous just by this time.

Shi Zhi went fishing in the fish pond with a Maza bucket and a fishing rod early in the morning. She not only fished to “support her family”, as she said in the interview, but it was also her hobby.

“Shi Zhi is here.”

“Come here early today, have you eaten yet?”

As soon as Shi Zhi’s figure appeared next to the fish pond, someone greeted Shi Zhi one after another.

They are all original villagers in the village. The older uncle is also Shi Zhi’s fisherman buddy. Shi Zhi has always encountered them when fishing these days. For the logical reason, a female celebrity doesn’t connect with the elderly man in the fishing pond. Still, Shi Zhi gets acquainted with them abruptly.

Shi Zhi also responded to the uncles, saying that she had eaten.

After the greeting, everyone started fishing.

Her fishing speed is as fast as ever, and the fat fish take the bait one after another. Even if the uncles have seen it, they still can’t help feeling emotional.

“This pretty lady’s fishing skills are too sophisticated, even better than my old man Jiang.”

“Do you sell fish? I have channels here, and I promise to sell them to you. ”

The audience in the live broadcast room was amused by the uncle’s words.

-Hahaha, I also asked if Shi Zhi sells fish. Isn’t Shi Zhi participating in variety shows?-

-Shock! I almost forget that this is a variety show.-

This is actually a variety show, not the live broadcast of Uncle Shi Zhi’s retirement life? (Doghead)-

It is impossible for the guests of the program to stay together for group activities 24 hours a day, so the “Our Village” program group also set up a separate live broadcast room. The large live broadcast room still records the overall life, and the small live broadcast room can be opened by the audience.

In the past, Ning Jiachi and Baiwu were more popular, and the two of them had a lot of traffic.

Although Wu Luo is a semi-experienced person, he has attracted a lot of fans because he is more sensible and well-behaved, but this is no better than when the army suddenly emerged.

The number of people in Shi Zhi’s live fishing studio has increased sharply in the past few days. It has even surpassed Ning Jiachi’s momentum. Many people have become a habit of getting up early every morning to watch Shi Zhi fishing and talk about the mountains with her Fishman buddy. You can watch her for a long time. As for why?

Because Shi Zhi not only catches small fish for a long time.

Shi Zhi also has a new name these days: Uncle Shi Zhi.

It is a profession that relies on face to eat. If dedication is calculated according to face value, she can be called a model worker at this time.

Even when her reputation was the worst, people were embarrassed to say ugliness to her face, which could be called model workers. Still, Shi Zhi actually had a weird nickname of integration with the name of uncle, who had nothing to do with her bad reputation.

The degree of integration is not low!

“Our Village” filming location is in the south, and it is not that cold in winter. Like Xiong Baojie, she is still wearing a skirt, and Bai Wu is also wearing a very refreshing one. But how Shi Zhi dresses up is way different from them. 

There is no sense of design. The long trousers with perfunctory colours cover her good figure tightly.

The face should be plain, right? Anyway, they didn’t feel the existence of makeup, so they put on some sunscreen at most, and Shi Zhi wore the same straw hat as the uncle on their head.

The straw hat was indeed a gift from the uncle. Shi Zhi still had an enamel cup for drinking water next to her feet. She sat on the maza bucket and fished leisurely. Judging from the equipment, movements and expressions, it was not much different from the uncles next to her.

-Hahahaha, I really can’t do it anymore. No wonder it’s called Uncle Shi Zhi.-

-Fuck, my head is about to laugh off. Where did the enamel cup come from?-

-Anyone else hasn’t watched the scene of Shi Zhi walking the red carpet some time ago, wearing a down jacket and walking out of her uncle’s style. I suspected that she was sensationalizing. Now I apologize. She may have exposed her nature. Beautiful body, uncle’s heart.-

-Ah, ah, this is too violent, to be honest, if I have a figure like this, I must dress myself beautifully and wear the best little skirt every day!-

-Hopelessly, did the sisters find out that Uncle Shi Zhi is not raunchy and still look good-looking with this hideous outfit.-

There was an instant stillness in the live broadcast, the men were silent, and the women were in tears. Even if Shi Zhi was so raunchy, it was still beautiful, and it was still a natural look to carve.

Shi Zhi was purely lazy.

Before, there was a team by her side, and the makeup artist cleaned up for her. Now she is alone. Anyway, everyone is dressed like this in the countryside, so come as comfortable as possible.

Shi Zhi’s fish exchange plan did not go well this time because the director told them.

“This exchange formula has to be changed.”

The director also had no choice. Shi Zhi just came to show off her super fishing skills. They were still happy to see it. One day or two was fine, but the rest will not have to move if you continue to do it.

Then you can only change the exchange formula. A fish can’t change many ingredients. It depends on whether they will bend to reality.

Of course, the director announced the news, which was unanimously opposed by all the guests.

What the hell! They finally had a few full meals, but now they have to pick Chinese cabbage again?

The director team said that they didn’t care. Anyway, the rules are set by them, the ingredients are what they have, and the ingredients are the father!

Ning Jiachi was unconvinced, “No, how can you cheat us.”

Tian Hong tried to bargain with the director over there, making the fish worth more and exchanging more ingredients.

Shi Zhi seemed relatively calm. She asked, “Do you really want to change it?”

Director, “Really.”

He was quite curious about what Zhi would do when he did it, and would she show her coquettish skills like the female guests? They really might not be able to withstand it.

Shi Zhi just nodded and said to the worried Bai Wu, “It’s okay.”

“Then I won’t exchange it with them. ”

Her voice is not small enough to be not heard by the director and staff of the show.


If you don’t exchange with them, who will you exchange with?

Shi Zhi quickly revealed the mystery to everyone, and she exchanged ingredients with the old men who were fishing.

The Uncle drove a small tricycle and brought all kinds of food directly to their courtyard. Tian Hong, Ning Jiachi, and Wu Luo hummed and moved the things down and then sent the fish to the tricycle for the Uncle.

The food exchanged from the uncle is much more than the show crew, and the vegetables are fresher, just picked from the ground.

“Girl, just tell uncle what else you want to change. ”

When the uncle left, he put down these words.

Shi Zhi waved her hand to the uncle, “I’m sorry to trouble you. ”

The program team was directly stunned by Shi Zhi’s operation, and the audience in the live broadcast room couldn’t help but give a thumbs up.

Who can not say something awesome?

Shi Zhi and the fishermen didn’t just pull the rope casually but also developed another way for themselves. This gave her another way to avoid being squeezed and bullied by the show crew.

The director of the program team was directly stunned. Shi Zhi was really a BUG, right? Can you give them some room to play?

At noon, Shi Zhi made three dishes and one soup, stir-fried bacon with bamboo shoots, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and spicy chicken. The soup was seaweed soup.

Ning Jiachi just wanted to cry while holding the fragrant rice.

The director of the program team feels that sometimes it has become a food show in “Our Village”, and the live broadcast of [Is XX gaining weight] has appeared sporadically in the live broadcast room.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with it. The director also feels that except for Shi Zhi, everyone else tends to be rounded.

Program director: Enough! They are not a food show!

He had a few hairs left on his head because of the existence of Shi Zhi’s BUG. Still, the director himself did not expect that something would go wrong in the afternoon, and it was a conflict between the guests.

“Are you crazy, why did you dump the fish into the river!”

Hearing the movement, everyone ran out of the house one after another, and they saw Ning Jiachi confronting Xiong Baojie.

Ning Jiachi held the bucket with anger on his face as if she had just taken it from Xiong Baojie. The fish in the bucket was frightened and thumped, and one of them fell into the sand, swinging hard.

Ning Jiachi couldn’t sleep at noon and planned to go out for a stroll. He just happened to run into Xiong Baojie sneakingly holding a bucket with fish, trying to pour the fish into the stream in front of the door, and he immediately snatched the bucket.

Faced with everyone’s gaze, Xiong Baojie was momentarily embarrassed, but she adjusted her state soon.

“I look at the fish pitifully, and I want to release the fish. ”

Shi Zhi’s eyelids jumped.

Xiong Baojie; “Let’s stop eating fish, okay, it’s all life. The fish is so cute, I don’t want it to die. ” As she talked, she cried.

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