“Brother Zhao, let’s take a photo.”

The behavior of enthusiastic people donating money and materials is also positive publicity for public opinion. If there is a program that only blindly stirs up tragedies and tries to exaggerate the dark and negative events but turns a blind eye to the positive things, this kind of program will have high topic ratings, but it will inevitably give people a kind of mindset “There are no good people in this world,’ then somehow unconditionally suggest them behaving with ‘I will not be a good person.’

Yan Xi herself prefers to watch programs that dare to expose the dark side but are not hesitant to promote good-hearted people.

Affirming good deeds will encourage more people to do good deeds. She doesn’t want her program to have much influence. At least she wants more people to know that there are still many kind-hearted people in this world; she wants people in despair to see that they don’t give up hope. Maybe you will be redeemed tomorrow.

The donated items were moved out of the car by the staff, toys, stationery, clothing, and electronic products were all available, and all of them were of high quality. The price of a whole fleet of things was at least 300,000 yuan or more.

“It seems that this kind-hearted person is a local tyrant,” Zhao Peng turned off the camera and turned to look at Yan Xi. “Do you think this local tyrant donated money to the welfare home after watching our program?”

“Our program has such a tyrant audience?” Yan Xi asked rhetorically.

Zhao Peng thought about it for a while, but he couldn’t make up the picture of a local tyrant sitting in front of the TV watching their program, “That’s true.” It’s still the power of the Internet, and their program group doesn’t have such a big face to take credit for.

When the two returned to the car, Yan Xi took out her mobile phone, clicked on the contact list for a while, and finally returned to the main menu and opened WeChat.

“Mr. Yuan, I’m sorry. Thank you for taking care of me this time.” At the tender meeting, the leader who successfully won the project smiled at Yuan Yi, sitting next to him, “The weather is just right today. I should be the host and invite Mr. Yuan to have a quick meal with everyone.”

“No need.” Yuan Yi’s expression remained unchanged, as if the bid loss did not affect him at all.

“Mr. Yuan is so polite,” said the person who spoke with a smug smile, “it’s just a meal. I can still afford it.”

Yuan Yi smiled, got up, glanced at the man who was talking, took the suit jacket from the assistant, and put it on his body, “I’m sorry, I still have work, excuse me.”

“Then we will meet again next time.”

Yuan Yi raised half of his eyebrows and squinted at this person, and strode out of the venue.

In this bidding meeting, he had no intention of winning the bid. There may be countless historical-cultural relics in an underground area. When the place is dug up, this hot potato will not be able to be thrown away.

Cultural relics cannot be destroyed, so the project plan can only be revised. After several tosses and turns, the funds invested in the early stage are enough to invest in other projects. He knew that the bidder had the support of the Song Dynasty, this time behind him. Otherwise, he would not have the guts to take on such a big project.

He has said long ago that people who have been abroad for too long are prone to fall into the pit. He can’t push people into the hole, but if the other party sends someone to secretly inquire about the content of their own bidding documents, and themself can’t wait to jump into the pit. He will not stop him.

“Mr. Yuan,” the assistant followed Yuan Yi, “Director Sun wants to see you…”

“I invested in making movies just to make money. I am not interested in their art,” Yuan Yi interrupted him. “I am even less interested in the artists he brought. If you have any questions, please contact the producer directly. ”

“I understand.” The assistant opened the car door for Yuan Yi, “I will let the producer communicate with the crew.” ”

Last time, an actress hyped him as a suitor and posted a draft suggesting that the wealthy and noble son was pursuing her, but she endured the pain of rejecting him for the sake of art and freedom. Fortunately, he never cared about entertainment reports, and no one used this kind of thing to block him. Otherwise, this female artist would not be free.

Yuan Yi didn’t like to talk while sitting in the car, so there was no other sound in the car except breathing. So when the WeChat prompt rang, the volume was deafening.

He lowered his head to unlock the phone, looked at the sender’s name, and paused for three seconds before clicking on it.

The other party sent him a cute and flattering picture. A strange little monster looked at him with big watery eyes and folded hands. He knew this little monster and had seen it in a comic book not long ago.

Yuan Yi didn’t reply a word to the other party until the phone went black.

Yan Single Dog: Unparalleled handsome, invincible Mr. Yuan, may I ask you a little question?

After sending a sentence, three or four animated pictures were sent out in a row, all of which were cute and pleasing small animals. Yuan Yi twitched his nose. Didn’t he say that he doesn’t like to use WeChat? He raised his chin and sent a word reservedly.

Mr. Yuan Second: Say.

Yan Xi didn’t expect Mr. Yuan to really pay attention to her, although there is only one word and a complete stop, at least it means that the other party has seen her text.

Yan Single Dog: I want to inquire about someone with you.

Yuan Yi frowned when he saw the text and replied with the word “who.”

He cherished his words like gold. Anyway, there was a full stop just now. This time, even the question mark was omitted.

Yan Single Dog: Do you know someone named Yuan Yi?

“This woman…”

“Sir, what’s the matter with you?” The assistant sitting in the passenger seat heard that Yuan Yi seemed to be complaining about something and turned his head to look around, only to find that his face was livid as if he had a deep hatred for the mobile phone in his palm.

“It’s okay.” Yuan Yi didn’t raise his head, gritted his teeth, and replied with two words.

Mr. Yuan Second: Ha Ha

What does he mean? Yan Xi felt that she had shown all the cute things she had, all the cute dog emoticons. If he didn’t like it, she wouldn’t show it. She would not wrong other people. She searched for a long time in her emoji and finally found a bounced picture and sent it.

The Ha-Ha bounce back!

As soon as the emoji was sent, the other party’s second message came.

Mr. Yuan Second: I am.

Yan Xi stared at the text blankly for a long time and silently withdrew the emoticon she had just posted.

Yan Single Dog: I’m sorry, I posted the wrong emoticon.

This time, the reissue is a picture of a small milk cat with the words “You are so handsome” on it. However, Yuan Yi, already familiar with her routine, automatically ignored this cute picture and turned to call a friend.

Zhang Wang was shopping with his girlfriend, and when he received a call from Yuan Yi, he almost thought there was something wrong with his ears.

Yuan Xiao Er called here deliberately, just to ask him for emoticons?

“Yuan Xiao Er, is there anything wrong with your brain?” Zhang Wang glanced at the caller and showed that it was indeed Yuan Xiao Er, but this person usually doesn’t like chatting online, let alone has never seen him use emoticons. What’s the excitement today?

“The emoticon that I want to quarrel with, the kind that wins the quarrel.”

Looking at this interrupted call, there was an inexplicable sense of absurdity.

After Yuan Yi received the emoticon package sent by Zhang Wang, the more he looked at it, the tighter his brows became. The man in this picture is too ugly, the woman’s expression in that picture is too exaggerated, and the matching of another image is too vulgar. He picked and chose and finally chose a picture that looked aggressive but not vulgar.

Mr. Yuan Second: [Picture]

Seeing the black-faced cat with a fierce face and claws outstretched, accompanied by a picture with the words “I don’t want to talk to you,” she couldn’t help laughing out loud, is the other party playing cute with her? Thinking of the Yuan family’s second child villain’s face with this kind of picture, there is a strange contrast.

Yan Xi happened to be idle and bored, so she sent another emoticon of the “I’m super fierce” cat to the other party.

Yuan Yi couldn’t help frowning when he saw Yan Xi’s reply. What does this mean? Does it mean that the cat he sent is not as good as her cat? He continued to rummage through emoticons and finally found a picture of a sturdy leopard.

Mr. Yuan Second: [The universe is invincible and fierce. Picture].

“Hahahahaha.” Yan Xi couldn’t help it anymore, holding her phone and laughing aloud.

“Xiao Yan, what’s wrong with you” Zhao Peng saw Yan Xi laugh, trembling, “Did you win the lottery?” ”

“No,” Yan Xi carefully wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, “it’s okay, I saw an interesting joke. ”

“Don’t read the jokes. The station has been notified. Let us interview an old soldier. The interview draft has been sent to your mailbox. You can prepare it and we will rush over now.” Zhao Peng glanced at the time, “It seems that we are going to work overtime again today.”

“OK.” When it comes to serious matters, Yan Xi stopped chatting with people, took out her tablet, and opened the mailbox to read the content of the interview.

Yuan Yi waited for nearly half an hour and didn’t see any reply from the other party before putting the phone back into his suit pocket. His leopard won the opponent’s cat, leaving the opponent speechless, but why was he not very happy in his heart?

Is he still waiting for the other party to send an emoticon to get along with him?

His brain is getting sick!

After interviewing the old soldier, it was already past nine o’clock in the night. Yan Xi and Zhao Peng found a restaurant and ate a bowl of noodles to cushion their stomachs before rushing back to the station and handing in all the materials for today.

When Yan Xi got home, it was past ten o’clock in the night, she took a bath, and when she was lying on the bed, she could barely open her eyes.

Just when she fell into a deep sleep, the matter that the head of the welfare home asked her to do suddenly appeared in her mind.

Thank you to the kind-hearted person named Yuan Yi.

She opened her eyes abruptly, drowsy. She didn’t know Yuan Yi well, and she couldn’t even remember his name before, but this man who didn’t seem to be easy to get along with had donated so much to the welfare home.

Clicking on WeChat and looking at the emoticon sent by the other party, Yan Xi couldn’t help but want to laugh again.

Yan Single Dog: May I ask if Mr.Yuan has had time recently. I have something to disturb you. I hope you can come out for a quick meal.

When he got up in the morning and saw this message from Yan Xi, Yuan Yi snorted coldly. Many people want to invite him to a “quick meal.” What does this woman want to do when she asks him to dinner?

He stuffed the phone into his pocket and went to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth.

He doesn’t know why putting the mobile phone in his pocket today is particularly annoying. Yuan Yi impatiently threw away the phone in the sink.

Spitting out the toothpaste foam in his mouth, he glanced at the phone. The screen splashed with water, wiped it clean. While wiping, the screen suddenly lit up. He stared at the screen for a long time and finally hurriedly opened WeChat and replied with a word.


Just eat, this woman still owed him a meal, and she should have paid it back a long time ago.

He looked up in the mirror, touched his face, and put his phone in his pocket.

This time the phone was more obedient, and finally, it didn’t feel annoying anymore.